Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Unboxing Raging Heroes - Zailith - Blood Vestal Secultrix

Following on from their first successful 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' Kickstarter Raging Heroes launched a second one called TGG2: Light and Darkness in order to create three new female armies: Dark Elves, Lust Elves, and Sisters of Mercy, in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi versions.

Over the next few weeks I'll be doing some unboxing and review features on some of the models that I acquired. Also as I acquired these models via the Kickstarter rather than through retail they came in bags rather than in a box.

First we'll be giving Zailith, a Blood Vestal Secultrix a look...

Zailith - Blood Vestal Secultrix
Zailith is one of the highest ranking Dark Elves Blood Vestals. You can look, but don't touch!
Zailith - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled model parts.

A Brief Note About Resin Models.
Also it's worth noting that many resin models have a slightly greasy feel caused by the substance they use to stop them sticking to the moulds during production and this can cause issues with paint not sticking to the model properly. Carefully washing the parts in soapy water will remove this should your model be unduly affected. Parts that are bent (or that aren't and you want to be) can be corrected by heating up slightly in warm water and then bending into the required configuration.

Zailith - Assembled
The majority of this model is a single body piece to which the two weapon arms and a separate leg section are attached.

Zailith - Extras
Here's a look at some renders and early artwork from the Kickstarter process that may interest you all.

Other unboxing and reviews of some raging Heroes 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' models as well as some features on other companies products can be found at this link here.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Black Library Newsletter

Something new from the Black Library...

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River Horse Newsletter

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Tuesday 28/02/2017


The time has come and you have waited oh so patiently. The Goblins! expansion pack is available for pre-order now from our website here! The Goblins! expansion for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – The Board Game continues your collection of iconic characters from the movie and gives you optional rules to make more use of the goblin infantry, cavalry and artillery.
They're back.
Terminator figures back in stock:
Buzzer Drone
LAW and Saw team
If you're wondering what Tails of Equestria, our storytelling game set in Equestria is all about you can check out Mark Hulmes' review here!
It's available for pre-order now:
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Hasslefree Miniatures - Flash Sale

You have until the end of February to get 15% off...

1 Day Sale and Restocks are In!

Edit: The code broke while I was asleep! It's fixed now :)
Anyone who ordered overnight will get an email tonight about their options (partial refund or freebie)

Thanks to my nerve problems and surgeries over the winter we were overdue restocks, and some of you have been bugging me about when certain minis are back in. Well they started arriving yesterday and another 50kg will be arriving tomorrow! That's 'fifty' 'kilograms'!
To make up for the delays we're having a quick 24hr (ish) flash sale. The code will be active until the end of February.

Enter 'FACEPAIN' in the code box* for 15% Off your order.
*The code box is on the confirmation page, stop using the comments box! :)

Fair warning, no complaining when new releases come out next week or the long awaited Red Box restock arrives. That's how these flash sales work :)

The restocks will also allow us to unstick the last few sticky problem orders from what will be known as my facepain period. So from now until the end of April it'll all be about Salute and our release schedule.

(I will find time to update the Kickstarter though for those of you who backed, there was a new update this weekend in fact!)

Right, go nuts, you have 1 day and counting!
'til next time,
p.s. As usual, anyone who ordered just before the sale will get a freebie, we got ya covered ;)

Monday, 27 February 2017

Afterglow - Delaria Starter Set Unboxing

I've been looking at this as a system for some time and having recently acquired one of their starter sets this seemed as good a time as any to give it a proper look.

Lets have a brief bit of background on the game itself first courtesy of White Tree Miniatures.

Afterglow Miniatures Game
The Afterglow Miniatures Game is a tabletop strategy game designed for two or more players, set in a grim world devastated by an apocalypse. Players lead bands of survivors who clash against each other in a struggle for survival among the ruins of towns, burned-out wastelands and underground bunkers.
The game, based on the intuitive mechanics, is fast and dynamic. Depending on the format it takes from 40 to 90 minutes to play, while the number of miniatures in warbands varies from 4 to 20 models, depending on the chosen faction. Afterglow is different from many other wargames. First of all, it is a game of survival. Victory is not always on the side of those who deal the biggest damage to the opponent. Scenarios and Mission Cards provide an opportunity to win the game without firing a single shot, relying on the player's intelligence, strategic planning skills, anticipation of opponent's moves and clever use of unit skills and abilities.

We have also created a system of playing campaigns - connected scenarios, during which members of your warbands can gain experience, develop skills, plunder and find new equipment, but also sustain permanent injuries, fall victim to diseases and mutations or eventually die.

The starter set we'll be looking at in this article is for the Delaria faction. The rules can be downloaded for free from here and the cards and markers can be downloaded from here. The starter set contains five resin miniatures which are a Chaplain (hero and leader of the warband), a Scourer special unit (veteran soldier armed with fire thrower) and three Infantrymen (core units).

Warbands of Delaria are characterised by good organisation, iron discipline and decent equipment combined with fanatical frenzy. They are formed of trained soldiers and religious zealots, led by ruthless officers who are excellent tacticians and experienced warriors. Priests of the One god guard that the fire in the hearts of their subordinates is burning brightly and it can turn to ashes every infidel that will stand their way.

The resin used is of a good quality and was free of the air-holes that occasionally curse models made of resin and there was no mould slippage either. The models went together easily enough with adequate enough location points for each part and even the tube of the Scourers weapon aligned correctly. It's also worth noting that these models would work perfectly in a number of other skirmish game systems should the models themselves interest you more than the game system itself.

Hero and leader of the warband

Veteran soldier armed with fire thrower

Core Unit

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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