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The Wednesday Gallery

I have Wednesdays off from unboxings, reviews, miniatures and RPG articles and instead indulge my love of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Gothic and Cosplay...though not all at once of course...

This weeks theme will be witches...I'm sure I don't have to explain why...

This means that Wednesdays article will be a gallery featuring one of the aforementioned subjects as well as generally having a theme and will mainly be female but not exclusively. Therefore if people of the female gender in outfits related to that weeks subject is something you'd rather not look at then I'd advise against scrolling down and would instead pop back tomorrow when something more hobby related will no doubt appear.....






Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome

Kingdom Death - Halloween Newsletter

Well if any-ones going to have something interesting for Halloween it's this lot...

KDU#38 - Halloween Sale

It's Halloween! Predictably KD HQ is excited, eating massive quantities of candy, and enjoying the spooky energy in the ether. We've got tons of festive exclusives, even Satan is getting into the spirit. 

Halloween 2018 Releases

Halloween Exclusives
Devil Satan - Read More
Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight - Read More
Halloween White Speaker - Read More
Halloween Survivors - Read More
Halloween Death Dice - Read More

New Resin Releases
Elder Scissor Knight Read More
Death High Preacher Male  - Read More
Azure Knight  - Read More

Disciple of the Witch One Read More
Disciple of the Witch Two Read More
Disciple of the Witch Six Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

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Community Spotlight

It’s the season for dread, and once again the Kingdom Death Community does not disappoint! Even in this most frightful of seasons, there’s always beauty to be found among the rot and bones. Here just a few projects we found across the web or from sinister masterminds who tagged us on the official KD Twitter account:
Costume Party!
These minis are totally set for Halloween thanks to a few clever costumers. Over on Twitter, Lorenzosasso shared their grim-faced take on the Messenger of Courage, gothicly garbed and bloody eyed—brilliant! Preferring seductive to scary, Em [electriceve]'s  Easter Twilight Knight brings a bit of color to the masquerade, especially with bunny lantern glowing candy apple green! Incredible work!
Not all lights keep away the ghoulies. Over on Twitter, GFFM’s Halloween White Speaker lantern seems custom designed to rile up souls this All Hallow’s Eve. A truly macabre display piece! Terrifying work!
Taking the Stage
No one knows about getting into character better than the Lion Knight. And oh wow, did ISWAA go all out on Twitter, putting together one of the most incredible Lion Knight dioramas we’ve ever seen! Make sure you really take a good look at this one, the details in the added water and lanterns are truly something to behold!
Steel your heart, gentle reader. We know we’ve showcased many a terror amid these mailings, but none threatens more to unspool your your sanity and your heartstrings than Twist Gaming’s knitwork Infant Sunstalker! We definitely don’t want to leave this happy little rainbow-chucker in the Sacred Pool.
A Little Night(mare) Music
Want to make your Kingdom Death experience a bit more ominous? Have a particularly unsettling showdown planned? Want to really play up the horror in “nightmare horror?” Nothing helps like a little background music. For your Kingdom Death sessions this Halloween, try dimming the lights and putting on a few of these spooky stations. It’s easy to do, but the ambiance is sure to add a new level of dread to your KD campaign!

If you’re looking for places to start, hop over to YouTube and check out these awesomely ominous channels!
  • The Guild of Ambiance: This crew does ambiance right. Never intrusive and with nifty subtly animated backgrounds, The Guild’s Dark Ambiance and Rain & Thunderstorm Sounds are great for foreshadowing all manner of terrors.
  • Cryo Chamer: Particular about your spooky sounds? Cryo Chamber is great for long stretches of low-key ominous, with a variety of mixes and themes. We dig Atrium Carceri, but take a tour and pick your favorite!
  • 10 Hours of Everything: A more general channel than those above, 10 Hours of Everything has… well, you read the title. In this case, everything includes music for your long-haul KD campaigns. Want to set it then forget it? Try 10 Hours of Horror Background Music.


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Modiphius Entertainment - Halloween Newsletter

A discount offer from Modiphius for Halloween...

Today we're really pleased to bring you details on our spooky Halloween sale which is now live, with a host of bounteous book bargains, ghoulish gaming goodies and spine-tingling steals, you can't afford not to check it out for huge savings on some of our favourite lines!

We've got big discounts on core books like Achtung! CthulhuCold and DarkDust AdventuresMindjammerMutant ChroniclesMutant: GenLab Alpha andSymbaroum.
There's a hideous host of great campaigns and adventures like Assault on the Mountains of Madness, Shadows of Atlantis, Karvosti the Witch Hammer, and the Dark Legion, Dark Soul and Dark Eden source books, plus and spine-tingling fiction with Dark Tales From the Secret War.

Boardgamers and miniatures fans aren't left out either, with the fantastic Shadows Over Normandie board game and the Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish Commander's Setrounding out our selection.

We hope you enjoy this selection of horrific Halloween treats and have a great time tonight...

Just don't look behind you!

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

Warhammer Community - The Regimental Standard

A final Orky Regimental Standard...

New post on The Regimental Standard

None of You’z Appreshiate Me

by The Warhammer Community Team
Dis iz rubbish.
Evr'y day I’z been givin' you tips an' stuff from the wurld of da 'umies, and none of you'z been payin' any attenshun. You’z not wearin' da kaps or usin’ da taktiks or doin’ yer dakka properly.
I woz talking to Zagrez da uvva day an' now 'e tells me dat none of you ladz can actually read and you’z jus' been laughin’ at the pikturs. I spent ages yellin’ at the grots to draw those. They’re 'eartbroken.*
I'm givin' da Bosspole back to da 'umies. Dey can 'ave their magic paper if they want.
Humies: Sorry I took ya' paper. I’z put all da stuff wot we nick'd in a Rok with some blasty bitz for ya'. You’z not getting da hat back 'coz it’z nice an' I like it. If ya' ever need some mercenaries, give the Blood Axes a yell.
- Kommisork Badfragg
++ ORK FOR THE DAY: Me. You'z iz all rubbish ++


’specially the ones I shot in da chest for not drawin’ fast enough.

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community News Roundup

A Halloween themed newsletter from Games Workshop...
Games Workshop
40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Warhammer Community
Happy Halloween! 
It's Halloween – and to celebrate, we've got a special celebratory card for you that imagines just what trick-or-treating might look like in the 41st Millennium. Who knew Night Lords could look so sweet...
Show Me
Blackstone Fortress
The Hunt for the Blackstone Fortress
Follow Rogue Trader Janus Draik in a new animated miniseries exploring the mysteries of the Blackstone Fortress: 
Watch Now
Codex: Orcs
Top Taktiks
Have you pre-ordered your copy of Codex: Orks yet? Get the edge on your enemies with our previews and expert tactics – from a closer look at the latest Clan Kulturs to a master gamer's guide to the new units: 
Read More
Pre-order Now
Arbitrator's Guidebook
The Arbitrator's Guidebook: Campaign Newsletters
There's nothing quite like a good newsletter to keep a Necromunda campaign exciting – discover how to write yours in the latest update from the Necromunda team: 
Read More
White Dwarf
White Dwarf – Previewed

What's in November's White Dwarf? Absolutely LOADS of awesome Warhammer content – get a sneak peek at some of it in our exclusive preview:
Read More
New Hobbyist Expo
New Hobbyist Expo
– the Roundup

We're back from the New Hobbyist Expo – here's what you missed at this special celebration for new hobbyists:
Read More
Corrupted Stormcast
When Stormcast Go Bad...

Top hobbyist Travis shared this INCREDIBLE Stormcast Eternals army with us – you HAVE to see it for yourself: 
See More
Available Now
Speed Freeks
Unfasten Your Seatbelts! 
Speed Freeks is now on a shelf near you! Grab the latest Ork models and take part in high-octane death races in this game of madcap vehicular combat: 
Shop Now
Rumour Engine
The Rumour Engine
Here's a sneak peak of an upcoming release, with a twist – you'll have to try and guess just what it is: 
Show Me
Vhane GloriousTSOALR
Hammerhal HeraldRegimental Standard
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