Monday, 12 March 2012


I now have a job...

Unfortunately this has somewhat sidetracked my plan to restart blogging in the same way that the effort involved in getting the job has sidetracked it for the last two weeks.....I now have a two week intensive training program to undergo that will take up all my spare time for that period so my grand plans have to be put on hold...again...

At least I'll be able to buy cool stuff now.....


  1. Congratulations on the job. It's no mean feat to get employment in this crappy economy. At least you can buy more toy soldiers now!!!

  2. Well thats good news mate , what have ye landed yourself with ?

  3. Congratulations on the new job. Also curious on where you will be in the real worldz.

  4. I'm going to be working as a 'Production Operative' at Land Rover in Solihull...hence the Servitor picture ;-)

  5. Heh, two guys from my club already work there.

    I applied and have done all the application stages , recieved a " you have passed the interview stage" email I have heard jack all in nearly three weeks and no one responds to email or phonecalls.

    When did you apply ?

    1. I applied on-line in January, did the on-line tests soon after and then heard fuck-all for a month or so. Then I was given a practical test (assemble some pedals, get in and out of a car without breaking my neck, etc) about five? weeks ago which was followed a fortnight later by a sit-down interview. I was finally given a start date for the induction early last week and started on Monday.

      I was told we were the last group but I have my doubts as there are still people wondering in and out of the training section and into the practical assessment area even now.

  6. I applied in late November and only got an interview about a month ago .... they are taking the piss , literally everyone I know who has applied is in there now (even those who applied months after) and I have successfully passed all the stages including the interview 'apparently' ? ? ?

  7. Hurrah for the job-having! I think you can be forgiven a lapse in communications, it's not like blogging can feed or house you after all...


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