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A page dedicated to our ongoing Vampire the Masquerade chronicles. These session write-ups follow the stories of a coterie of Camarilla agents sent to undermine the Anarch 'Free States' of Los Angeles by whatever means necessary.
The Characters
Michael Tomassio - Toreador: Baron of Pasadena
Johnny 'Roach' West- Malkavian: Seneschal
 Vincent 'Vin' Ghast - Brujah: Enforcer
Hope Romero - Gangel: Census Taker
Dr Daniel Matthews - Banu Haqim: Fixer
Marie - Tremere (House Carna): Occult Adviser
The stats for the various characters involved in these chronicles can be found HERE as well as those other kindred who have joined their cause over the events of the first and second chronicle.
There are also several reappearing factions that have their own profile pages.
The Sires
'Infiltrate LA' Chronicle One
An introduction to the three initial coterie members and their first meeting with the Gangrel 'Fixer' Marius Walker.
Story One: 'Three Murders'
The task required of them by Marius in return for his aid is laid out and the first moves of their investigation are undertaken.
The coterie meet the Fortier clan and are offered hospitality before journeying to Santa Monica Pier to make some enquiries with the thin-bloods of Jenna Cross.
The coterie meet the thin-blood leader Jenna and pay another visit to the Fortier clan to speak with Mariel St. John.
A potential new ally is met and the murderers are discovered and confronted by the coterie.
The coterie get a deeper insight into the organisation of the fixer and receive their reward for success.
Interlude Session
The three members of the coterie begin to look for opportunities to advance themselves.
Story Two: 'The Pasadena Problem'
The coterie have their first encounter with Edward Vignes, the Baron of Pasadena.
The coterie are called upon to fix a careless kindred's indiscretion and are aided by the kindred doctor Daniel Matthews.
The coterie resolve the Bartholomew's issue and return their missing 'property' and encounter the fickle nature of some kindred.
The aid of Marius's ghouls is requested and some of Marius's less hospitable allies are encountered.
Solo Session: 'Michael'
Michael meets the infamous Toreador archaeologist Carmelita Neillson and discovers a hidden treasure in an unlikely location.
Story Two Continued: 'The Pasadena Problem'
Another visit is paid to the Vignes mansion, the source of their reputation for invulnerability is encountered and the dark arts of the Nagaraja Pisha are sought out once again.
The Banu Haqim discovers that the Vignes retainer Henry has secrets of his own and the gallery prepares to host a special guest.
A dangerous method to break Vignes power is discovered and a high price is asked for the mundane weapons they'll need to take advantage of the opportunity.
The coterie and their allies find that sometimes the cure is as deadly as the disease...
Story Three: 'Becoming Baron'
Explanations are required after the explosive end to the Vignes reign in Pasadena and the price for Mariel St. Johns support of the coterie is as steep as expected.
Reconnaissance into the enemies of Mariel and Sophia is undertaken, a Gangrel named Hope seeks employment and an assault upon the Sabbat is undertaken
The coteries triumph is short-lived as a loose end is uncovered.
The coteries neighbouring barons the Blount sisters are met and efforts are put into place to make Pasadena their own as opportunist enemies attempt to fill the power vacuum.
'Roach' recruits a mortal gang of his own to counter that of a new enemy and strengthens his own schemes with a visit to the Baron of Long Beach. A new kindred with some unique talents is encountered.
Solo Session: 'Hope'
In an event unique in the history of the Free States, Clan Gangrel have arranged a 'gathering to discuss issues that threaten their respective baronies amongst other things.
Story Three Continued: 'Becoming Baron'
Alonzo, an elder of the Nosferatu and former ally of the deceased Vignes retainer Henry requests a boon which neatly parallels a scheme of Michael's to gain the support of the Nosferatu of Hollywood.
The enemy of the Nosferatu is cornered and the power behind him is revealed.
The kindred of Los Angeles gather for the 'Rant' where the coterie plans to declare Michael the baron of Pasadena and we'll see if all their scheming has been enough...

'Foothold LA' Chronicle
Solo Session: 'Daniel'
'Hostile Takeover'
In order to consolidate their hold over crime in Pasadena Daniel is tasked by Roach with removing a number of impediments to their progress.
Story Four: 'Countdown'
Part One
With war between the kindred of the Crypts Sons and the Barony of the Angels imminent the coterie struggles to consolidate their own new baronies assets in case they too are drawn into the conflict.
Part Two
With the first half of a deal with a corrupt cop to free some criminal assets from prison made it's time to look into disappearances in Pasadena and there possible link to kindred thin-blood poachers of kine.
Part Three
The coterie hunts the last of the Poachers in Pasadena and have a meeting with their Camarilla contact to discuss their progress in Los Angeles.
Story Five: 'The Missing Chantry'
Part One
A favour for their police contact inadvertently triggers a strange vision for the coterie's Malkavian seer and enquiries are made into a potential threat from Daniel's past.
Part Two
Meetings with Therese Voerman, Therese's Seneschal Miss Lane and representatives of House Carna seeking aid stretch Michael's diplomacy skills to the limit.
Part Three
The coterie call in favours with all their most knowledgeable contacts for information on the Missing Chantry sought by House Carna.
Part Four
Michael sends Daniel and Marie to consult with the Nagaraja Pisha and the Malkavian Seneschal 'Roach' cast his unique eye over the information gathered so far.
Part Five
The coterie members attempt to unlock the rediscovered chantry amid the claims of ownership of three different Clan Tremere houses...

Coming Soon...'The Anaheim Assassination' 

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