Malifaux Faction Overview

Here are links to my House of Paincake Blog Network articles on the various Malifaux faction Masters.

With the appearance of Malifaux 2nd Edition some of the tactical concepts mentioned may be a little bit flawed but all the rest of it is still relevant.

Arcanists Part 1 - Ramos, Marcus and Rasputina
Arcanists Part 2 - Kaeris and Colette Du Bois

Gremlins Part 1 - Som'er Teeth Jones and Ophelia LaCroix

Guild Part 1 - Lady Justice, Sonnia Criid and Perdita Ortega
Guild Part 2 - Hoffman and Lucius

Neverborn Part 1 - Lilith, Pandora and Zoraida
Neverborn Part 2 - The Dreamer and Collodi

Outcasts Part 1 - The Viktorias and Von Schill
Outcasts Part 2 - Leveticus and Hamelin the Plagued

Resurrectionists Part 1 - Seamus the Mad Hatter and Molly Squidpiddge
Resurrectionists Part 2 - Dr McMourning and Nicodem the Undertaker
Resurrectionists Part 3 - Kirai

Ten Thunders Part 1 - Misaki and Mei Feng
Ten Thunders Part 2 - Lucas McCabe, Yan Lo and Jakob Lynch

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