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Wyrd Games Monday Preview

As well as all the delightful looking release previews from this post there's also this preview of a certain group of seven new Malifaux characters...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Forge World Bulletin #66

Some more Warlord Titan news...

Our latest Bulletin is available now.

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some interesting new models from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures...

Happy Summer Solstice!
(Yeah I'm leaving the title there even though we missed sending it last Sunday, mostly as there's no such thing as 'Happy a Week After Summer Solstice!' :) )

I wrote some of this on my phone at Stonehenge btw, like literally in the Stonehenge circle. They allow visitors access on the Solstices (said visitors are an utter nightmare btw, If you want to do the same thing I'd go quickly if I were you as there's a likelihood they won't allow it for much longer).

We have new metal this week, as we're a week late the second set of metal releases will bleed into July but they will be in two weeks time. We'll fill the gap with a 'Kev Summer Challenge', more info on that at the bottom of the newsletter.

On with the awesome!

Resin Master - Foxtrot
'Foxtrot' is a post-apocalyptic wanderer of the badlands.  She comes complete with choice of weapons (an automatic or a rifle), choice of heads (buzzcut or gasmask and crazy hair/wig) and choice of left arm (regular or mechanised).
Available as a single set with 1 body and a sprue of all options HERE

Or as a double pack with 1 sprue but 2 bodies HERE

Resin Master - Jeanne
young female 'paladin' from a peasant background, Jeanne is a follower of the One God. This has made her a number of enemies amongst the noble followers of the Old Gods but she continues to defy her age and has been the lynchpin in a number of important battles.
Seen her in full plate armour, with underlying chain, and armed with a bastard sword.

Resin Master - Young Maiden
No, we haven't forgotten a name. We just don't name our villagers, so she's simply 'young maiden':)

It's been a while since we added to that particular line so I'd almost forgotten myself.  This mini came about as a side effect of airport security trashing some Grymn greens that Kev had been working on while at Reapercon. Don't worry, he has now fixed them, but it removed any enthusiasm he had for working on them for a while and this young lady was a pallette cleanser.

The Penn State Five
These are the core members of a small group of hardened Zombocalypse survivors whose base of operations is in the Quaker state.
Also available separately this group consists of (l-r) Earl, Vince, Levon, Jim & Taylor. The group pack includes a healthy discount on the invdividual purchases.
(Painted versions by Ben Brownlie)

Levon, FDNY Survivor
Levon was an FDNY Firefighter before the Zombocalypse and he's stuck to what he knows since then. Armed with one of his old axes, a pistol and wearing an old uniform that still sorta fits.
After New York was overrun he drifted south and found himself hooking up with a group of Survivors from the Quaker State.

Taylor, Penn State Survivor
Taylor is part of a small group of Zombocalypse survivors thrown together by circumstance. Separated from her family during the outbreak, she is unaware of how her parents or little sister Beth fared. Seen here in light clothing with a pistol and very dynamic pose.

Vince, Hardened Biker
Vince is an ex-biker gang member from Philly. After having to put down a number of his brothers during the outbreak he has since hooked up with a small, hardened group of survivors.
Seen here with a basic automatic pistol and very dynamic pose.

Jim, Toubled Vet
After a tour of Vietnam as basically a child, Jim returned to the Steel City a broken man. Haunted by the events of his service Jim lived a pretty solitary life until the day of the outbreak.
He fairly quickly chose between  'snap out of it' or 'die' and has, so far, managed to overcome his inner demons and is using his almost-forgotten Special Forces skills to be a welcome member of the Penn State survivor group.
Seen here with a basic pistol and ubiquitous ex-army clothing.

Earl, Bank Manager Extraordinaire
Earl was your average guy pre-Apocalypse. A bank manager at Wells Fargo, single, worked out semi-regularly, enjoyed sushi at the weekends with his friends.
Earl killed 57 infected and 13 people in the first week of the outbreak, including his entire sushi gang. You'd be surprised what the average guy has inside him when the chips are down.
Seen here working the slide of his trusty automatic.

And Finally...
'Over the following week on our FB page we will be announcing the parts of Kev's 'Summer Challenge'. It's been a while since our last one due to the move etc. so we'll be doing some special stuff and we have found some interesting and alcoholic rewards for Kev when he undoubtedly steps up to the plate :)
We will also be shortly adding Red Box Games to our HF page, probably starting next weekend. As we'll be inking every mini and taking new phtoos etc. we'll be adding them race by race throughout the week. It might take some time but we'll get them all on there!

Our Gourmet Gaming Snacks have proven quite popular so far (For those of you in the States, there's still a hold on them for you until we see what happened with our early test orders). We'll be adding some more soon, including Mead flavoured Marzipans and Truffles! We'll also be restocking the things you seem to have really fancied, such as the Absinthe Marzipan and Mouth Burning Chilli Jerky's :)

Alright, that's it, 'til next time,

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Round-Up

Not a terrifically busy week on the blog...

I did an unboxing of one of the starter sets for the Digger Corps faction for the Macrocosm game which can be found here, wrote up the latest of our Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RPG's which can be located in here and mentioned a Scourge army for Dropzone Commander that I'll probably never finish...because I start many things but finish almost none of them...the beginnings can be found here should you wish to remind me about my failure to finish it at some point in the future...

I also failed completely to update several of the less popular blog tabs...hopefully no-one will notice due to the fact that they're not very popular, lol.

Early next week I'm expecting my long awaited Incursion Board Game Kickstarter to arrive so I'll do some features on that and I have some bits and pieces to put together in order to do a unboxing(ish) feature and review on the recently updated Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game.

The latest of our adventures in the Iron Kingdoms might also get written up if I can decipher my own notes from earlier today and I'm sure there will be much news from this years Gen Con also appearing...including quite a lot of Malifaux related products...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wyrd Games August/September Releases...Hopefully...

Several of the game stores and online retailers have had some publicity bits and pieces thrown their way for some very interesting up and coming releases from Wyrd Games amongst which are a new Malifaux book, several releases for their Through the Breach RPG and a Two Player Starter Set...

Editors Note - I've shamefully stole these from a variety of sources but mainly 7th Heaven Games.

Malifaux M2E - Shifting Loyalties

Through the Breach - Into the Steam

Through the Breach - Northern Aggression

Malifaux M2E - Two Player Starter Set
The two player starter is a great way to get into the game! It's got two crews (Henchman-led) of completely new models, all of which are mercenaries for when you grow your collection. It has two Fate Decks, measuring tapes, and quick-start rules... including a link to download a digital copy of the rules manual!

A view at some of the cards from the Fate Decks...
...and the models...

Upgrade Packs
One of these is for the Shifting Loyalties book and the other contains a wide variety of General Upgrades.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome

Hawk Wargames Newsletter #41

More Scourge!!!!! and some other things that aren't Scourge...

Newsletter #41 - 27/06/2015
Celebrating Summer
The summer’s here, and to celebrate we’ve got a jam-packed newsletter full of good things to share.
There are new releases (now available for pre-order) for the UCM, Scourge, PHR and Shaltari now available for pre-order.  We’ll also have the next wave of famous commanders from our Reconquest: Phase 1 book out soon too – look out for more details to come.
A highlight of the season for us is Gen Con, Indianapolis (USA), where we will be giving introduction games, showing of our studio models – including, the Avenger – and offering a selection of upcoming releases slightly early for those who are at the show. We hope to see you there!
Though we go to as many shows as possible, we know that not everyone can make it and therefore can’t get a few of the items that we mainly only take to shows. This summer we are intending to alter this very slightly by offering a few products that normally are only at our shows, through our website, (though the show only models will always be just that!). We are also in the process of creating a few web exclusive products that you can’t get anywhere else, such as add-on scenery packs and a few more accessories.
We are also excited to be showcasing a small collection of our work, both images and models, in an exhibition at the RISEgallery in Croydon (UK) (Click here for the facebook event page). This will be another chance to see the spaceship on show too for anyone who is still keen to see it and hasn’t yet.
But now, on to the new releases…

UCM Heavy Hazard Suits
Heavy Hazard Suits were developed for working in extreme conditions on frontier worlds and on the outside hulls of ships. Since 2653, many Heavy Hazard Suits have been used as pickets in areas where hostile aliens and fauna are frequent threats – militarising them was the next logical step.
Removing the original civilian systems freed up space for the capacitors and hyper accelerators needed for a suit-portable railgun. 

Scourge Screamer and Raider Dropship
The Screamer is a chillingly familiar unit to Resistance fighters, but is only now being encountered by UCM troops. Unlike many enemy units, it is rare that the Screamer is visually identified.
The Screamer is a consummate terror weapon, part of a second wave of any Scourge invasion to root out pockets of resistance and demoralise any survivors, breeding a miasmic sense of despair as is scuttles with chilling speed towards its prey. In addition to its already potent mental weapons, the Screamer is armed with sets of powerful, metal sheathed claws which in conjunction with its massive size and augmented musculature make it more than capable of ripping a heavy battle tank to shreds.
The Raider is a dedicated insertion platform for esoteric and specialist Scourge units. It is designed to fully envelope bulky units that have highly specific mission parameters, often as outliers to the main Scourge force. Horrific weapon systems complete the package, supporting the elite troops it disgorges with lethal anti-personnel acid hoses comparable to those on a Tormentor heavy battle tank.

PHR Medusa and Triton-X
While little that is known of PHR Siren corps, one thing is very clear; these women are the elite, and exceptionally few in number. However even among the rarest individuals there are exceptional specimens – those whose innate affinity with their technological enhancements allow them to effortlessly control many hundreds of viewpoints with ease, and many thousands with dedicated training and further honing of their talents.
These are the Medusa, the 0.0001 % of the PHR’s population capable of harnessing the power of thousands of slaved Familiars to their will with devastating effect. In battle, a Medusa will appear to ‘fly’, levitated on a swarming, seething pillar of nanomachines and Familiars, sowing destruction and aiding her allies in combat until the enemy is utterly destroyed.
The Triton–X is a specially modified transport for Medusa units. The fact that the PHR has created a specific transport to carry these exceptional women into the fray reflects their immense power. It also has the capacity for additional nanomachines, which can replenish and repair any losses that the Medusa’s swarm might sustain from enemy fire.

Shaltari Pungari Auxiliaries
The discovery of the cradle worlds and very foundation of the UCM can be traced to the first contact with the Shaltari and their help in exploring the galaxy. However, the less than altruistic designs that the Shaltari apparently had for using humanity as cannon fodder quickly put paid to any thoughts of long term alliance.
In the Pungari, it seems the Shaltari have found a much more pliant (if less capable) race to exploit. Despite their obvious mental and technological inferiority to their masters, they are slavishly devoted to the Shaltari and appear willing to die in large numbers for them should one be present to witness their sacrifice.

Gen Con 2015
Gen Con has always been one of the many highlights in our events year, and 2015 is no different. We will be located on stand 1943, and will have the June releases and hopefully some of the new Famous Commanders, as well as pre-releases of July’s units. We’ll also have the Avenger on the stand, along with our show only models and limited edition show only spaceship models!

RISE Gallery Exhibition - 2670
The new exhibition at the RISE Gallery called ‘2670’ will feature work from David J Lewis and Patrice Rameau. It will showcase a range of unseen and remastered artwork, along with the Avenger.
The exhibition is open from Friday 3th July until Thursday 17th July from Tuesdays to Fridays 10am – 6pm and on Saturdays 10am – 4pm. For more information, check out the RISEGallery website here, or the facebook event page here >
Alongside our artwork, will be works from a collection of famous artists, such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and Banksy, to name a few.  We hope you can make it down to have a look at the show.

We hope you’re as excited about this summer’s Dropzone Commander releases, exhibitions and shows as we are, and we look forward to seeing you soon at one of these events.

– The Hawk Wargames Team

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some more Dungeon Saga and Kings of War news....

Regimented infantry and lightning fast cavalry battle against vicious hordes of monsters and beasts, as you lead your forces on the tabletop to victory.

Kings of War makes epic battles possible.
We've put together a dedicated week all about Kings of War and why we think you should give it a go - watch the blog on Monday for more.
The Classic Dungeon Crawler of Swords and Sorcery

It’s time to rest your party, our Dungeon Saga preview week comes to a close today. You can revisit the adventure here and find out about the dungeon and the Adventurer’s Companion, with plenty more to come between now and September.
With the week at an end, we have put together the Dungeon Saga: Legendary Edition - you get the Dwarf King’s Quest Boxed Game, The Adventurer’s Companion Expansion set, Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth to depict your adventurers once they’ve reached their legendary status, and a free set of acrylic upgrade counters for the core game - everything you need to begin your quest and build your own Dungeon Saga.
Already bought Dungeon Saga? If you make a separate order that includes theLegendary Heroes of Dolgarth we’ll give you the counter upgrade totally free. This means that you don't miss out on your own Legendary Edition of the game.
Discover more about Dungeon Saga here.

There are just two UK Clash of Kings events left of the year. The penultimate event before the final - the Midlands - is being held on the 4th July. There's a Blaine trophy is at stake, so grab your fantasy army and ride to war here.
Free Player Manual with DreadBall Xtreme in June
The 96-page DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual allows you to play any DreadBall team in Xtreme. It includes four new Sponsors and all of the rules for building your own custom DreadBall team from any DreadBall player on the roster. It’s worth £9.99/€14.99/$24.99 and is totally free if you order Xtreme before the 1st July!
Last Chance for Free Shipping!
We’ve tried to hold them as long as possible but due to raising costs we’ve had to raise our rates. The UK rate will rise to £40 and the EU rate will rise to €50. The Rest of the World rate will stay at $75. The new rates will come into effect on the 1st July, so order now if you want to make use of the current rates.
Exclusive Kings of War 2nd Edition Messenger Bag
Kings of War 2nd Edition is coming in August and, ahead of new Kings of War reveals next week, we’ve got an exclusive Kings of War Messenger Bag available with pre-orders of the new rulebook. But you’ll need to be quick, we’re only taking pre-orders for the bag until midnight BST Tuesday 30th June!
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