Vampire the Masquerade - V5 - RPG

A page dedicated to our ongoing Vampire the Masquerade chronicles. These session write-ups follow the stories of a coterie of Camarilla agents sent to undermine the Anarch 'Free States' of Los Angeles by whatever means necessary.

The Characters
(In Order of Appearance)
Michael Tomassio - Toreador: Baron of Pasadena
Johnny 'Roach' West- Malkavian: Seneschal
Vincent 'Vin' Ghast - Brujah: Enforcer
Dr Daniel Matthews - Banu Haqim: Fixer
Hope Romero - Gangrel: Census Taker
'Marie' - Tremere (House Carna): Occult Adviser
Mr Hertz - Nosferatu: Mob Accountant
Sofia Rivera - Toreador: Dancer at Vesuvius
Eric Moore - Nosferatu: Vigilante Hacker

The stats for the various characters involved in these chronicles can be found HERE as well as those other kindred who have joined their cause over the events of the first and second chronicle. The character page is designed to allow the players to keep track so is them as they are now and therefore may contain spoilers.
Most Recent Session
There are also several reappearing factions that have their own profile pages. As some of these contain spoilers I suggest you only read them if you've reached the appropriate Chronicle.
Infiltrate L.A.
The Sires
Conquest L.A.
Carmelita Neillson occasionally provides Camarilla files to Michael Tomassio.
Marius Walker, Camarilla File XaCh001/IC
Victor Girard, Camarilla File DoCh002/CN
The Shattered Spear, Camarilla File Sp001/AO
'Infiltrate LA' - Chronicle One
An introduction to the three initial coterie members and their first meeting with the Gangrel 'Fixer' Marius Walker.
Story One: 'Three Murders'
The task required of them by Marius in return for his aid is laid out and the first moves of their investigation are undertaken.
The coterie meet the Fortier clan and are offered hospitality before journeying to Santa Monica Pier to make some enquiries with the thin-bloods of Jenna Cross.
The coterie meet the thin-blood leader Jenna and pay another visit to the Fortier clan to speak with Mariel St. John.
A potential new ally is met and the murderers are discovered and confronted by the coterie.
The coterie get a deeper insight into the organisation of 'The Fixer' and receive their reward for success.
Interlude Session
The three members of the coterie begin to look for opportunities to advance themselves.
Story Two: 'The Pasadena Problem'
The coterie have their first encounter with Edward Vignes, the Baron of Pasadena.
The coterie are called upon to fix a careless kindred's indiscretion and are aided by the kindred doctor Daniel Matthews.
The coterie resolve the Bartholomew's issue and return their missing 'property' and encounter the fickle nature of some kindred.
The aid of Marius's ghouls is requested and some of Marius's less hospitable allies are encountered.
Solo Session: 'Michael'
Michael meets the infamous Toreador archaeologist Carmelita Neillson and discovers a hidden treasure in an unlikely location.
Story Two Continued: 'The Pasadena Problem'
Another visit is paid to the Vignes mansion, the source of their reputation for invulnerability is encountered and the dark arts of the Nagaraja Pisha are sought out once again.
The Banu Haqim discovers that the Vignes retainer Henry has secrets of his own and the gallery prepares to host a special guest.
A dangerous method to break Vignes power is discovered and a high price is asked for the mundane weapons they'll need to take advantage of the opportunity.
The coterie and their allies find that sometimes the cure is as deadly as the disease...
Story Three: 'Becoming Baron'
Explanations are required after the explosive end to the Vignes reign in Pasadena and the price for Mariel St. Johns support of the coterie is as steep as expected.
Reconnaissance into the enemies of Mariel and Sophia is undertaken, a Gangrel named Hope seeks employment and an assault upon the Sabbat is undertaken
The coteries triumph is short-lived as a loose end is uncovered.
The coteries neighbouring barons the Blount sisters are met and efforts are put into place to make Pasadena their own as opportunist enemies attempt to fill the power vacuum.
'Roach' recruits a mortal gang of his own to counter that of a new enemy and strengthens his own schemes with a visit to the Baron of Long Beach. A new kindred with some unique talents is encountered.
Solo Session: 'Hope'
In an event unique in the history of the Free States, Clan Gangrel have arranged a 'gathering to discuss issues that threaten their respective baronies amongst other things.
Story Three Continued: 'Becoming Baron'
Alonzo, an elder of the Nosferatu and former ally of the deceased Vignes retainer Henry requests a boon which neatly parallels a scheme of Michael's to gain the support of the Nosferatu of Hollywood.
The enemy of the Nosferatu is cornered and the power behind him is revealed.
The kindred of Los Angeles gather for the 'Rant' where the coterie plans to declare Michael the baron of Pasadena and we'll see if all their scheming has been enough...
'Foothold LA' - Chronicle Two
Solo Session: 'Daniel'
'Hostile Takeover'
In order to consolidate their hold over crime in Pasadena Daniel is tasked by Roach with removing a number of impediments to their progress.
Story Four: 'Countdown'
Part One
With war between the kindred of the Crypts Sons and the Barony of the Angels imminent the coterie struggles to consolidate their own new baronies assets in case they too are drawn into the conflict.
Part Two
With the first half of a deal with a corrupt cop to free some criminal assets from prison made it's time to look into disappearances in Pasadena and there possible link to kindred thin-blood poachers of kine.
Part Three
The coterie hunts the last of the Poachers in Pasadena and have a meeting with their Camarilla contact to discuss their progress in Los Angeles.
Story Five: 'The Missing Chantry'
Part One
A favour for their police contact inadvertently triggers a strange vision for the coterie's Malkavian seer and enquiries are made into a potential threat from Daniel's past.
Part Two
Meetings with Therese Voerman, Therese's Seneschal Miss Lane and representatives of House Carna seeking aid stretch Michael's diplomacy skills to the limit.
Part Three
The coterie call in favours with all their most knowledgeable contacts for information on the Missing Chantry sought by House Carna.
Part Four
Michael sends Daniel and Marie to consult with the Nagaraja Pisha and the Malkavian Seneschal 'Roach' cast his unique eye over the information gathered so far.
Part Five
The coterie members attempt to unlock the rediscovered chantry amid the claims of ownership of three different Clan Tremere houses...
Solo Session: 'Daniel'
The Anaheim Assassination
Daniel decides to aid Allison Maller, the Baron of Anaheim in her war against her rival Tom Weaver an agent of Amethyst, the Baron of Santa Ana.
Story Six: 'A Meeting of Barons'
Part One
Baron Louis Fortier calls a meeting of neighbouring barons to discuss the newly inhabited Tremere Chantry in the middle of Downtown and it's possible effect on the balance of power within Los Angeles...
Part Two
Michael arranges a meeting at the chantry and discovers that not all of the residents are as keen on a peaceful resolution as he'd like.
Part Three
Michael reports back to the other Anarch barons about the deal he's struck with the Tremere of the new Los Angeles Chantry. Meanwhile Daniel takes the opportunity to size up the security measures of the coteries competition.
Story Seven: 'The Carmelita Situation'
Part One
The kindred archaeologist Carmelita Neillson returns to LA and requires Michael once again to provide an escort and his coteries assistance with identifying a mysterious set of artefacts...
Part Two
Their rivals in the search for the pieces of the stone tablet make another attempt to obtain them and the coterie seeks advice from an old friend.
Part Three
The coteries search for the remaining pieces of the stone tablet leads them to a misguided ancestor worshipping cult of Brujah and their manipulative leader.
Story Eight: 'The Blount Sisters'
Part One
The coteries attentions turn to their neighbours the Blounts whose 'kindly old lady' facade they suspect of being a cover for unspeakable atrocities against kindred and kine alike...
Part Two
The coterie has tracked down the Blounts rival with the help of their allies and hope to use their destruction to leverage some political power from the Sisters themselves.
Story Nine: 'Blood Money'
Part One
A Chicago Nosferatu named Mr Hertz has been sent to LA by Fiorenza Savona to find a large amount of money embezzled from Camarilla funds. The aforementioned Miss Savona has 'requested' that the coterie help him with his task.
Part Two
The coterie are currently following a number of leads, one of which has led them to the exclusive 'Glaze' nightclub in Chinatown. Unfortunately they have failed to make a particularly thorough check into who exactly owns the club they're infiltrating...
Part Three
The trail has led them from Chinatown to Hollywood and then to Downtown as they attempt to trace the evasive Marcel Emery via his hopefully less elusive blood doll.
Part Four
With the discovery of Marcel Emery, the contents of his safe and the information provided by his blood doll Shauna the coterie now have a lot more clues to work with. However, things are discovered to be far more complicated than they previously suspected.
Part Five
The coterie now has a potential location for the mysterious woman behind the embezzler sought by them and the missing money. However they are apparently not the only ones seeking them...
Part Six
Both the mastermind behind the scheme and the embezzled funds are now in the coteries sights. It only remains to diffuse the tensions between the coterie and Gloria Martinez, Baron of Whittier so they are free to act without the threat of war over their heads.
Story Ten: 'Anathema'
Part One
Michael has decided to attempt to spread his political influence by approaching his neighbour in Burbank about a mutually beneficial relationship. The matter is slightly complicated by the fact that the de facto baron of Burbank, Karen Anatos is technically one of the Anathema, the thirteen most wanted kindred criminals in existence...
Part Two
Michael's ally Velvet Velour has arranged for Karen Anatos to be at her club so a 'chance' meeting can be arranged between the two. However at least two other groups are also interested in meeting Miss Anatos, but for very different reasons.
Story Eleven: 'Predators and Prey'
AKA 'The Blounts Sisters' Part Three
While investigating the disappearance of their Malkavian ally 'Roach' the coterie discover that he has made himself and therefore the coterie a pair of powerful enemies. Enemies who like to play with their prey and those they care about before destroying them utterly.
Story Twelve: 'Aftermath'
Part One
With many of LA's kindred still believing that the coterie's attacks upon two beloved members of the Free States were entirely unjustified, the reprisals begin. LA's finest 'Fixer' has told them to lay low for a few weeks until he can resolve the situation for them...he hopes...
Part Two
With the truth about the Blounts sisters now spreading through the kindred of LA, Michael meets with the significant powers of the city in order to re-establish his position in kindred society...with mixed results...
Story Thirteen: 'The Messiah Complex'
Part One
Michael's police contact has asked for his help with a series of gun store robberies that show supernatural talents at work. The coterie need to find these kindred thieves before FBI interference leads to Second Inquisition involvement...
Part Two
The coterie attempts to find a link between a series of gun-store thefts, a number of missing women and strangers seemingly mapping the sewer network. With war between the Southern Baronies also imminent, and the other baronies poised to take advantage, information gathering is far less simple than it once was.
Part Three
The coterie has found the sewers of Los Angeles are a kindred battlezone and have identified the Barony of the Angels as the source of much of the cities current troubles. Michael has therefore arranged a meeting of it's neighbouring barons to discuss a solution.
Part Four
With the events within Los Angeles looking more and more like one giant conspiracy to facilitate a takeover of the city the coterie finds themselves in a race against time to locate and neutralise whoever is responsible. After all, such a plan would seriously interfere with their own schemes to do exactly the same...
'Incursion LA' - Chronicle Three 
Story Fourteen: 'The Rant'
Part One
Baron Fortier has called for a Rant to be held to discuss the many major changes that have occurred recently within the Anarch Free States. As such events are now much rarer due to the danger posed by the Second Inquisition this has created much interest in Los Angeles. The majority of it's kindred population will almost certainly be in attendance...
Story Fifteen: 'Ties of Blood'
Part One
Daniel's enquiries into a missing person on behalf of his fellow coterie member, Hope Romero become complicated when the name is connected to the perpetrator of a series of grisly murders.
Part Two
The pack of Hope's sire, William Foxley is searching for Hope's mortal sister and the coterie is in a race against time to beat them to their prey. During the investigation, Daniel stumbles across a powerful corporation known as 'Pentex' that he is warned are not to be trifled with...
Solo Session: 'Sofia'
A Gathering of Roses
Isaac Abrams has organised a gathering of the Toreador of Los Angeles to commemorate the declaration of a new Elysium within the city. Each clan member has prepared exhibitions of their greatest creative works and will no doubt be using the event as an opportunity for social warfare.
Story Sixteen: 'The Southern Solution'
Part One
With an alliance between Amethyst and David Geduld, Baron of Torrance an open secret and the bordering barons looking to their own concerns, the likelihood of Amethyst gaining control of the entire of Southern Los Angeles is now a very real possibility. Daniel has plans to prevent this, plans of which his baron would never approve...
Part Two
With the Southern baronies of Los Angeles in complete chaos, Michael is asked to host a meeting on neutral ground to attempt to resolve the situation before a war begins that may engulf the entire city. He of course plans to turn the situation to the coteries advantage.
Part Three
The Southern baronies attempt to politically outmanoeuvre one another in order to gain the most domain from the disrupted and mostly leaderless South of L.A. Meanwhile, Michael uses his position as meeting host to push his own agenda.
Story Seventeen: 'The Baker Disappearance'
Part One
Three baronies each have their own version of the events surrounding the disappearance of the Gangrel 'Sweeper' Baker, the truth could prevent a war between them, or start one. Meanwhile, two of the most powerful Kindred in the city may be joining forces.
Part Two
While Vin and Mr Hertz discover a worrying connection between the Ministry and the expansion of baronies in the East of L.A. Daniel and his Baron Michael make a disturbing discovery of their own regarding the fate of the missing Gangrel.
Part Three
After Michael makes a deal with Victor Girard in return for the coteries silence, they meet to discuss their options. Meanwhile, new information on the activities of Dawn Cavanagh puts them in danger of gaining a new enemy.
Story Eighteen: 'Inevitable Betrayals'
Part One
Daniel attempts to gather ingratiate himself with the Brujah at the Last Round and gather rumours as he does. Meanwhile the rest of the coterie are gathering what information they can on the Alliance in the West and a rift within the power players of El Hermandad.
Part Two
While Michael and Daniel pay a visit to the Brujah Idealists, Vin finds a potential rift between El Hermandad and Whittier. Meanwhile Mr Hertz uncovers a plot that could have dire consequences for The Crypts Sons.
Part Three
With El Hermandad about to explode into civil war, an alliance in the West now inevitable and a potential power grab occurring in the South the coterie needs to ensure that they make no mistakes when picking who to pledge their support to.
Part Four
The coterie offers Mariel St. John a solution to her San Fernando problem and Michael attempts to push Gloria Martinez into a more aggressive stance against Jesus Ramirez.
Part Five
The coteries manipulations have bought three baronies to the brink of war with one another, and set two others on courses that could result in their decimation. All that remains is to ensure that the trail of blame leads to a target other than themselves. Fortunately they have a candidate in mind.
Story Nineteen: 'The Marius Contracts'
Part One
Marius 'The Fixer' Walker has contacted Dr Daniel Matthews to ask him to remove a troublesome Brujah visitor to the city. However their destruction must be made to look like an unfortunate accident...
Part Two
A kindred recon team from San Francisco are scouting the mountains to the North of Los Angeles and Marius would very much like them to fail in that mission. Unfortunately Prince Vannevar knows Marius's methods so another solution is needed.
Story Twenty: 'The MacNeil Protocols'
The Nosferatu elder, Alonzo believes he has discovered the secret to Jeremy MacNeils power over the other barons and the ease with which the Masquerade was maintained while he was the defacto baron of Los Angeles. The coterie have been contacted to assist their ally with verifying this theory...
Gary Golden's price for the information the coterie requires is the destruction of the ghouls, blood bound and dregs left behind by the Mistress of the Swarm. They are currently infesting the warrens below Hollywood and need eliminating before they become a permanent fixture.
The coterie has received the information they earned from Gary Golden and are ready to begin investigating the former Havens of Jeremy MacNeil for clues to the system with which he monitored and controlled L.A..
The coterie discover they have two new groups of rivals, also in search of MacNeils secrets. Unfortunately, at least one of these seems to now somehow be ahead of them.
The coterie's understanding with the MacNeils is short-lived and results in the issuing of an invitation that they cannot refuse. At least not without consequences...
The stakes are raised as a competitor is eliminated and the involvement of a mysterious new potential ally greatly concerns Michael, but for reasons he cannot reveal to his allies. It also seems apparent that they have once again crossed paths with the sinister megacorporation known as Pentex.
The coterie attempt to recruit the elusive Gangrel guide known simply as 'Crow' for their upcoming mission into suspected Werewolf territory. They are also called to task by Isaac Abrams for Daniel's continual trespass's into his domain without the courtesy of asking permission first.
The coterie receives a warning from Carmelita that their enquiries into Isaac Abrams have attracted the attention of the Toreador Justicar, and also discover that Velvet Velour has surprising levels of influence with a number of Barons and that she has been using it on their behalf...
The location of MacNeil's System is finally in their hands. They have a guide, all their painstakingly gathered clues and a small armoury of weapons. Now they merely have to get in and out of Griffith Park while avoiding a tribe of werewolves known as the Black Spiral Dancers.
Before the coterie gets a chance to enjoy the long sought after computer system with which Jeremy MacNeil kept tabs on Los Angeles, they are interrupted by a pack of Werewolves. These Bone Gnawers are hunting a pack of enemies from a tribe known as the Black Spiral Dancers. It seems that a reckoning between the werewolf tribes is about to occur...and the coterie is right in the middle of it's ground zero...
The Kindred baronies begin to gradually re-establish their activities after lying low during the werewolf civil war. Many realise that this is an ideal time to get ahead of any rivals who may be slower to react.
The coterie has decided that since they currently lack the resources to get ahead of their revivals they are instead going to sabotage the progress of those who are currently the biggest threats. Their starting point is therefore Victor Girard, the power behind El Hermandad's Baron.
Michael is making a last ditch attempt to stop a war between two alliances of Baronies breaking out in the centre of Los Angeles. In a possibly dangerous move he has decided to meet directly with the kindred leaders involved.
'Conquest LA' - Chronicle Four
Story Twenty One: 'Veni, Vidi, Victor'
The coterie is now fully focussed on undermining Victor Girard, Media Magnate and would be power behind the Barons of Los Angeles. However to do this they need allies and Michael has learned of a vampiric artefact that would gain them considerable favour with the Baron of Hollywood, Isaac Abrams.
The coterie begins to doubt the intentions behind several apparently benevolent schemes of Victor's and share their suspicions with Marius. Meanwhile, 'Max', one of the North East's newest residents has an unfortunate encounter with some trespassers. Unfortunate for the trespassers that is...
The coterie attempt the risky strategy of turning Baron Gloria Martinez of El Hermandad and Baron Allison Maller of Anaheim against their advisor Victor Girard. Neither of the two childer of Salvador Garcia are particularly easy to convince however...
The coteries scheme to undermine their rival Victor Girard requires them to broaden the scope of their plan considerably. Old favours are called in and new allies are asked for boons which will be repaid with the bloody fruits of their successes...
The plan to weaken Victor's power base by crippling his media empire requires Daniel to engage in a number of clandestine operations that his Baron can plausibly deny knowledge the event that he fails...
With Victor's media empire destroyed and his influence crippled, the coterie must deal with the resulting civil war within El Hermandad and the retaliations of an enemy now aware of exactly of who is to blame for his current misfortunes...
The disruptions to the Anarch Free States created by the destruction of Victor and his allies has consequences of it's own as the balance of power within the city changes once more.
Story Twenty Two: 'The Unbound'
As the Free States re-establish themselves with one less manipulative force in play, the coterie uses the chaos and uncertainty to pursue their own schemes and powerplays.
The coterie locates a kindred in search of their lost childe. A childe apparently taken by the Unbound ghouls known as The Young Bloods...
Vannevar's forces have taken San Jose from the Anarchs and the few survivors of the attack now seek refuge in Los Angeles. Meanwhile the Unbound ghouls of The Young Bloods have taken advantage of the confusion to further their own goals...
Michael attempts to use the situation in San Jose to further his plan to form a council of Anarch Barons, a council that hopefully someone with appropriate skills can guide in the right direction...
Story Twenty Three: 'The War Council'
Michael's plan to use the invasion of San Jose by the Camarilla Prince of San Francisco to form an Anarch Council has began. Gloria Martinez and Allison Maller have already agreed to join such a council though they have some conditions of their own...
The concept of an Anarch War Council has gone from mere theory to fact and now thirteen of the most powerful kindred in the city are converging on Downtown to discuss how to eliminate the Camarilla from Los Angeles. Ironically the location for the meeting is Venture Tower, once the haven of the last Prince to attempt to hold sway over the city...
With several Baronies without leadership and others severely weakened, the Anarch Council has some difficult decisions to make before it can stage a counter-attack against the Camarilla forces threatening the Anarch Free States.
The loyalty of the none Anarch factions within the city is called to question as discussion of the Camarilla invasion of Los Angeles continues. In addition,  Prince Vannevar Thomas's method of infiltrating the city so completely may have been discovered...
Story Twenty Four: 'Resistance'
Daniel has tasked his two ghouls with scouting out the construction site currently being used by the Camarilla to infiltrate the Anarch Free States. Though they have the advantage of being able to operate during the day, the mission is still a dangerous one.
The Anarch Council have agreed to gather the best covert operatives from a number of different Baronies. Their goal is the infiltration and investigation of one of the suspected staging points for the Camarilla's imminent invasion from within of the Anarch Free States of Los Angeles.
Michael enters the Nosferatu Warrens below Hollywood to awaken The Crypts Sons Baron from torpor. Meanwhile an idea is put forward to bring order to an increasingly fractured Anarch Council though not all the Barons are happy with the suggested solution...
With The Unbound Ghoul gang 'The Young Bloods' attacking Baronies on Vannevar's behalf and all connections to his involvement being systematically eliminated, it is clear that the assault upon the Anarch Free States is imminent.
The Anarchs are busy implementing a bold plan to pre-empt this insidious attack. It involves a high profile assassination and one hell of an explosion...
Hope and Vin head to Peter Kwan's base of operations with the intention of bringing his unlife to an abrupt end as a message to his sire Jochen Van Nuys, leader of the Camarilla's operations against the Anarch Free States. Unfortunately they aren't the only kindred interested in Peter's activities...
It's time for the Anarchs to strike an explosive blow against the leader of the Camarilla enemies who have infiltrated their domain...
The Anarch Free States have once more been plunged into chaos. Masquerade breaches are becoming more and more likely as incidents of violence between kindred occur citywide between the Anarchs and the Camarilla invaders.
Fortunately for the coterie, they have recently acquired a tool to assist their fellow Baronies, as long as their allies are willing to pay the price that is...
Two individuals awake to find themselves buried in a clearing in the mountains. With no knowledge of who they are, how they got there or what their captors have in store for them they have no choice but to try and survive long enough to discover what they have become...
Story Twenty Five: 'Persona Agendas'
Baron Tomassio and his coterie have been authorised by the Anarch Council to meet with the Camarilla Negotiator, Kelvin Wee. Their goal is to arrange a summit between the leaders within San Francisco and those of Los Angeles in order to end their mutual hostilities before the Sabbat can take advantage of two cities weakened by war.
There are now seven Camarilla representatives and their entourages within Los Angeles. With only one night before their summit with the Anarchs, the coterie, who are hosting the meeting at Michaels succubus club, still have much preparation left to do. Though the seven guests certainly have their own agendas, so do the seven Anarch Barons who will be seated across from them…
Tonight is the night when the fate of three cities will be decided. Seven Camarilla representatives and seven Anarch Barons are meeting in the offices above the Succubus Club in Hollywood. Failure to reach an agreement will spell disaster for all concerned and the Anarch Council is preparing for all out war in that eventuality. No doubt the Camarilla have made similar preparations...
Story Twenty Six: 'Strange Bedfellows'
With the Camarilla successfully expunged from the city, the changes in the balance of power bought about by their interference has resulted in new alliances being sought amongst the Barons. There are also those outside the city seeking to take advantage of an L.A. they see as a weakened Anarch domain.
The failed attack upon the coterie by The Young Bloods unbound Ghoul gang left a single survivor. Daniel has been tasked with obtaining as much information from them as possible, by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, rumours of two potential new disruptions to the Anarch Free States have come to the coteries attention.
The coterie has extracted information from their Young Bloods prisoner that paints a clearer picture of the resources available to this gang of Unbound Ghouls. Hopefully this will help with their upcoming negotiations with The Circulatory System who also wish an end to the Young Bloods activities.
A summit is needed to prevent Priss, Baron of The Border and Hank Boyd, Baron of The Crypts Sons going to war. As the Baron of Downtown is the driving force behind Priss's ambitions it is he, not her that the coterie needs to convince of the benefits of a diplomatic solution.
Unfortunately, other elements would very much like the meeting to fail...
With the destruction of the traitorous Crypts Son, Kayne Lowe, and his Sabbat allies, the Barons and their followers move to the relative safety of Downtown in order to complete their negotiations. The hidden past of The Crypts Sons and their founder is revealed...
With Vin and Mr Hertz assisting Hank with the rebuilding of The Crypts Sons, the coterie is sure that their progress can be guided in the right direction. Meanwhile, Michael is searching for a replacement for Daniel during his, hopefully temporary, absence.
Story Twenty Seven: 'The Fiorenza Sanction'
The coterie are preparing for a visit to Los Angeles by their sponsor, the Camarilla power broker, Fiorenza Savona. Not only must they conceal this from the Anarch Barons, but also from the Sabbat who have made their presence known within the city and for whom Fiorenza would be a grand prize indeed...
While contemplating Fiorenza Savona's offer of a sanctioned Diablerie, Michael receives an invitation to the mansion of Baron Louis Fortier to discuss a mutual threat.
Michael finally makes a decision on the sanctioned diablerie offered by Fiorenza Savona...
Story Twenty Eight: 'The Hunters Hunted'
While two coterie members prepare for a mission against the Unbound Ghouls who call themselves The Young Bloods, the threat of the Sabbat also rears it's head. But as the Sabbat hunt the Anarchs of Los Angeles, the Anarch Barons have their own plans for removing this threat. Unfortunately for all concerned, Los Angeles has a predator with it's own agenda...
Michael has despatched a team to finally end the Young Bloods threat. Vin and Hope are the offensive part of the mission, but in the absence of Daniel, the support aspects are under the control of the Nosferatu Hacker, Eric.
Meanwhile, other elements with their own agendas threaten to complicate matters.
After fighting their way through the mortal 'Prospects' of the Young Bloods gang, the team must now face those full-blooded gang members enhanced by the vitae of their kindred prisoners.
Back in Pasadena, Michael has received a visitor with news of a third party who may be about to attempt to take the spoils of his agents work for themselves...
With Eric's technical support, Hope and Vin have penetrated deep into the base of the Young Bloods where they have discovered the cells of the gangs kindred prisoners. Now they must face the gangs leaders and their unexpected new allies.
Back at Hallowbrook, Daniel is introduced to an unusual kindred who may be able to help with his quest for redemption...
The coterie now has nearly a dozen kindred to get back to their rightful havens and homes. Unfortunately the Circulatory System is not yet ready to completely surrender their claim to two of the most important former Young Bloods prisoners.
The former prisoners of the now defeated unbound ghoul gang are being restored to their homes, while Eric and Zipper wade through the information that they have retrieved from their bunker. 'Romulus', first of the gangs victims, and the one whose fate inspired the rescue, is also finally being taken home to his sire...
Solo Session: 'Michael'
Michael has arranged a meeting of the Anarch Council at the behest of the Baron of Downtown. Marius apparently has plans to restore the disbanded Barony of the Angels, but what reason could the notoriously pragmatic Baron have for implementing such a radical change to his own domain?
Solo Session: 'Daniel'
A kindred of the Salubri Clan has offered to assist in Daniel's quest to restore his humanity. Her price is a tome, hidden below a supposedly abandoned temple, deep within the Santa Monica area protected by a werewolf tribe known as the Black Furies...
Story Twenty Nine: 'Methuselah'
Marius's creation of a reimagined Barony of the Angels has fundamentally changed the Free States in a number of expected and unexpected ways. Meanwhile, Daniel is beginning to consider re-joining the coterie as he has learned that forces both inside and outside L.A. have their own ideas about who should control the city...
The coterie is scouring the city for information on the mysterious new threat to the city that seems to be lurking behind every new rumour they hear...
Michael has made excuses to see some of his more consistently useful sources of information, Vin is meeting up with Toreador Madame's known as 'The Blossoms' and Daniel has approached Marius's predatory grandechilde Meredith who recently returned from a successful infiltration of The Sabbat...
Daniel is offered a chance to learn exactly what Marius's plan to deal with the Sabbat is. Unfortunately there's a catch. Specifically, he has to accompany 'The Fixer' on his next reconnaissance and get his answers first hand...
Eric Moore, Nosferatu Hacker, has been contacted by his Mawla Ambrus Maropis to facilitate a communication between Camarilla archivist Carmelita Neillson and Eric's current employer, Baron Michael Tomassio.
Meanwhile the Sabbat are seemingly planning to take revenge for their recent losses...
Michael is forced to share with the coterie his knowledge of the presence of an elder kindred who has been shaping Los Angeles from behind the scenes since it's very beginning. Also his suspicions that something even more ancient is in the city seeking this mysterious creature with vengeance in mind...
The coterie now needs all the allies it can get, but who can they actually trust?
Despite the rest of the coterie being made aware of the presence of a vengeful Methuselah within Los Angeles, the threat of the Sabbat is still something that must be dealt with. With this in mind, Hope accompanies Daniel as he gathers allies to deal with both threats.
Michael plans to finally discover what part his 'sister' has to play in the plotting's of Isaac Abram's and intends to do so via sorcerous means. However there are others in L.A. who are willing to ensure this information remains undisclosed via any means necessary...
Michael desperately searches for a way to break the Methuselah's hold over his 'Sister of the Blood' Sofia and is forced to seek the aid of a most unorthodox kindred. Their enemy however is unwilling to allow such an interesting plaything to escape his grasp...
An unusually vivid premonition has Michael convinced that the coterie is nearly out of time. Allies must be gathered and his sister must be freed now because the confrontation with the Methuselah must happen before daybreak tomorrow or the Anarch Free States will surely fall...
The coterie have been invited to the Haven of the Toreador Methuselah Sir Matthew Lubbock, though only Michael has been given permission to enter the mansions inner sanctum. If Michael's vision is to be trusted then of the seven kindred who will be within that room, only four will ever leave...
The Toreador Methuselah, Sir Matthew Lubbock, has been destroyed and his followers eliminated. Yet amongst the Anarchs there are still those who have gained power and those who have lost it, and others who have been taking advantage of the situation since the very beginning...
'Galerie Sanguine: San Francisco'
Baron Michael Tomassio of L.A. has recruited two Anarch's to represent the new 'Galerie Sanguine' branch of his gallery planned for San Francisco. Hopefully this will be the first of many such franchises, if they can overcome the obstacles placed in their way by the Camarilla who already rule the city that is...
It is time for the Anarchs of the 'Galerie Sanguine' to present themselves to the Prince of the Camarilla held city of San Francisco and face the critical eye of the harpies who will ultimately decide if they are 'in' or if they are 'out'...
The Anarchs receive an invite to an exclusive club and find themselves neck deep in an internecine battle between the Keeper of Elysium and one of her 'loyal' Harpy followers...
The Anarchs have an invitation to the grand opening of controversial artist Malaki's new exhibition, courtesy of the Harpy Sarina.
As they pursue their own schemes, they find themselves also advancing those of the Keeper of Elysium's rival, and supposed friend, Sarina. Unfortunately the Harpy has ensured that two plots are irrevocably tied to one another leaving the Anarchs no choice but to assist her, whether they wish to or not...
An opportunity has arisen to implement their plan to remove Malaki as a threat to the Masquerade. Unfortunately this also necessitates the removal of the cities most powerful Harpy, who also happens to be the Keeper of Elysium for almost all of San Francisco...
'Blood Cults of L.A.' - Chronicle Five
Much has changed in the city since the destruction of Sir Matthew Lubbock and his agents, and not all of it for the better...
Story Thirty: 'A Plague of Blood'
A new disease has began to spread through the mortal population of Los Angeles. To make matters worse, it now seems to have infected it's first kindred victims...
Hope and Daniel have recruited one of their domains 'sweepers' to assist with their search of the sewers below Baron Martinez's domain. Max is an experienced tracker and should make the task significantly more achievable...
While Michael and Vin break the news to Gloria Martinez about the problems below her Barony, Hope and Daniel seek the assistance of three sisters with in-depth knowledge of the occult and the magical properties inherent in blood...and vitae...
Daniel and Hope begin their investigation into the people smuggler 'Dreads' who they suspect may have bought the original plaguebearers to Los Angeles. Along the way they learn that kindred have no monopoly on depravity and exploitation...
Hope and Daniel must deal with the aftermath of their battle with the self-titled 'Brother Pestilence', before looking into what exactly he was trying to cover up that cost the lives of so many mortals...
The coterie is attempting to make sense of the information they have discovered in their investigation into the originators of the blood plague, who call themselves 'The Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle'.
While their Baron deals with Salvador Garcia and his childe Valeria, Daniel and Hope take a trip into the Warrens below Downtown. This is in order to meet with the so-called 'Mistress of the Swarm' whose vitae may, or may not, hold a cure for the Blood Plague currently spreading through the Kindred of L.A.
A Pack of former Sabbat share with the coterie what they know of The Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle, then Hope and Daniel take the sample of The Mistress of the Swarms vitae to an expert on Blood Sorcery to see if it can provide the basis for a cure for the Blood Plague.
The coterie have only one clue left to follow up, but time is of the essence.
They have the suspected location of a ritual site used by the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle, but are they still there, or have they already evacuated?
Solo Session: 'Daniel'
Daniel has answered a mysterious summoning to Hallowbrook, where a kindred with a link to his past has an offer to make. An offer that will be difficult to refuse without dire consequences.
Having successfully bypassed the exterior defences of The Circulatory Systems L.A. 'Farm', Daniel must now search within for the mysterious item known as The Mithras Seal. Unfortunately it's current owner may have other ideas...
'Galerie Sanguine: San Diego'
An overview and background information on the kindred of San Diego...
The kindred representatives of Galerie Sanguine have been drawn into an investigation of several occult themed murders, on the direct orders of the Barons chief enforcer Absalom Hood.

Coming Soon...'Galerie Sanguine: San Diego' (Part Two)
The Baronies of Los Angeles
These are the domains of Los Angeles as they stand in the most recent story...
Contains Spoilers...
Unless you're up to date...
Or haven't being paying attention...
You have been warned...



  1. I have really enjoyed your campaign. You have clearly put a lot of work into this and it shows. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks very much. Be sure to spread the word for me please ;-)

  2. This is an awesome and fun to read campaign. How would you have handled things if they sided with Cross or tried to stay neutral?

    1. I had arranged for Jenna to have more allies or Marius to have less so if they sided with Jenna they had a chance. If they had stayed neutral they would more or less have made two powerful enemies so i would have had to turn the chronicle into more of a 'undermining LA from the shadows' as they would have had to go underground pretty quick.

  3. Loving content but when is continuation

    1. It's back up now. Should be a new post every week or two.

  4. Thank u, it's a welcome distraction and I look forward to the new chapters of the adventure. It's likely the only good thing that's going to happen on my birthday today :)


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