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When I first started writing for the 'House of Paincakes' blog network I obviously wanted to link to the articles from my own blog. As doing a blog article that basically said "go read this" seemed a bit lame I jokingly put a picture of an attractive young lady in the post as a sort of joking apology for the lack of actual content in the post itself... then became kind of a tradition, lol.

I should also apologise to my female viewers for the brief period when I went a bit 'lads mag' with them before returning to their Gothic, Steampunk, Cosplay and 'Geek' Icon roots...

The earlier articles went straight into the pictures after the article link whereas the later ones require you to scroll down. The latter was due to the fact that some of my readers have no interest in such things so I made there viewing optional rather than mandatory. As many of the earlier ones have (in my opinion at least) brilliant article links in them I thought I'd do a tab with convenient links to them all in it.

They're subdivided roughly by type and more specifically by gallery and admittedly vary wildly in both number of pictures (some only contain one, some have more than thirty) and picture quality.

Last Updated 14/10/2015


Aristocratic, Coloured Hair, Cyber Goth, Cyber Goth 2, Cyber Goth 3, Demon Girls 1, Demon Girls 2, Girls with Creatures 1, Girls with Creatures 2, Girls with Creatures 3, Girls with Creatures 4, Girls with Hats, Girls with Hats 2, Girls with Hats 3, Girls with Parasols, Girls with Parasols 2, Girls with Skulls 1, Girls with Skulls 2, Girls with Skulls 3, Girls with Skulls 4, Girls with Wings 1, Girls with Wings 2, Gothic Blondes, Gothic Girls 1, Gothic Girls 2, Gothic Girls 3, Gothic Girls 4, Gothic Girls 5, Gothic Girls with Weapons, Gothic Nurses, Gothic Redheads 1, Gothic Redheads 2, Gothic Redheads 3, Gothic Redheads 4, Gothic Showgirls, Industrial Goth Girl, In the Graveyard, In the Graveyard 2, In the Graveyard 3, In the Snow 1, In the Snow 2, In the Snow 3, In the Snow 4, Outdoors, Outdoors 2, Shiny, Vampire Girls, Vampire Girls 2,


Girls and Trains, Girls and Trains 2, Girls and Trains 3, Girls with Trains 4, Girls with Trains 5, Girls with Creatures, Girls with Creatures 2, Girls with Creatures 3, Girls with Goggles, Girls with Goggles 2, Girls with Goggles 3, Girls with Goggles 4, Girls with Goggles 5. Girls with Goggles 6, Girls with Goggles 7, Musical Steampunk Girls, Steampunk 'Cleavage' Girls, Steampunk 'Cleavage' Girls 2, Steampunk 'Cleavage' Girls 3, Steampunk 'Cleavage' Girls 4, Steampunk Cowgirls, Steampunk Engineer Girls, Steampunk Engineer Girls 2, Steampunk Engineer Girls 3, Steampunk Engineer Girls 4, Steampunk Engineer Girls 5, Steampunk Girls 1, Steampunk Girls 2, Steampunk Girls 3, Steampunk Girls 4, Steampunk Girls 5, Steampunk Girls 6, Steampunk Girls 7, Steampunk Girls 8, Steampunk Girls 9, Steampunk Girls with Guns 1, Steampunk Girls with Guns 2, Steampunk Girls with Guns 3, Steampunk Girls with Guns 4, Steampunk Girls with Guns 5, Steampunk Girls with Guns 6, Steampunk Girls with Wings, Steampunk Girls with Wings 2, Steampunk Group Pictures, Steampunk Librarians, Steampunk Parasol Girls, Steampunk Parasol Girls 2, Steampunk Pirates, Steampunk Pirates 2, Steampunk Pirates 3, Steampunk Pirates 4, Steampunk Showgirls, Steampunk Showgirls 2, Steampunk Showgirls 3,


Gender Reversed Cosplay 1, Gender Reversed Cosplay 2, Gender Reversed Cosplay - Batman Themed, Gender Reversed Cosplay - Captain America, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn 2, 'Ninja's', Random, Rogue, Gotham City SirensWarhammer Fantasy Girls,

These ones occasionally stray into 'Men's Magazine' territory though they're still free of nipples and intimate parts. I include them for completeness...viewer discretion have been warned...

...the 'Who is the best Lara Croft?' one is still popular even now, lol.


Buffy and Friends, Claudia Black, Devon Aoki, Girls of NCIS, Grace Park, Jeri Ryan, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Beckinsale 2, Kelly Hu, Leverage Cast, Megan Fox, Milla Jovovich, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Wilde 2, Rhona Mitra, Rose McGowan, Scarlett Johansson, Sucker Punch, Summer Glau, UK Celebs, Xena and Friends,


Bloody Girls, Catwoman, Cleavage 1, Cleavage 2, Comic to Movie Girls, Comic Girls Vs. Reality, Cowgirls, Digitally Enhanced, Girls who played Lara Croft wearing PVC outfits, Girls With Blades, Girls with Guns, Girls with Swords, Halloween, Horror Girls, Horror Girls 2, Improved by Time, Improved by Time 2, Original Vs. Remake Girls, Red Alert 3 Girls, Sexiest Comic Book Characters, Vampires, Vampires 2, Vampires 3, Who is the Best Lara Croft?, Who Looks Best in a Skin-tight Black Outfit?, Zombies and Hunters,

Obligatry X-Mas Posts.
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