Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cenobite Crew (Part 10) - Some Progress

I have had a few enquiries about how the progress on the Cenobite Crew is going...

They are currently on their 4th layer of wash and 3rd lot of drybrushing...still much to do though ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Upcoming from Forgeworld?

It's still Space Marines I suppose but at least these are a bit more original...for what it's worth, I like these a lot and though I'd have liked the robots to look a bit more like the original Games Workshop ones these are still nice.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Forgeworld Newsletter #334

Forgeworld have released some new Space Marine models...for a change...admittedly these ones are pretty cool looking though...

I'm not 100% sure about the poses but the there are some nice details in there :-)

Hi there,
            In this week’s newsletter, the second in our series of special Horus Heresy character sets is available to pre-order – the infamous Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus, and the noble Garviel Loken, Last Captain of the Luna Wolves. We’ve also added a new interview to our YouTube channel, and we’ve got some events news for you.

Abaddon and LokenAbaddon and Loken
Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain of the Sons of Horus and Master of the Justaerin, was one of the most renowned and fanatically loyal commanders of the XVIth Legion. A hulking brute of a Space Marine, whispered rumour had long speculated that he was the clone-progeny of the Warmaster himself. Regardless, Abaddon walked willingly into treachery alongside his master, slaughtering many of his former comrades on the blasted fields of Isstvan III, and soon his name was amongst the most feared and despised of the traitor Horus’ followers.
Garviel Loken once commanded the 10th Company of the Luna Wolves Legion; later the Sons of Horus. He was a well-respected and senior commander, and one of the Mournival, the unofficial cadre of Horus’ closest advisors. His idealism and staunch loyalty to the Emperor and Humanity saw him selected to command the Sons of Horus contingent in the assault against the recidivists of Isstvan III. When the true scope of betrayal was revealed, Loken and his comrades cast aside their Legion name and proclaimed themselves Luna Wolves once more. They exacted a heavy toll on those they had once called brother, but it was as the Last Captain of the Luna Wolves that Garviel Loken fell.
This very special pair of models are supplied in a particularly handsome presentation box, just like Angron, and Abaddon and Loken are multi-part resin models, each packed with Legion-specific iconography. Each is dynamically posed and supplied on 40mm and 20mm bases respectively for gaming purposes. The figures also slot into a large scenic base to allow the fateful duel between the two to be represented.
Simon Egan has designed two stunningly detailed figures to depict these two most famous commanders of the Sons of Horus Legion. Loken is charging forward, his hatred of the traitors writ clear upon his features, while Abaddon is braced to receive his former brother’s assault, the Eye of Horus having replaced all Imperial iconography upon his armour. Abaddon is additionally supplied with two weapon options: an ornate power sword and the combi-bolter that his wargear includes for normal battlefield use.
The Abaddon and Loken set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 1st March.
We felt that such incredible miniatures, and the cataclysmic duel that they are fighting, deserved some extra insight, and so we’ve uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel. Simon Egan explains some of the design process behind these two special characters, alongside close-up shots of the incredible level of detail that he has achieved.
Events News
AdeptiCon 2013, 18th - 21st April, Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, Chicago

Forge World will again be attending AdeptiCon this year, and we are now accepting reservation orders for this popular event. While we will be bringing a huge selection of our range of books, resin kits and modelling products, placing a reservation order is the best way to ensure that we have exactly what you want packed up and waiting for you at the show.
You can either telephone us on 011 44 115 900 4995, or send an e-mail entitled ‘AdeptiCon 2013 Reservation’ to forgeworld@gwplc.com. We will need your name, a list of the items that you wish to order, and a contact e-mail address by Thursday 28th March.
In the week prior to the event, we will send you a confirmation e-mail containing your order number, details of any items that are unavailable, and a total cost in US$ (less local sales tax) that will be payable at the event.
Forge World Open Day, 7th April, Warhammer World, Nottingham
The annual Forge World Open Day will take place on Sunday 7th April, here at Warhammer World in Nottingham. We’re currently planning this ever-popular event and we’ll be announcing more details very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for further updates including an announcement regarding reservation orders.
Salute 2013, 20th April, ExCel Centre, London
The ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands again hosts Salute this year, and our intrepid Events team will be manning our usual Sales stand, as always straining under the weight of books, resin kits and modelling products. In addition to providing more details about our presence at the event in coming weeks, we’ll begin accepting reservation orders for Salute very soon. 
The Horus Heresy Weekender, 18th and 19th May, The Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Nottingham
In association with Black Library, tickets are selling fast for the ultimate Horus Heresy getaway! Click the image below for more details about the event, and to buy your ticket now.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World

Hellraiser Crew (Part 9) - The List

For those of you who have been asking...I've made a decision about what my Cenobite crew is going to 'Count-As'.

Though I'd initially considered a number of options it was pointed out to me by various people that 'Pinhead' rarely killed any-one in direct combat. His usual method involves summoning chains with spikes on them or various other 'indirect' methods of damage dealing. I therefore needed a master who did damage at range but was also adequate in melee and in order to keep things simple when using the (already pretty confusing) crew against others I'd also need that master's 'signature' followers to keep to the general methodology of Pinhead's own team which is (in general) get up close and slice and dice...

I have therefore decided to go with a Guild crew led by Sonnia Criid though I may use him as Lady Justice for certain missions. The following list shows what I'll be using and what they will be pretending to be ;-)

Guild Crew - 40 - Scrap

Sonnia Criid/Lady Justice -- 5 Pool - Pinhead

Brutal Effigy [4ss] - Lament Configuration/Puzzle Box
Desperate Mercenary [2ss] - Vagrant/Puzzle Box Guardian/Skinned Victim?
Desperate Mercenary [2ss] - Vagrant/Puzzle Box Guardian/Skinned Victim?
Executioner [7ss] - 'Twins' cenobite
Guild Hound [3ss] - Chatterer Beast
Guild Hound [3ss] - Chatterer Beast
Witchling Handler [7ss] - Chatterer
Witchling Stalker [4ss] - Cenobite
Witchling Stalker [4ss] - Cenobite
Witchling Stalker [4ss] - Cenobite

I will make sure that I have a few extra Cenobites available should I be fortunate to create any extra Witchling Stalkers during the game.

I still have the Brutal Effigy and the Desperate Merc stand-ins to do but I wabted to make a start on the painting ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hellraiser Crew (Part 8) - Female 'Bound' Cenobite.

This one was a bit trickier to do than the male one as it needed the base model altering a fair bit,

After some consideration I decided to remove some of the model detail on the stomach area and give the model a layer of undercoat in order to see if the 'bound' part of the head looked okay ready for painting...

My 40mm 'Floorboard' bases arrived so I've finally got around to basing my 'Twins' Cenobite.

I'll be undercoating all the models tomorrow ready for a weekend of painting.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Incoming Chaos Daemons

Some pictures of the upcoming Chaos Daemons codex have been gradually leaking there way onto various forums and blogs...obviously most of you only look at my blog so it's only fair that I post them here for your viewing edification ;-)

For what it's worth...I don't really like the style they've gone with and those plague things are dreadful...you lot may disagree though....

Khorne Chariot (1)
Khorne Chariot (2)
Khorne Herald
Nurgle Plague Drones
Nurgle Herald
Slaaneshi Herald
Tzeentch Herald (1)
Tzeentch Herald (2)
Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hellraiser Crew (Part 7) - Chatterer Beast(s)

Depending on which faction I'm going to be using them as my Cenobite Crew will most likely need some fast moving units for those pesky 'objective' based missions.

Whether they're 'counting as' Guild Hounds, Canine Remains, Night Terrors. etc. the closest match in the Hellraiser franchise is going to be either,

Chatterer Beast

Torso Chatterer
I picked the former as it made more sense that there would be more than one of them (in the film there's just the one) rather than a horde of torso's dragging themselves about the place...

It also helped that there is a model in the Games Workshop Dark Eldar range that could be adapted for just that purpose ;-)

It's more a case of what I've removed than what I've added but for your reference here's the model I adapted,

I may add a few more straps before I call them complete but they'll do for now.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hellraiser Crew (Part 6) - 'Twins' Cenobite

Regardless of which crew I end up counting these as I'm most likely going to end up needing at least one model on a 40mm or 50mm base. Most Cenobites are humanoid in proportion so finding one that would be convincing on a larger base size could have been a challenge...until I remembered this guy(s),

My version is more 'inspired by' than a direct copy...however the general idea is fundamentally the same.

He's a pair of identical Dark Eldar Wracks trimmed down opposite sides and linked together with Hobby Putty. The head is from one of my many 40K bitz boxes and is attached to the torso with some more Hobby Putty which was then sculpted into the neck and body. I'm still going to have to remove the feet and centralise them a bit more and tidy up the join a little as well as deciding what base he's going on...

I'm going to make a few more before I start painting as any fundamental changes in style will need to be reflected across the whole crew.

Possible candidates for the next additions are...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hellraiser Crew (Part 5) - Two New Members

My 'Crew' of Cenobites now has two new members...

My first addition was a version of 'Spike'. Though he can only be found in the deleted scenes section of 'Hellraiser : Deader' I like the concept a lot so I decided quite early on that I'd have a version of him though my first prototype of the spike through his head (shown below) was a bit on the conservative side...

...so after some consideration I just went for it ;-)

I drilled a whole straight through his head and my girlfriend made the first spike out of some nail stuff in the same manner that she uses to create the icicles for her Rasputina crew. After some consideration (and some reviewing of pictures on the internet) we decided to make it bigger with the addition of some P3 Hobby Putty (basically it's grey 'Green Stuff' but better). Once it's properly dry I'll add the detail to the side and file the shape into the bottom so it looks even more like the one protruding from the guy in the film,

I also removed the weapon from his right hand and added a length of chain for a bit of variety from the other 'dual weapon' models.

Secondly we have the male version of 'Bound'.

The head is from the mutation sprue that used to be (and may still be for all I know) in the GW Chaos Space Marines box and the body is a GW Dark Eldar Wrack with al the technological parts removed from the cloak after which the cloak was re-sculpted back into an appropriate shape. The handle was removed from the knife on one hand and the weapon on the other was completely taken off so as to create a hollow for the chain. I wanted it to look like he was holding a blade attached to a long chain rather than simply holding a knife of some description.

This now brings the crew to a total of five,

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Forge World Newsletter #332‏

In amazing news Forge World have released something that isn't a Land Raider with a slightly different weapon configuration or some other tank with a slightly different weapon configuration or a Space Marine with a slightly diff.....oh.....wait.....

I do like them though if I'm being critical, they do look like something you could easily convert yourself...

Hi there,
            This week we bring you news of an eagerly anticipated Legion squad release, the fearsome World Eaters Rampagers, as well as a new Legion weapon set, and five new Legion shoulder pad sets too!
World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad
World Eaters Rampager SquadThe Rampager squads of the World Eaters were formed of the most savage and bloodthirsty Space Marines in a Legion already notorious for its fury in battle. All underwent the prohibited psycho-surgery that Angron is believed to have instigated among his favoured sons. Those who survived honed their newly enhanced desire for berserk slaughter through martial discipline and the mastery of cruel and vicious weapons adapted from the arena combats in which the Red Angel fought during his youth.
Of those World Eaters who were plunged too far into madness by their Legion’s experiments, little is known, but dark rumours whisper that they now form the ranks of the Caedere, or ‘butchers’; a dark foreshadowing of the red-handed future of the XIIth Legion.
Designed by Mark Bedford and Will Hayes, the World Eaters Legion Rampager Squadcontains five complete multi-part resin models, which are packed with Legion-specific detail. Each member of the squad is presented helmetless in order to show the surgical implants the Rampagers received, and the kit also contains a meteor hammer, two Excoriator chainaxes, a barb-hook lash and a pair of Falax blades; all weapons unique to the World Eaters Legion that can also be used to build XIIth Legion characters.
Legion Phobos Pattern Chainaxes
Less common a sight than the ubiquitous chainsword, the chainaxe was used almost wholesale by the World Eaters Legion, its savage nature and brutal appearance a match for their merciless style of warfare.
Designed by Will Hayes, the Phobos Pattern Chainaxe set contains five Phobos-pattern chainaxes and five bolt pistols. It is fully compatible with ourPower Armour mark sets models, and is perfect for portraying the ferocious warriors of Angron’s Legion.
Legion Shoulder Pad Sets
Keith Robertson has been busy designing sets of World EatersDeath GuardSons of Horus and Emperor’s Children Legion MkIII shoulder pads, as well as a set of Death Guard Legion Cataphractii Shoulder Pads. Each pack contains ten resin shoulder pads featuring Legion-specific iconography.
All of these fantastic new releases are available to pre-order now for despatch week commencing the 1st of March.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hellraiser Crew (Part 4) - What's Next?

I have my core done with the exception of Butterball...

...who I don't really like anyway*...but will probably have to do eventually just to satisfy my OCD...however finding a fat 30mm scale miniature in BDSM gear has been problematic as apparently there's no such thing as a fat Dark Eldar. He'll therefore be waiting to inspiration strikes or I suddenly become good at sculpting...both of which things will most likely occur sometime after hell freezes over...

* I mean he's defeated by a bit of falling roof for fucks sake...loser...

However some of the other Cenobites should be a bit simpler so here's a brief run-down of what I have planned next.

Many of the lesser known cenobites are only really differentiated by the look of the head which means I can do the following ones fairly simply with a Dark Eldar Wrack body, a head swap, some hobby putty and a few bits of miscellaneous wire and chain ;-)

'Bound' should be fairly simple to do with a thin strip of material and a few pieces of fine wire.

The female version is also easy to do though I'll use the same body as I used for the Female Cenobite in order to keep consistency. On the 'female' note, I'm not 100% sure about using the same body for Angelique as I'm using for the other female Cenobites as she has a somewhat more dominatrix look from the neck down...

She probably deserves a bit more effort so she can go in the 'needs thinking about pile'.

However these guys should be fairly simple,

Though the CD guy may get some clockwork parts or something more 'buzzsaw' looking instead of the smooth look of the CD's in order to maintain a more 'old school' look.

I've also ordered a second box of Wracks in order to create this pleasant looking fellow (or fellows in this case) by splicing two identical looking models together,

So that's the next four (or so) models that will be the continuation of this little project...on a side note a friend of mine has given me some constructive criticism about my Lead Cenobite (Pinhead)'s head which he believes is too large and needs more pins...however given that he has access to some more precise tools than me he's offered to make me a better one...let's see what he can come up with ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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