Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sarissa Precision - New Releases

More new releases from Sarrissa Precision...

What do we have for you this week..........

Firstly the Peel Tower, standing over 30cm tall, this kit can dominate your table as a real feature kit.

Next up - our Mount Hiei Temple Set is very popular and now we've made the wall sections available as single products so you can extend or create your own compounds.

Last week saw us quietly add the European Tram kit to the web store and you guys are loving it.

Finally, we thought we would give a shout out to our North African Range. As War in the Desert is very much flavour of the month. It saw the release of our El Alamein Station Set and Warlord's Desert War Book for Bolt Action.
Our new Peel Tower which stands over 30cm tall & would make an excellent objective or centrepiece for your table. Stacking floors & access to internal detail, we love it.
Peel towers (also spelt pele) are small fortified keeps or tower houses, built along the English and Scottish borders in the Scottish Marches and North of England.
Our Stone Cottage would work well with the Peel Tower to create a small settlement in it's shadow, hoping it would offer some protection for the inhabitants.
With a thought of other options, how about using this Roundhouse to create a settlement which dates back a little older or you could even mix them all together.
Last week saw us add this European Tram to the web-store.It seems you have been loving it and it would be great to hear what your plans are for them and how you plan to use them in your games.
Our Mount Hiei Temple Set has been hugely popular but, whilst the Shrine and Gateway Kits were available on their own we've now made all the wall sections and corner kits available and added a few more options since you keep asking with the plain colonnade sections available in 100 and 200 lengths or the original wall sections incorporating the Monk Cells.
Desert Warfare seems to be the flavour of this month so why not take a look at our large selection of North Africa Kits. City fighting in North Africa is often overlooked in favour of the grand mass tank battles but there is no need to ignore that now. Most kits are available in intact or ruined versions and this range is available fully in 28mm and 20mm scales. It will make the leap to 15mm imminently as well.
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