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Unboxing Raging Heroes - Nertha the Faceless Mother

"Want to know a secret..."

In this feature we're going to look at one of the characters for the Iron Empire...

For those of you who are interested in the background for Raging Heroes various 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' projects then the link to their original Kickstarter can be found here, their last project is here and their own website is located here. Most of their original Kickstarter is now available to purchase retail. There is also apparently a game system in development but until then I'm sure there are many other systems that you can be using them for...

First we'll have a brief look at the background for the Iron Empire and then we'll meet Nertha the Faceless Mother of the empire.

The Iron Empire is made up of exiled people that have somehow stumbled upon necromantic knowledge from alien pharaonic gods. They combine Prussian and Germanic influences with some kind of Aegyptian cyber necromancy that allow them to raise the dead and create bio-mechanical aberrations.

Nertha the Faceless Mother
Nertha is about life and renewal. 

The Iron Empire is in a terrible vicious circle of death. While they were in exile from Earth, its people were exposed to heavy radiations and a great number died. Most of the surviving ones became sterile or gave birth to babies that were not viable.

When these lost travellers discovered the Aegyptian artifacts, they were able to revive a great many of their people, by making them more or less undead. So they are now desperately seeking a way to bring back life again into their world and, at the same time, they have become so dependent on the necromantic Aegyptian technology that they can't break free from the 'undeadness' of their society. Necromancy has become the main source of power, both physical and political, in the Iron Empire. And so, as much as the Empire claims to be at war with other factions to get a technology that would give them back fertility and life, most of the people in power don't want to let go of the amazing power and control that necromancy has given them.

The story of Nertha is a tragic one, yet also, it is a story of hope. Being of noble lineage, Nertha died during the exile while she was pregnant. Brought back from death, she is now fated to forever be a soon-to-be mother who will never give life. When she awoke to her new un-life, Nertha was in a state of shock for many months. When she recovered her sanity, her life in the high arcanes of power made her a direct witness to the unwillingness of the priesthood and of many political figures to break away from 'undead-ness' and bring back the hope of a real life in the Empire.

So Nertha has taken it upon herself to find the secret of true resurrection, or anything that could heal her people. To do this, she has chosen to become a priestess in order to gain access to the Aegyptyian mazes and learn the secrets the priesthood is keeping. She's also undertaken many solo journeys to attempt to uncover details of rumours that are whispered about true resurrection. No one knows exactly what she's learned and whether she plans to eventually overthrow the priesthood's hold on the people... Her furtive, ghostly appearances on the battlefield and the miracles she has accomplished have made her a true legend and, for some even, a living goddess. And many pray for her visit as she has been said to be able to hold back Death Herself...

Nertha the Faceless Mother - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled model parts.

A Brief Note About Resin Models.
Also it's worth noting that many resin models have a slightly greasy feel caused by the substance they use to stop them sticking to the moulds during production and this can cause issues with paint not sticking to the model properly. Carefully washing the parts in soapy water will remove this should your model be unduly affected. Parts that are bent (or that aren't and you want to be) can be corrected by heating up slightly in warm water and then bending into the required configuration.

Nertha the Faceless Mother - Assembled
There are a few minor issues you may encounter with this model but nothing major. Firstly it's theoretically possible to put the arms on the wrong sides though the correct ones do align much better so try both or check my assembled pictures...admittedly this is an unlikely mistake due to the way the cloth falls but still worth mentioning. The hands are fairly tiny so be careful when handling them and attaching them to the model..luckily the thumbs are a giveaway so you shouldn't get these the wrong way. The only other part is the separate right leg but this is a large piece with an obvious attachment point so should cause no problems.

Nertha the Faceless Mother - Renders
Here's a look at some renders from the Kickstarter process that may interest you all

Other unboxing and reviews of some raging Heroes 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' models as well as some features on other companies products can be found at this link here.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Games Workshop Newsletter

I'm torn over this because though I always liked 'Combat Patrol' I have no need for the models in this box set. Also the apparent inclusion of vehicle rules concerns me unless the rules limit them severely...

..hopefully some-one I know will buy it and I can have a sneaky look...

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Mantic Games Newsletter

Mantic Games clearance sale ends soon...

Clearance Sale Ends 5th September!
All good things must come to an end - the Mantic Clearance Sale will be over on Monday 5th September. If you want to take advantage of these amazing deals, the time is now!
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There are lots of other accessories and bargains to be found so please pop over and have a look. There isn't much time left!!
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Spartan Games Newsletter

Spartan Games community newsletter for August...

Welcome to August's Community Newsletter!
A very different school project!

A few months ago, we were approached by a teacher with a very different idea for a school project. Soren used a variety of hobby and craft items to create a wonderfully rich and imaginative space system map, through which his students could explore and learn about space in eight different teams. We were really pleased to support this project and donated some of our original Halo: Fleet Battles ships and asteroids. Soren incorporated the Epoch and ORS-class ships into the game as motherships for each of the student teams.
If you want to find out more about Soren's project, head over to his blog or Picasa page.
The Cerberus Space Station

Built by Chris, also known as Big_0 from the forum, and his friends Nikhil and John, the Cerberus Station is a thing of beauty indeed! Shown off at the US show, Adepticon 2016, the station attracted lots of attention to the table and was admired by all. Great work guys! For more pictures, head over to the forum thread.
Firestorm Armada at Adepticon 2016

Adepticon 2016 also played host to the 2nd Schaumburg Offensive. The Waygate, in conjunction with Spartan Games, Firebase Delta Podcast, Evolution Games, Broken Egg Games and The Miniature Tim Blog, was very proud to host the premier North American Firestorm Armada Grand Tournament.
Firestorm Armada featured in new online magazine

New online magazine, Board Game Monthly, is now on its third issue, and we were please to support them by providing content for a in-depth look at Firestorm Armada. Take a look at the magazine here, and check out the Firestorm article on page 37.
Halo: Ground Command

You've all been hard at work preparing your troops for battle, and we just had to spotlight some of the best paint jobs we've seen from the Halo: Ground Command Facebook group. Thanks to everyone who's shared their work and if you'd like to see more, head over to the Facebook group and take a look!

Well done to Emily Kindleysides for that cool dusty windshield effect

David Stretch has been hard at work on his infantry
Thanks to Sam Cureton for sharing his grunts
Lastly, but by no means least, huge kudos to Shaun Allen for his awesome custom-painted UNSC scenery and these beautifully-detailed warthogs and troops
Waiting for your copy to arrive?

We're really sorry for the delay, and we're doing everything we can to get your copy of Halo: Ground Command safely in your hands. In the meantime, here are some of the best fan-made videos showing you how to play and what you get in the box!

Halo: Ground Command @ Gen Con - Canon Fodder
Halo: Ground Command @ Gen Con - Canon Fodder
Halo: Ground Command Unboxing - Fleet Signal
Halo: Ground Command Unboxing - Fleet Signal
Halo: Ground Command Rulebook Flick-Through - Fleet Signal
Halo: Ground Command Rulebook Flick-Through - Fleet Signal
Gen Con Coverage: HGC Interview and Demo - Gamer Goggles Canton Ohio
Gen Con Coverage: HGC Interview and Demo - Gamer Goggles Canton Ohio
Share your Dystopian events with us!

Vanguard Tim Morton will be holding a tournament at the North Down Gamers Club, in Newtownards near Belfast.

 Vanguard Alex Hood will be holding a tournament in Southampton, and for more details you can check out the events page here.

We can't wait to hear how they go, and if you guys have any events lined up, please feel free to share them with us! Any photos are especially welcome.
Nicius' Independence

And lastly, check out Nicius' Mark 1 Independence Battleship, shared on the Spartan Games forum recently, and beautifully painted with metallic and wooden effects. You can see some more fantastic Federated States of America paintjobs here!
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