Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weekly House of Paincakes Article (14)

This weeks House of Paincakes article is the first of two (maybe three) on the Ten Thunders faction and can be found here.

An oriental themed faction leaves plenty of scope for what we (with the greatest of respect) call 'Eye-Candy' and has become a Wednesday used to be Tuesday tradition...if I changed day does it stop counting as a tradition?


Cosplay Ninjas?!?!? seems plausible enough as an excuse I suppose. I apparently now have three female followers so I suppose I best put a guy pic at the bottom again...



Mortal Kombat... 
...or possibly Tekken or DoA..they all blend together after a bit...

Well Ninjas have those claw things so it kinda works...

and for the girls...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...they can even be on the article if you like...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Unboxing Malifaux - Teddy

It's a giant teddy that just wants to hug death...

One piece model with an easily removed lump of flash on top of the head and some bits on the fingers. The mould lines are almost completely hidden by the fur so that's a nice bonus...

Here's him assembled on his 50mm base with a bit of scenery added.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome

Unboxing Malifaux - The Dreamer 'Bad Dreams' Starter Box Set

They say Bad Dreams can't hurt you...unfortunately in Malifaux that isn't exactly true...

The Dreamer.

The Box - Front and Rear.

As usual with the unboxing articles that cover metal models I'll be taking the initial pictures without any cleaning up so you can see them 'warts and all'...

The Dreamer.
One piece model so no assembly and the usual mould line around the edge shared by pretty much all metal models

Lord Chompy Bits.
The 2nd set of arms, head top and tail are separate. The contact points don't require much work to make neat though I'm told you may need a tiny bit of whichever modelling putty you prefer on some models...this one of mine was fine however.

One arm and a mouth tentacle are separate  Only the tentacle was fiddly but no issue for any-one who'e assembled a metal model before ;-)

Stitched Together.
Single piece models with a single mould line around the edge.

Here's them assembled and based on 30mm (except for Lord Chompy Bits who's on a 50mm) bases with a bit of rock and some sand on them to tie in with my other Neverborn.

The Dreamer - Assembled.

Lord Chompy Bits - Assembled.

Coppelius - Assembled.

Stitched Together 1 - Assembled.

Stitched Together 2 - Assembled.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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