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Mantic Games Newsletter - We're on the RAMPAGE!‏

So is Dreadball Xtreme, Dreadball 2 or Seasons 4, 5 and 6? teams any-one?

DreadBall gets bigger with Season 4 and new teams!
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We always wanted to bring Dreadball back to kickstarter - to add more teams and more fun - but just a few teams didn't seem, well - Mantic enough!!

So we now have Dreadball Xtreme – the underground version of Dreadball.

Because all the miniatures work for both Xtreme and DreadBall Original we thought hard about the best way to present this:

The Season books will focus on the rules for the 4 new teams from the kickstarter and how they play in DreadBall Original, and will add some other rules for the game. ALL the rules for Xtreme (for original and new team stats) will be covered in the Xtreme Player Manual includes in Rampage and up!

We think this will give the clearest and cleanest split between the two games - and it also means that theDreadBall Kickstarter just became DreadBall 2 – as all the new teams get rules and add into the basic game!!

Find out more about how  DreadBall Season 4expands your DreadBall Game here.

We recommend a pledge of Rampage!!

It is exactly 1 week after the launch and it’s safe to say that Objective A was achieved in record time! We reached our funding goal of $100,000 in 38 minutes, and we’ve nearly completed Objective B – four new teams and the Season 4 Rulebook!

But we don’t want to stop there!

To say thank you we’re going to give Rampagebackers even more value-for-money by including mini-teams of 8 Plague Players and 8 Mechanite players straight into the pledge level!

We're moving on to Season 5 very shortly, whereRampage will also be able to pick a Season 5 team of your choice – if we dare to dream, we’ll do the same with a Season 6 team too!

So what does this mean? Well, it means Rampage backers keep their ability to get a team of your choice (from Season 5!) AND gets two mini-teams bundled in as well, at no extra cost. That's 16 more players added to your pledge without you having to lift a finger!

Pledging on the project now means that more stretch goals will be added free to the pledge levels, unlocking more teams and MVPs and improving the value across the board even further. We really appreciate any support we get.

Thanks for reading.
New Mantic Guerilla Podcast is live!
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As part of our DreadBall Season 4 we’ve put up some ludicrous deals on original DreadBall on the Kickstarter page.

Still missing a team, or like the look on an all-stars MVP pack? Head on over to the Xtreme Kickstarter and grab your deal! You can view thewhole list of goodies on offer here.

New Mantic Guerilla Podcast is live!
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Check out what might be James M. Hewitt’s last podcast with us before he moves on to pastures new!

Inside, Chris talks about Rampage (recorded before the stuff in the main column was a thing) and Jake talks Xtreme rules! All very exciting.

Press play and give it a listen!
Abyssal Dwarfs march in!
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Coming soon...
Calling all DreadBall Players!
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The DreadBall UK National Final is being held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre on the 9th March where you can play against the best DreadBall coaches in the country, as well as members of the Mantic Staff, as we take to the pitch and play ball!

Our DreadBall tournaments are great fun for veteran coaches and newcomers alike – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you can win!

Tickets are limited to 40 people and over half have already gone. Find out all of the information on theMantic Games website!
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The Events List has now been updated for 2014, with Adepticon (3rd April) and Salute (12th April)staring us in the face.

Here’s the full list for the next couple of months:

1st Mar – Hammerhead
22nd Mar – A Call to Muster
29th Mar – Schiltron
3rd Apr – Adepticon
12th Apr - Salute

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
Our mailing address is:
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You Holiday Your Way...I'll Holiday Mine...

I have a great many ideas...some of them could at a stretch be called 'bright' some of them are more in the 'seemed like a good idea at the time' category...

But what I'm really good at is starting a project and then getting distracted by a different project. Personally I blame all the miniatures companies that are currently turning out awesome models and amazing games and then showing them to me in a blatant and malicious attempt to part me from my money. They don't seem to understand how little spare cash and time I have, lol.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a whole entire week off work that (with the exception of several tedious 'making sure the house doesn't fall down' tasks that my girlfriend insists are quite important) I'm going to fill with hobby. By a wonderful coincidence I have a full set of Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection Starter sets and three new Malifaux crews arriving tomorrow that I'll be doing those inexplicably popular unboxing articles on and I may just assemble, base and undercoat all the Malifaux models I've got in one giant orgy of mass production...

 This is about a third of my un-built Malifaux...

 The other two thirds...

Speaking of Warzone Resurrection, I have my horde of Dark Legion to paint (once they get some reinforcements from that 'Starter Set' I mentioned earlier)...

...and my Deadzone/Warpath army of Plague needs some reinforcements...some of those are going to be conversions as well which be nice to have the time to work on. That's not to mention my Cryx army, two Dreadball teams, half a dozen Batman Miniatures Game models and about a bazillion other things I'd like to get done*...

* I may even do the long awaited Librarian post for my Deathwatch series...It's only two years and six months overdue though so it can probably wait...

...amongst which is the need to sort out the aftermath that occurs when your mostly metal Warmachine Cryx armies shelf collapses onto the plastic Kings of War Undead army underneath it.

The Kings of War army survived remarkably intact despite the forces of Cryx having the advantage of surprise...

...with the Cryxian forces coming out rather the worst for the confrontation...

...maybe I should get on with it then...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Malifaux 1.5 - Sonnia Criid Crew

With all the shiny new plastic Malifaux models being featured lately I think we sometimes forget that the older metal miniatures weren't bad either.

Here's my better halves metal Sonnis Criid crew...and a pal they brought along with them...

Sonnia Criid and Samael Hopkins.

Witchling Stalkers.


We couldn't find any bases she she just made her own.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Forge World Newsletter #389

Looks like I'll be doing a small (ish) 40K army after all...hopefully it'll actually be usable when 7th Edition lands...
...but then I have always had a thing about the Mechanicum so maybe it doesn't really matter how well it long as it looks awesome...
The Myrmidon Destructors form a heavily armed and augmented sub-sect of the Mechanicum priesthood. They craft their augmetics to carry the heaviest of weapons, often only rendered portable owing to their reinforced endoskeletons and implanted power systems. These augmentations enable the Myrmidon Destructors to maintain a furious barrage on the battlefield and to do so with a precision and skill unequalled. They specialise particularly in the destruction of enemy armoured and fortified emplacements, and wield all manner of esoteric and arcane weapons, against which conventional defences offer little protection.  
The Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors set contains three resin models and is available to order now for immediate release.
Full rules for these models, designed by Mark Bedford, can be found in The Horus Heresy book 2; Massacre

For all the latest news about which shows Forge World will be attending, check out our Events page.

Forge World Event Reservations

The best way of ensuring that you get what you want at an event that Forge World is attending is to place a reservation. To find out how to make a reservation click here.

Forge World Blog #6

Not sure how desperately I need a Mechanicum T-Shirt...but that model glimpse looks intriguing...

Our latest Blog is available now.

Not a Weekly House of Paincakes Article (5)

I'm afraid this is one of those terribly disappointing weeks where I haven't written an article for the House of Paincakes blog network. Don't worry though as there will definitely be one next week and I'm reasonably sure it'll be awesome*

*well...if you like that sort of thing, it'll be awesome...

Should you be desperate for some reading material then the Mantic Games Encyclopaedia 'C.o.S.I.S.' is full of new entries and can be found here or you could have a look at the new entry in the introduction to tab. Failing that there's bound to be something amongst the thousand plus articles I've written that will keep you interested...

The Wednesday gallery this week will have a Gothic theme and in celebration of the fact that for the first time this year I've wakened to find it actually sunny rather than pissing down with rain it's going to have an 'outdoor' vibe to it...

As usual if you just come here for the hobby or have something against either Goth girls or the outdoors then don't scroll down...






Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...they can even be on one of the articles if you want...

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