Malifaux Tutorials - M2E and 1.5

Malifaux 2nd Edition Tutorials.

Malifaux Modelling Tutorials.
Everything doesn't have to be about game-play you know...

Malifaux Painting Tutorials.
Admittedly these will mostly be for my better halves models as nobody ever asks about mine...

Not a tutorial as such but should you require instructions for the new M2E kits then many of them can be found here. There's also a tab of resources for Malifaux that can be found here.

Malifaux Unboxings.
A large quantity of unboxing articles can be found here.

Editors Note - These tutorials below are for version 1.5 of the Malifaux rules and have been left available for reference only. 

Malifaux Version 1.5 Tutorials
Beginner Articles.

Triggers - Melee (Cb)

Model Specific Tutorials.

Useful Lists.


  1. How many upgrade cards can the Victoria sisters use between them each turn. They have such good moves its overwhelming. So question really is how many of the purchased cards can you use in one activation of the character?

    1. Between both the sisters you have enough actions to use all of the upgrade cards actions if you wished though it's unlikely that you'd need to use every single one in a given turn. The way the Viktorias are designed is to keep them close together so their abilities compliment one another.

      Which is why the best way to beat the Vickys is to focus on one of them and kill her rather than spread your attentions over the two of them.

      Hope that helps?


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