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The Wednesday Gallery

This weeks Steampunk gallery will be somewhat generic as no particular theme has leapt to mind this week. Some of them could probably be classed as 'Gothic' as well I suppose...

If your not particularly interested in real people in Steampunk and/or Gothic outfits but prefer pictures of the miniature variety then there's many links to choose from in the header and sidebar that will lead you to exactly that.






..and here's a few guy pictures just to even things out a little,,,

 Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome,

Mantic Games Job Opportunities

Mantic Games are on a recruitment drive...
Mantic Wants You
Mantic is on a recruitment drive as we scale up for the year ahead. We’re looking for talented individuals to join the team – and there’s never been a more exciting time with Kings of War and Deadzone gaining traction at retail and special projects like The Walking Dead and Warpath on the horizon. And that’s to say nothing of what else we’re cooking up in the Mantic Bunker ;)
We’ve a range of roles on offer which you can see here:

Customer Service Representative
Deadline: 1st June 2016
Actively and effectively manage and resolve customer support queries received by Mantic on multiple channels. We are looking for someone who can show every customer that resolving their query is a priority, and is happy to get their head down and work through a large number of customer messages every day.

Customer Experience Support
Deadline: 1st June 2016
Assist the Customer Experience Manager in organising and running demos, shows and other events. We are looking for someone who can easily display passion and enthusiasm for the Mantic Games hobby and the work they do, motivating others. You will do all this whilst working as part of a team and delivering excellent service to our customers.

Studio Editor and Print Manager
Deadline: 19th June 2016
Support the Studio Design Manager in delivering the components and packaging for the games and models that Mantic produces. Working with the studio design manager, editors, our marketing team and freelance designers, you will be part of an exciting team producing high quality, innovative and visually attractive gaming and hobby products.

Head of Global Marketing
Deadline: 19th June 2016
A fantastic opportunity for a senior executive to to head up Mantic’s global Marketing efforts. You will be involved in understanding the community, and helping to make it grow – globally. From recruiting new people to the Mantic cause through promoting our ranges globally online, in print and at shows the successful applicant’s presence will be felt everywhere. In many cases you will be the front-end presence of Mantic Games and responsible for ensuring the company gets its message across – in the right way - to our fans.

Management Trainee
Deadline: 19th June 2016

We're looking for a talented, keen enthusiastic hobbyist to come and further their career with us at Mantic Games. The role is as a Management trainee where you will be tried out in a selection of roles before finding your long-term position. This is an excellent opportunity to gain real experience of responsibility within an innovative company specializing in getting premium niche design products to market. It will suit a hard working individual looking to gain experience across a wide range of business areas.

Studio Layout Artist
Deadline: 19th June 2016

Support the studio team in delivering the components and packaging for the games and models that Mantic produces. You will be responsible for laying out rule books, game components, marketing materials, game support material, product packaging and more. A key aspect of the role will also be producing and maintaining the style guides associated with each product line and the templates used for all product packaging and print within a range.

Stock and Build Supervisor
Deadline: 19th June 2016

Manage the levels of our warehouse stock, taking into account repeat business, new product forecasts and sudden increases in demand due to kickstarter projects. A key aspect of the role is ordering and maintaining the stock levels to ensure key lines are always available and understanding the varying lead times of our suppliers. You will also work with the Production Coordinator, who will organise assembly lines, and manage staff to ensure accurate, efficient building.
Check out the job adverts above and follow the instructions on the page to apply. All roles are based in our Nottingham HQ.
Copyright © 2016 Mantic Games, All rights reserved.

Warlord Games Newsletter

It's Wednesday so of course there's a Warlord Games newsletter...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, a round-up of the latest articles published on our website...

Fartok Revolts!

Xilos Characters:

Fartok, Leader of the Outcast revolt!

In the pipe line:

Cool Waterloo & a little South Pacific action!


John's Hobby weekend: Mule Train.

Bolt Action Nationals:

Derby Wargames Show!


1st in last out - German Pioneers.


Operation Biting - The Bruneval raid.

Unit Profile:



Geronimo - Airlanding rules for Bolt Action.

Warlord Wednesday Video:

This week mixing up Commandos & British Infantry!

Thank you:

Wargames Illustrated.

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Find out if you are the lucky one:

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Upcoming Events




Gamex-2016 - Los Angeles, CA


Dales Wargames - Matlock

The Warlord Games website is packed with great examples of painting and modelling, expert tips and how-to guides, extra rules and scenarios for our various game systems, plus action-packed battle reports and fascinating historical accounts. Find out more here:
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