Sunday, 29 July 2012

Forge World and Warhammer 30K...

As many of you already know I'm some-what split with my opinion on Forge World...Of course that's not the only opinion I'm sometimes split on...

No...not 'Blonde or Brunette' but why the hell would a brunette want to be blonde...

Wait...I had a Warhammer related point to make as well....

In general I like their models but their ability to write a balanced set of rules for them borders on the non-existent.

Therefore I'm quite happy for some-one to use a Forge World model in a 'normal' game in order to 'count-as' an existing unit as the models are (9 times out of 10) very nice to look at. If we happen to be playing an Apocalypse game then bring whatever you please as Apocalypse is designed for fun 'use everything you own while eating snacks and drinking beer' games and balance has gone out of the window looooooooooong before some-one puts his Reaver Titan on the table.....

I am therefore quite polite but unswerving in my 'Use the model if you wish but not the rules' policy and I wouldn't consider playing against a Forge World book army list as in my experience people only use them to exploit their lack of balance while simultaneously trying to convince me that that's not the reason at all*

So given the opportunity to make lots of money keep the customers happy it was inevitable (and somewhat obvious given recent releases and the Black Library books popularity) that Forge World would release a book set in the time of the Heresy.....

I therefore brace myself for an incredibly pretty book, full of lovely models and illustrations with a selection of army lists and rules that I'll never voluntarily play against...

*If your the exception to this rule then good for you...I'm still not letting you use that Land Raider Achilles though...

It's also goes down in history as the least information filled 'teaser' of all fucking time...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome**

**It'd be nice if they were about Warhammer 40/30K though ;-)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

2nd Company Standard Bearer

I'm working on a Company Standard bearer for my Night Reapers 2nd Company. I've tried to keep the same overall look as my Veterans/Sergeants/Champions.

I'm doing the actual standard separate so it'll be easier to paint ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Titan Games

So I took a trip to Lichfield today to visit my friends new business enterprise Titan Games which opened today...Amusingly the sign-age isn't done yet so from a distance it still apparently sells shoes...

They're still awaiting a lot of stock so the shelves look a bit minimalist at the moment but they can order pretty much everything and give you a decent delivery time which is cool. Currently they have stock of Malifaux, Infinity, Hordes and Warmachine but the GW stuff is due to arrive imminently I'm informed and I believe their pricing is quite competitive on GW stuff as well.

The nice part was that they had a fair sized area for painting downstairs and a couple of gaming tables...however...I got a sneak peak upstairs and as soon as it's complete (a week or so I believe) there will be more painting space and another four? gaming tables there for people to utilise. Given the fact that most Games Workshop stores now operate a 'buy your stuff then fuck off*' policy it's nice to see people chatting in store without some-one hovering at your shoulder nagging about the newest model release whether you want it or not. Both Adam and Martin have an extensive amount of hobby experience so they should be able to assist with everything from painting advice to list building and pretty much everything in between. 

*I understand that this is more company policy than the staff policy but nonetheless it's still off-putting when your used to GW shops being a bit more sociable than most have become...

Their Facebook page can be found here and has the contact details on it should you be local enough to take advantage. I'm sure your support will be much appreciated...I bought a Malifaux rulebook so my conscience is clear, lol. Once they're fully operational I'll see if I can get some pictures...

Maybe Adam and Martin will make a few comments after they read this ;-)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Some Painting...Not Much Admittedly...

I made the classic mistake of allocating myself too big a task and ended up doing none of it...

....mistake made...and learned from....

So I've just done some bits and pieces as night shifts combined with parenting has left me with very little spare time over the last week or so. I am now off work for a couple of weeks (maybe three depending on which branch I'm moved too) and I can look at putting a major dent in my unpainted Night Reapers. But for now he's a couple of bits.

I made some progress with 'Counts-as' Lysander. He needs a few more finishing touches and possibly another wash and a highlight but he'll do for the table-top. I'm planning on giving him some shooty Terminators to hang with as Assault Terminators don't need his help and his special rule benefits them.

I also painted a couple of Plasma Cannon Marines that will be numbered as belonging to Tactical Squads one and two so I can chop and change unit configuration as I desire. I'm going to add some colour to a few of the wires and cables as even though I'm going for a less than cheerful overall look I think these could do with a bit more.

I'm debating making myself a Company Standard Bearer as a bit of a conversion/modelling project this weekend and then I'll dip into the pile of unpainted stuff prioritised based on what I think will be fun to paint...I am on holiday after all, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Prince of Crows Extracts 2 and 3

Part two of the extract from 'Prince of Crows'

Prince of Crow extract: part two

Arcane Miniatures - New Releases

Some new bits and pieces via Arcane Miniatures,

Arcane Miniatures Email HeaderNew Infinity Releases for JulyNew Malifaux Releases for JulyHordes 2 Player Battle Box SetNew Dungeon Rise Terraclips for Wold Works Games and WyrdLevel 7 from Privateer Press

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'Counts As' and Allies...

First some background...

I first got into this hobby at the same time as the most recent Chaos Space Marine Codex hit the shelves. It's bias towards renegade Marines (in background if not in actual tabletop units) appealed to me so after some consultation with the store manager I bought 'normal' Space Marines to use as my renegades and a box of Chaos ones to mix in to represent their chaotic nature.

So I basically started off using 'Counts-As' from pretty much day one. Back then they were the retinue of a Daemon Prince who was formally their unit Champion and I didn't foresee them expanding to quite the extent that they did. I kept true to the theme in a number of Khorne Berzerkers were a mix of Berzerkers and normal Obliterators were Terminators with Heavy weapons attached etc.

Later I had the bright idea to represent units by using a colour appropriate to them in the paint scheme of the chapter. My Noise Marines became 7th Company (Purple), Plague Marines were 4th (Green), Khorne Berzerkers and (some Blood Angels) were 3rd (red) and so on. This allowed me to keep the 'Chapter' theme without creating too much confusion on the tabletop.

Now we have an issue in the form of allies...

Lets say I decide to have some Grey Knight allies. These can be easily represented by my normal method by the simple use of giving them grey shoulder pads...simple...right?

Of course there's the additional issue that I sometimes use my 2nd Company (gold) to 'Count-As' Blood Angels (which should be red if I'm true to my theme I suppose) so there's a good chance that I'll confuse some-one, lol.

So lets say I turn up to a tournament and cheerfully* put down an army that has an allied contingent that matches the rest of my army in colour scheme but is different in a minor (but obvious) way....

"Those guys are Blood Angels and those other guys with grey shoulder pads are Grey Knights."

So the question is, is that okay or am I going to have to start lining Games Workshops pockets by buying 'official' models?

* Yes...cheerfully...shut-up you bastards...I can be cheerful...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

'Prince of Crows' Extract.

For those of you who don't subscribe to absolutely every hobby newsletter there is.....I thought I'd share this.....

An extract from 'Prince of Crows'

Monday, 23 July 2012

Thinking About Army 'Cores'.

I've been thinking about allies in conjunction with standard Space Marine armies. My recent game against Mike has taught me that vehicles can be killed quite easily and that's something I'm happy to benefit from even though it fucks me over as well. Also there's the whole 'Flyer' issue....

I am therefore considering this as a core from which to expand from,

Master of the Forge (100) c/w Conversion Beamer (+20)   (120)

Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)
Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)
Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)

Tactical Squad (90) +5 Men (+80), Combi-Melta (+10), Meltagun (+5), Multi-Melta (+0)   (185)
Rhino (+35)
Tactical Squad (90) +5 Men (+80), Combi-Melta (+10), Meltagun (+5), Multi-Melta (+0)   (185)
Rhino (+35)

Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)
Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)
Dreadnought (105) c/w Twin-Linked Autocannon x2 (+20)   (125)

Total Points Cost - 1310

The Dreadnoughts kill Transports and Flyers and now that a unit that has been divided into Combat Squads can share a Transport I can drive a vehicle into midfield and use the old 'Melta-bunker' strategy as well as deploying a dual-Melta 'Tank-Hunter' unit.

It's just a 'core' at the moment. I may go with something completely different as a base when I've got more time to think about it.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

1st Game of 6th.

So I had my first game of 6th Edition last week as the start of my project for which the outline can be found here.

I played against Mike Leach who is an experienced tournament player and is (according to Rankings HQ at least, lol) one of the top Space Marine players in the UK. He bought a Grey Knights list he'd been working on modelled as Custodes which suited the purposes of the test as it had some annoying flying things in it for me to attempt to kill.

I'll do this as a brief battle report with any relevant 6th Ed. observations inserted as appropriate.

My Army was some of my 'Night Reapers' 2nd Company counting as Blood Angels...
1x Librarian c/w Combi-meltagun and Shield of Sanguinius and The Sanguine powers,
2x Tactical Squads c/w Plasma Cannon, Meltagun and Combi-Melta in Assault Cannon Razorback,
3x Assault Squads c/w Meltagun, Infernus Pistol and Meltabombs in Assault Cannon Razorback,
1x Baal Predator with Heavy Bolter Sponsons,
1x Predator with Heavy Bolter Sponsons,
2 x Predator with Lascannon Sponsons.

Mike's army was...
1x Grandmaster c/w Psycannon and Halberd,
1x Vindicare Assassin,
2x10 man Strike Squads c/w 2x Psycannons, 7x halberd, 1x Master Crafted Daemonhammer and Psybolt ammo,
1x 5 man Terminator Squad c/w Psycannon, Master Crafted Daemonhammer and Psybolt ammo
2x Flying Bastards* c/w Personal Bastard Teleporters

*They were Dreadknights with some upgrade which meant they could fly and which also apparently made them invulnerable to all forms of weapon fire**
** I'm not bitter about that at all by the way...well not much anyway...

We rolled some daft mission whereby Heavy Support were scoring but also Kill Points (or whatever they call them now) and we had four objectives. Mike won the roll off to go first and promptly made me swap table sides as the one side had easier initial access to two of the four objectives and was closer to a third...

Off we go then...

Gmorts Deployment Picture 1
My Intention was to shoot the crap out of the unit on objective 1 but not bother to attempt to claim it (unless I cleared it early enough to drive one of the scoring tanks onto it) and also to torrent to death anything that might be wondering onto objectives 3 and 4 before rolling some Transports onto it/them.
Gmorts Deployment Picture 2
As I was going to use my Librarian to get me a 5+ Cover save I saw no need in creating too much of a 'parking lot' as it's entirely possible for a front rank of wrecks to get in the way of the rest of my units and due to 6th Edition Cover Save changes I wasn't going to be able to get a 4+ save anyway.
Mike's Deployment
Mike Deployed on one objective and in walking distance of a 2nd. His Terminators appeared to be planning on walking onto the objective marked as 4 on the first picture while his Flying Dreadknights occupied my army. A pesky Assassin was perched in a building ready to take pot shots at whatever he damn well pleased. Mike was going first and I failed to seize the initiative.

He then remembered that we had to roll for night fight which we did. As it turned out night fell...which probably helped me more than Mike as it happened.

Some of his units moved forward and the Dreadknights decided to fly straight towards my fire support and I promptly fired everything in my army at them...
Here they come...
I slightly damaged one of them...

6th Edition - Note 1
Things that fly are annoying as hell. I was hitting on 6's and against the pitiful few hits I actually got I was wounding on 4's (Assault Cannons) against which he was getting a 2+ save on all but the rends. I'll work out the maths later (another article in the making, perhaps?) but I can't see me doing much better against 'Flying Circuses' either. The solution is either more shots, something that can deal with Flyers without having to hit on 6's or perhaps some higher strength shots to make wounding more likely once I actually hit...

Mikes other shooting made a bit of a mess of one of my transports and to be fair a statistical improbable amount of saves made courtesy of the Librarians 'Shield' power is all that stopped this from being a crippling of my army.
The turret mount indicates where the vehicle was as I had no craters available.
6th Edition - Note 2
Vehicles are much more delicate than in 5th. Glancing hits that would normally have been shrugged off managed to gradually chip away at my vehicles Hull Points. I have a few options for dealing with this.

1) More vehicles
2) Better protection for vehicles
3) Some thing of a higher (or more immediate) target priority to draw shots.

I'm as yet unsure of which solution I'll go with...

At this point Mike has two objectives to my one and has got the point for 'First Blood' so is safely in the lead at this point.
Mike's shooting and punching then maims my fire support and further chips away at my vehicles. The ability to pre-measure helps Mike to put his units in perfect range to kill what he wishes to kill and the fact that a I forgot that the closest model is removed first costs me a few models I'd rather not have lost. The only bright side is that I could now shoot at the Dreadknights without needing 6's to hit...unfortunately it took all my armies remaining shooting to do so and thus I was unable to do much to inconvenience the objective holding units.

At this point Mike has three objectives to my one and has the additional 'First Blood' point. It is at this point that Mike reminds me that Heavy Support choices are Kill Points as well as Scoring but these losses are evened out by my killing of his Dreadknights.

Some clever use of measuring and some strategic 'Look out sir' rolls mean that I only manage to kill three Terminators.

6th Edition - Note 3
The 'look out sir' rule combined with the 'closest model removed' rule is going to be seriously open to abuse especially when combined with the ability to pre-measure. I can see some people falling out over this one...

Just the boss left...

Where the hell are you going...
After some exchange of fire between the two of us I reduce this unit to the Grandmaster who promptly withdraws to a more strategic location. In true Night Reapers fashion I shoot him in the back while he's running away ;-)

Things begin to look a bit more hopeful at this point as I have managed to get rid of the Terminators threatening the middle two objectives and I have torrented one of the Strike Squads off an objective. It's too late for me to get an objective holding unit to it but fortunately it's too late for Mike to get one to it either. My point for killing his HQ evens out the one he got for scoring first blood, we're equal on Heavy support kills and I now have two objectives to his one. Unfortunately I'm running low on troops and the one objective that will probably decide the game is being defended by a squad of one and a combat squad with an attached Librarian and I'm less than confident about their ability to hold off the nine remaining members of the Strike Squad especially with the assassin in support.

Mike's Assassin is apparently highly trained in the destruction of vehicles but is a bit shaky when it comes to killing people and manages to roll a one followed by a one and therefore kills no-one this turn. Then as occasionally happens in a game with dice even a terrible roll can sometimes benefit you. In this case Mike's above average shooting combined with my below average saves results in my entire unit dying from shooting giving Mike's unit nothing to charge...this leaves one guy holding the objective and giving me a narrow and quite probably completely undeserved victory...

So what have I learnt?
Vehicles die more easily, things that can fly are a pain in the fucking arse and now that you can pre-measure I should really remember to do so.....I also made a few silly mistakes (as did Mike I think) because we were unsure of some rules and spent more time checking the rules than planning our next move. A re-match is probably in order ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Making the Transition to 6th.

Rather than piss around with strategy articles and theoretical 6th Ed. lists that cost a 2nd mortgage to purchase...I'm going to try a different approach.

I'm going to have a number of games using one of my standard 5th edition lists and then analyse it's weaknesses within the new ruleset. Then based on what occurs I'm going to tweak the list and then try it out again, have another test, see how it does and so on till it becomes as viable as possible...there are going to be a few self imposed 'rules' for this project however...

1) One list at a time.
I'll start with my Blood Angels list and see how that goes, then probably the Space Wolves or generic 'best-Of' Marine list and then I'll move on to something none Marine such as Tyranids or maybe Imperial Guard.

2) No Allies.
Well not at first anyway. The codex the list is taken from is going to have to stand alone for the first few games (no fixed amount but probably the first 10ish).

3) No more than one or two unit changes per battle.
This could be a unit and it's transport I suppose but I'm not making the mistake I've made previously of dumping a unit after a single poor performance or changing an entire set of unit configurations just because one guy missed a vital shot.....

4) Cost.
Times are hard in the current economy and I (like many of you) can no longer afford to drop a few hundred quid on models only to find out that they don't work or I don't need them or the much rarer but still occasional occurrence of 'damn that looks shit now I've assembled it'.

5) .....
There isn't actually a 5 but my OCD has become more severe of late and won't allow me to have a list that isn't in multiples of 5...I recently spent a rather disturbing hour watching the TV and couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong till I realised that the volume was on 17...not 15 which would have been fine, 20 which would have been optimal or the slightly more (if only just) tolerable 18...but 17...I still have the nightmares...

I've already made a start on this project and have had my first game of my cherry has been popped so to speak...It beckoned me and I was powerless to resist...

An artistic interpretation of 6th edition tempting  me in like a Snake with an unusually tempting apple...As It had cunningly gleaned that I don't like apples particularly it tried a different approach...
I'll compile the pictures of the 1st game and my somewhat random learning experiences from it into a coherent article and post it over the weekend some time...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Arcane Miniatures - New Releases

Well I post Games Workshop Newsletters so why not other companies as well...

Arcane Miniatures New Wargaming Releases
This week there are new miniatures available from Andrea Miniatures, Scale 75 and Privateer Press. The latest edition of Figure International is also available, and pre-orders are now being taken for No Quarter 43 (due 25th July).
Scale 75 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, Scale 75's latest release depicts the transformation of Dr Henry Jekyll into his sinister alter ego, the evil Edward Hyde. This 75mm multi part miniature is an ideal project for the skilled painter / modeller...

Order yours now ››
Scale 75 Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

Scale 75 also have a new miniature from their 'Rome' range, the Praetorian Guard. Again 75mm scale, this figure can be assembled in one of two ways - helmeted and carrying a weapon as pictured, or bare headed - the pose otherwise remains identical.

Order yours here ››
Andrea Miniatures Caesar's Triumph 52BC

Caesar's Triumph, 52BC

Continuing the Roman theme, Andrea Miniatures latest release is a 54mm miniature of Julius Caesar, celebrating his defeat of the Gallic tribes led by Vercingetorix at Alesia despite being heavily outnumbered. This was considered one of Caesar's finest military achievements, completing the Roman Conquest of Gaul.

Order yours here ››
Figure International Issue 42

Figure International 42

The latest issue of Figure International from Andrea Miniatures is now available. This edition features articles on figures such as Mila Kusanagi and the Barbarian of Draco, background on digital modelling, interviews and more.

Order yours here ››
No Quarter Magazine Issue 43

No Quarter 43

This edition of Privateer Press' gaming magazine includes a look at Hordes: Gargantuans, a Level 7 scenario report, more info on the soon-to-be relreleased IK RPG, Gut & Gears looks at the Animantarax, and much more. Preorder your copy - street date of 25th July.

Preorder yours here ››
Khador Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey

Vladimir Tzepesci

Reclaiming his long-denied birthright, Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci rides his warhorse Vsada into battle to defend the lands of Umbrey restored to his family. He wields weapons of the ancient Tzepesci horselords, carrying a spear in one hand and the mace Huntsman in the other. In stock now.

Order yours here
Trollbloods Sons Of Bragg

The Sons of Bragg

The Sons of Bragg swagger across western Immoren like living legends, each mighty with both sword and voice. The Sons are heard long before their arrival, Wrathar leading the chorus of his brothers Tor and Rhudd. Their voices join in perfect harmony to belt out powerful chants that sustain them despite impossibly grievous wounds. In stock now.

Order yours here
Legion of Everblight Succubus

Everblight Succubus

Products of generations of Everblight's manipulations, succubi are fonts of blighted arcane power. To create each one, a specially selected Nyss is brought to the spawning pools and ritually bathed in the blood of a warlock. It emerges as something no longer wholly Nyss. In stock now.

Order yours here
Skorne Tiberion Character Upgrade Kit

Tiberion Character Kit

Few warbeasts survive long enough to distinguish themselves in the service of the skorne, but the fiercely intelligent and disciplined Tiberion has fought alongside Tyrant Xerxis for over a decade. He serves his master Xerxis with all the devotion of a sworn soldier, standing immovable against waves of enemies. In stock now.

Order yours here
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