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Mantic Games - Newsletter

Mantic Games weekly newsletter...

Welcome to this week's Mantic Games newsletter. Here you'll find all the latest information on new releases, news and special offers!
First up we've got an exciting new release for The Walking Dead: All Out War - a replica of Hershel Greene's barn! This set is designed to fit the dimensions of the cardboard terrain included in the recently released Miles Behind Us expansion. Included in the set is:
  • MDF barn with opening doors and removable roof
  • MDF tractor
  • six MDF fences
  • four resin hay bales
You can pre-order the Greene Family Farm from the Mantic website NOW! Or look for it in your local gaming store soon.
The Kings of War summer campaign book is now available to pre-order from the Mantic website and your local gaming store. Prepare yourself for the start of the global campaign on August 19th! In the book you'll find:
  • New heroes - new Living Legends with unique rules and their own back stories that tie into the summer campaign
  • New units - each hero is accompanied by a new unit, complete with rules and backgrounds
  • Formations - combine different units to receive stat boosts and upgrades. A totally new concept for the summer campaign!
  • Campaign locations - find out more about the theatres of war and why they're important in the campaign
Remember, Edge of the Abyss will have a limited print run, so if you want to get your hands on this piece of Kings of War history, PRE-ORDER NOW.
Good news for all you Dungeon Saga fans, the Rules Committee has just released the first in a series of FAQs to make sure your dungeon delving adventures are more enjoyable than ever! Take a look and make sure you revisit the core game!
Did you miss out of the TerrainCrate Kickstarter? Well, fear not... next week we'll be opening late pledges so you too can become one of our famous 'Terrain Spotters'.
This weekend, we'll be attending the Phoenix Lake Wargames Exhibition in Penrith! Make sure you pop along for a demo of The Walking Dead and some of the new Kings of War resin heroes may have even crept out the building!
There is only ONE ticket left for the Deadzone tournament to be held here at Mantic HQ on 22nd July. Can you take home the trophy? Buy your ticket now!
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Friday, 23 June 2017

Wizkids - Newsletter

Some HeroClix and event news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,
EVENT UPDATE! WizKids 2017 World Championships
This year, WizKids came to Origins Game Fair in a big way by hosting the WizKids 2017 U.S. National and World Championships!

Congratulations to all the new champions and a huge thank you to all our players and volunteers for your continued support from around the world!
Victor Maya - 2017 Dice Masters World Champion

Congratulations to the 2017 Dice Masters World Champion, Victor Maya, pictured here with game designer, Mike Elliott.

Howard Brock - 2017 HeroClix World Champion
Lucky Dice - 2017 HeroClix World Champion Team 

Congratulations to Howard Brock, the 2017 HeroClix World Champion, along with the 2017 HeroClix World Champion Team, Lucky Dice (Howard Brock, Easton Brock, Warren Ginn).

Jordan Kott - 2017 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion

Congratulations to Jordan Kott, the 2017 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion, Pictured here with 2016 Star Trek: Attack Wing World Champion, Peter Smith, and judges, Ben Cheung and Rich Kopacz.

2017 WizKids Squad Goals

And a special thank you to all of the 2017 WizKids Volunteers that made these events possible!

Did you miss the fun? Go to the official WizKids Twitch page to watch how the WizKids 2017 U.S. National and World Championships played out! 
COMING SOON! DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary - Elseworlds
With the 15th Anniversary of HeroClix, WizKids is excited to reveal DC heroes in DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds, coming soon!

Today, we visit an alternate reality featured in DC Comics HeroClix: 15th Anniversary Elseworlds where DC’s Trinity appears quite different from what we’re used to in a world where the cast of Planetary have villainous intentions.
This version of Diana Prince looks a lot different from Wonder Woman in both costume and dial design, but she still packs quite the Amazonian punch for just 40 points. She has the expected keywords of Amazon and Justice League, but she also has Detective and Scientist on this unfamiliar world. Diana Prince’s trait, Investigating Planetary, prevents opposing characters within 4 squares from using Outwit or Perplex as she explores the world of her foes. Plus, she can do a bit of sneaking around with Stealth to help prevent your opponents’ tricks.
AVAILABLE NOW! Best Equip Your Robot to Become the Victor in DiceBot MegaFun
WizKids is excited to announce the release of the card and dice game designed by Jeremy Kalgreen and Chris Volpe, DiceBot MegaFun, available now at your FLGS. 
In DiceBot MegaFun, robots fight for the glory of their human owners. Equip your bot with the parts to power lasers, bombs, drills, and more, as you do battle in rounds of simultaneous free-for-all-combat.

Designed for 2-4 players, this dice-grabbing, weapon-slinging, game of battling robots ends when one player’s robot is the first to receive 3 Victory Medals.
CELEBRATE! HeroClix 15th Anniversary
Thank you for an amazing 15 years of HeroClix! Our players make it possible for us to continue to deliver the game that we all know and love. Join us in celebrating this amazing anniversary both at home and at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

Check our HeroClix 15th Anniversary page regularly for chances to win amazing prizes in our HeroClix 15th Anniversary contests and watch videos provided by our partners, Hyper RPG and fellow HeroClix player, Scott Porter!
Also, check out the latest episode of Indomitable with our friends at Hyper RPG and be sure to tune in Monday at 9PM PT for our special 8 episode 15th Anniversary series!

Don't forget to tag us in all your HeroClix posts and use the hashtag, #WeAreHeroClix to join in on the fun!
Grab your cell phone camera, fancy digital camera, camcorders, we don’t care what camera you use, but we want to see you! In 1-3 minutes, please share your best HeroClix memory and favorite figure with us! Post it to YouTube, enter it here and also, don’t forget to share it on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag, #WEAREHEROCLIX!

Help your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) win too! In your video, tell us your favorite FLGS that you play HeroClix at – be sure to mention the name of the store, city and state it’s located in! We’ll then randomly select stores to win prizes as well!

For legal guidelines. 
-The WizKids Team
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Sarissa Precision - Newsletter

More new terrain pieces from Sarissa Precision...
First of the North African/colonial releases is this 20mm - small house
20mm - Small house destroyed 
20mm - Administration building/Hotel 
20mm - Administration building/Hotel destroyed 
The first of our new Gaslamp Alley releases is this terrace house block, which comes as 8 back to back houses which can be made into 4 bigger terrace houses with the back yard upgrade.
Second is the Destroyed terrace house block, which also comes as 8 back to back terrace houses that can be made into 4 bigger houses with the destroyed back yard upgrade.
Back yard upgrade for the terrace house block 
Destroyed back yard upgrade for the destroyed terrace house block 
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Scale 75 - Newsletter

A Summer Weekend sale from Scale 75...


From June 23rd to June 26th, get a 20% discount at our website using the coupon SUMMERWEEKEND

SCALE75 C/ Cadmio, 12. 28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid)-SPAIN Tel/+34 91 870 74 71 Email/

Modiphius Entertainment - Newsletter

An Achtung! Cthulhu discount from Modiphius...


Terror on the pricing front!
Hi there,

Today we're really pleased to bring Achtung! Cthulhu fans a triple header of guide goodness, with the Achtung! Cthulhu guides to the Pacific, Eastern Front and 
North Africa all down from their usual prices of £17.99 and £14.99 to just £9.99 for one week only!
In each of these awesome field guides you'll open up new fronts in key theatres as the Secret War rages beyond Europe and into the wider world.

North Africa
Discover a land of great antiquity, steeped in legend; a fiery cauldron of political and occult intrigue where the heat is as much your enemy as any man with a gun; and a formidable wilderness where only the strong will survive with their sanity intact.
The 144 page full colour softback Guide to North Africa includes:
- New civilian and military occupation templates: play as an archaeologist, SAS special forces, a Bedouin tribesman, Askari, the LRDG, and the French Foreign Legion
- New tomes of forbidden lore, such as the Book of Thoth and the Book of Angels, and yet more summoning spells and protective enchantments
- Desert vehicles and equipment, fantastical and mundane (including Nachtwalfe's latest developments)
- Intriguing weapons and artefacts, such as the Atlantean sliver gun, the Yithian Stone Hunter and the Ashes of Sebek
- Ancient horrors from the depths of the desert (and space and time): crocodile hybrid mummies, djinn, and the Great Race of Yith
- Details on Black Suns quest for Irem and Nachtwalfe's constant search for Atlantean technology
Eastern Front
Horror stalks the steppes! Discover a vast land under the thumb of a brutal regime; a downtrodden yet determined population who have seen many horrors, not all of them of man's making; and a land where giant machines of war rage across the countryside, terrorising all in their path.
The - 128 page full colour softback and PDFGuide to the Eastern Front includes:
- New investigator occupation templates: play members of the Soviet underworld, political prisoners, NKVD agents, and the cavalry
- Information on Russian military structure and the issues faced when waging a war on the Eastern Front
- More nameless horrors and vile creatures, such as the Krysolud, tThe insects from Shaggai, and the Stalin Lampen
- Details on the inner workings of Institute 21, Otdel MI, and the Cult of Red Horus, as well as a variety of independent occult organisations and their nefarious plans for the Soviet Union
- Tanks! (including Nachtwolfe's proposed super tank that puts the Maus and Ratte to shame...)
Pacific Front
Discover tales of heroic struggles in the Far East and the Pacific Islands; the re-emergence of archaic evils deep within an ancient land; the terrors of jungle warfare, where humans are not the only things stalking you, and the term wildlife potentially has a whole new meaning...
The 128 page full colour softcover Guide to the Pacific Front includes
- A variety of new civilian and military character templates
- New tomes, weapons, artefacts & equipment]
- Even more vile creatures & occult threats
- Rules for surviving not only jungle warfare, but the jungle itself

Each guide adds a whole dossier's worth of useful historical and fantastical information to help you expand your campaign out into the wider world of the Secret War, with stats and rules for use with BOTH Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition AND Savage Worlds in one book, plus a free PDF on purchase!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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