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There are many people with great ideas but with no desire to commit to a blog of their own who need a place to post...and I'm always happy to support the hobby community in any way I can...especially if it gives me a day off.....

Painting Articles.

Conversion Articles.

General Hobby.

Role Playing Games.

Guest 'Unboxings'.

General Discussion.

If any of you reading this have an article they believe desperately needs to be published then add a comment to the bottom of this article and I'll see if I can promises though, lol.

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  1. Hi 
    My name in Joseph Co - Editor Of

    Please don’t throw me out the window, and sorry if this sounds like spam, I just wanted to drop a message here say thanks for all of your years in supporting the community and hope it can also continue far into the future.

    Right now we are fighting the battle of looking for other content creators for our website but our reach doesn’t go as far we’d like. We see that you are apart of the old TWG Blog network. We are wondering if you want to help us transform TWG with great pieces of work. We will provide as much value as we can to you, if you decide to take part.

    Here Is A Link To Explain In More Detail:

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Co - Editor Of


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