Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Aetherium Skirmish Game - Unboxing and Review - Part 2

We covered the box contents and touched upon the background and game-play very slightly in Part one. However we all know that the models are what can make or break a game such as this and I'm happy to say that in this case the models are pretty damn amazing.

Before we have a look at the models it's worth mentioning that resin isn't necessarily the easiest material to work with so there's a few things to watch out for. Firstly some thin and/or long parts may be slightly bent but this can be solved by putting the part in warm water for a while and then bending it back to the correct angle and holding it there until it hardens in the appropriate position. Secondly it can occasionally be brittle in places so be careful when removing it from the sprue and thirdly there's sometimes an air hole here and there but any hobby putty or liquid green stuff can sort that out.

Fortunately only the 'needs a bit of re-bending' issue cropped up while assembling this batch and that was easily solved...well...part from one I missed which might be a bit obvious when you look at the pictures...

The 'Starter Box' contains three types of units namely Avatars, Functions and Subroutines. Standard game size is one Avatar and two each of Functions and Subroutines so you can play a normal sized game straight out of the box (after a bit of assembly of course) and each side has it's own unique objective markers called Pylons and there are generic objectives called Nodes both of which there are resin markerss for. We'll look at game-play in part three but until then lets look at some pretty models.

What if your job was also your religion? Welcome to Axiom...

Lady Aemelia Mastrona

Adept and Grenadier


Hounds : Alpha and Omega


Not every-one likes the system the way it is...

The Masque

Tinder and Tov

Riot Grlz



The primary objectives of the game are things called 'Nodes'. You also get a couple of those...

I'll do a proper game-play review soon (probably won't be until the weekend but I may surprise you, lol). Until then enjoy the model pics...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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