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Warlord Games end of week round-up...
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With Strontium Dog starter sets hitting the shelves in your local stores this weekend we wanted to show off the next 4 sets due mid-August... it's going to be a dog eat dog summer of action!
Plus we have new anti-tank equipment for Konflikt'47 and the Daughters of the Motherland get new handheld Shield projectors.

For those new to Bolt Action, we have six special German sets to help you get started! Check out the elite forces that come with your order dice and aFREE Armies of Germany army book!


The Good, The Bad, The Mutie Strontium Dog Starter Out Now
Strontium Dog - Darkus's Howlers:
Containing all the game rules, a scenario booklet to help you learn the game and refight the S/D Agents’ showdown with their mutant foes, as well as superbly detailed miniatures to fight over the solar farm scenery, this is a great way to get started with your Strontium Dog games.
pre-order new Strontium Dog sets here

4 New sets due August 2018

Strontium Dog Collection Banner
New Strontium Dog Darkus's Howlers
Strontium Dog - Darkus's Howlers:
Sometimes these bounty hunters are not in it for the money but only for the thrill of the kill, not to mention a tasty meal from their prey. The new Strontium Dog – Darkus’s Howlers show just how deadly the universe can be.
New Strontium Dog Rouge SD Agents
Strontium Dog - Rogue SD Agents:
Sometimes even a loyal dog can go astray – represent the baddest of the bad with the new Strontium Dog – Rogue SD Agents set!
New Strontium Dog SD Agents
Strontium Dog - SD Agents:
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes – quite literally in the Strontium Dog universe! Unleash the Strontium Dogs with the new SD Agents set!
New Strontium Dog Build-a-Mutie
Strontium Dog - Build-a-Mutie:
Mutants really do come in all shapes and sizes and now you’ll be able to produce your own unique gang of mutants using the new Strontium Dog – Build-a-Mutie set!
Bolt Action Tab
Bolt Action Latest Releases Button

New German Bolt Action Starter Armies!

German 1000pt Starter Sets:
Containing the minimum core HQ and two sections you need to get started with the German army plus their dice and army book. You can choose your first 1000 point force ranging from the Heer Grenadiers, to the elite Green Devils themselves - the Fallschirmjäger!
New Bolt Action German Heer Grenadier Starter Set 1943-45 1000pt Army
German Heer Grenadier Starter 1943-45:
New Bolt Action German Winter Heer Grenadier Starter Set 1943-45 1000pt Armies
German Heer Grenadier Starter (Winter) 1943-45:
New Bolt Action German Heer Grenadier Starter Set 1939-42 1000pt Armies
German Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers Starter 1939-42:
German Panzergrenadiers Starter 1943-45:
New Bolt Action German Fallschirmjager Starter Set 1943-45 1000pt Armies
German Fallschirmjäger Starter 1943-45:
New Bolt Action German Waffen-SS Starter Set 1943-45 1000pt Armies
German Waffen-SS Starter 1943-45:
Konflikt '47 Tab
Konflikt '47 Latest Releases Button

Weird War!

New Konflikt Units:
The Allies arm themselves with new rift field artillery, while the Germans respond in kind! The Soviet forces have also sought to re-arm their genetic creations with handheld shield projectors.
New Konflikt '47 British Tesla AT Gun
British Tesla AT gun:
New Konflikt '47 US Tesla Gun
US Tesla AT Gun:
New Konflikt '47 German Towed Schwerefeld Projektor
German towed Schwerefeld Projektor:
New Konflikt '47 Soviet Daughters of the Motherland Patriot Team
Daughters of the Motherland Patriot Team:
New Wargarmes Illustraed WI370 August Edition
Wargames Illustrated WI370 August Edition:
This month's release of Wargames Illustrated is jam-packed as always! This edition notably includes Andy Chambers diving into the Strontium Dog badlands!
Warlord Open Day 22nd Sep
Plan ahead and get your tickets early as we've got a limit of 300 spaces for the annual Warlord Games OPEN DAY!
Join us for a packed day of tabletop action plus seminars, Blood Red Skies 'ACE in a DAY' competition, Re-enactors, tour of the casting rooms, hands on activities and more!!!

Coming This August!

Coming Soon Bolt Action British Guy Lizard Command Vehicle
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