Malifaux Resources

Here are a selection of helpful resources to help with the smooth running of your Malifaux games.

General Gaming Assistance.
Assembly Instructions for many of the new M2E kits can be found here though your best bet is to check the respective unboxing article or the build instruction official search engine page.
The Wyrd Games 'Crew Creator' can normally be found here and is a very useful way of looking at different crew configurations but it's currently being redone as part of the website overhaul. As soon as it reappears I'll add a link.
Should you need to know the soulstone values of the majority of the currently available M2E kits that can be found here in order to help guide your purchase choices.

Links to all my articles on the various Malifaux masters can be found here though they were written during the beta testing of M2E and are a bit out of date with M2E's rule-set altering play-style a little for some (and a lot for others).

Should you be looking for information on a specific Malifaux character than an index of the locations of all their published material can be found here with the exception of the latest book which is yet to be added.

Rules and Errata
The most up to date FAQ/Errata can be downloaded from here along with some other useful resources.

Housekeeping Assistance.
A talented gentleman on the Wyrd Forums has created some wonderful 'cheat sheets' for M2E...

...and there's also this one...

...and another created this handy chart identifying the various faction Masters and those that are 'Dual' faction. The faction colours are a bit off but the information itself is spot on.

The above pictures original source is here.
There are also a number of other areas in which you can learn about Malifaux and the more useful ones are listed below...

A Matter of Opinion (s)
Obviously the Wyrd Games website is a good place to start and the forums are also full of lively conversations on a number of subjects. There are also a number of Malifaux focussed pod-casts that may be of interest and they're listed below...the order is alphabetical rather than as an indicator of order of quality...

Some pod-casts apparently don't talk about Malifaux all the time so these get a separate list, lol.

I'll add others as I become aware of decent ones...

Other places of interest...
Ratty's page has all sorts of useful links and resources. In the interests of fairness I've included a link to his page rather than just stealing all his stuff, lol.
Pull My Finger
A wikipedia style page containing tactica on the various Malifaux Masters and other characters.

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