Unboxing Malifaux

Here's a list of all the models featured in my 'unboxing' series divided by faction. Some of the later ones list any assembly issues I came across as well as having a lot more information in them. I'll be gradually updating the older ones as I have time. There are also some other features on a few other connected items that you'll have to scroll past first...

I purchase my Malifaux models from an online retailer called Leodis Games.

Editors Note 1 : The list isn't quite definitive so there's a list of what's missing at the bottom of the feature should you be interested. These are mainly models I acquired before starting doing these reviews.

Editors Note 2 : The most up to date of the starter set unboxing versions containing background info, group pictures and soulstone values are labelled as Ver 3.0 with other earlier versions having lower designations down to Ver 1.0 (or will do soon )which are to be honest pretty basic...or terrible depending on what you're used to, lol. Everything else will be updated as and when I have time but are perfectly usable as is.

Editors Note 3 : There was a transitional period between versions 1.5 and M2E of Malifaux where certain plastic kits were reviewed by me in their 1.5 format before Wyrd updated them to versions with M2E version cards. The models were the same though the cards were obviously different. Those of you new to Malifaux may therefore need to look in the Plastic (1.5) section for kits that are now M2E...they may be updated at some point in the future...but I wouldn't bank on it, lol.

I've also done unboxings and articles on some items that may be useful for the Malifaux modeller (amongst others) and I'll list them here.
Leodis Games - 'Board Matz'

'Through the Breach' Multi-Part Mini Kits.
Hats and Guns of Malifaux
'Hanging Trees'

Base Inserts
These metal base inserts are no longer produced by Wyrd but can still occasionally be found via other means. New resin versions have been released but I'm yet to purchase them for review purposes...
Asian Zen Base Inserts 30, 40 and 50mm
Bayou Base Inserts 30, 40 and 50mm

Fate Decks
Adepticon (2013) Fate Deck
Arcane Fate Deck
Bad Ink Fate Deck
Classic Fate Deck
Seriously Twisted Fate Deck
Standard Decks
Tarot Deck
Through the Breach Fate Deck

Story Encounters
Amphibious Assault
Brotherhood of the Rat
Creative Taxidermy
The Crossroads Seven
...and a possible counts-as for the seven 'Soul Train'
The Tortoise and the Hare
University of Transmortis

Malifaux Sets
Two-Player Starter Set
There's also an actual starter set for those wishing to learn the game from scratch...
Two-Player Starter Set

Starter Sets
Ramos's 'M&:SU' Starter Box (Ver 3.0)
Sandeep Desai's 'Beacon of Knowledge' Starter Box (Ver 3.0)
Metal (1.5)
Angelica, Mistress of Ceremonies
Blessed of December
Brass Arachnid
Coryphee/Coryphee Duet
December Acolyte
Electrical Creation
Essence of Power
Hoarcat Pride
Large Steampunk Arachnid
Malifaux Raptors
Marcus - Alternate
Mechanical Doves
Mechanical Rider
Mobile Toolkit
Ramos - Alternate
Rasputina - Alternate
Silent One
Slate Ridge Mauler
Soulstone Miner
Steampunk Arachnid Swarm - Alternate
Union Miners

Starter Sets
Malifaux Version 2 (M2E)
Mah Tucket's 'The Bushwhackers' Starter Box
Ophelia LaCroix 'The Kin' Starter Box
Som'er Teeth Jones 'The Bayou Boss' Starter Box
The Brewmaster 'Closing Time' Starter Box
Ulix's 'Hog Wild' Starter Box
Wong's 'Explosive Solutions' Starter Box
Zipp's 'The Sky Pirates' Starter Box (Ver 3.0)
Malifaux Version 1.5

Plastic (M2E)
Alternate Swine-Cursed
Bayou Gators
Bayou Gremlin (Limited Edition)
Hog Whisperer
Lucky Effigy
Lucky Emissary
Mechanized Porkchop
Merris LaCroix
Nightmare Whiskey Golem
Old Cranky
Rooster Riders
Sammy LaCroix
Slop Haulers
The Sow
War Wabbit
Plastic (1.5)

Starter Sets
Malifaux Version 1.5
Plastic (M2E)
Abuela Ortega
Allison Dade
Brutal Effigy
Brutal Emissary
Guild Hounds
Francisco (Limited Edition)
Miss Anne Thrope
Perdita Ortega - Alternate
Governor's Proxy
Guild Sergeants
Master Queeg
'Miss' Terious
Mounted Guards
Pale Rider
Pistoleros De Latigo
Sanctioned Spellcasters
Santana Ortega
The Lone Marshal
Witchling Handlers
Witchling Handler (Limited Edition)
Plastic (1.5)
Guild Riflemen
Hoffman's Avatar of Amalgamation
Metal (1.5)
Abuela Ortega
Starter Sets.
Malifaux Version 1.5
Plastic (1.5)
Metal (1.5)
Weaver Widow
Zoraida the Hag - Alternate

Starter Sets.

Starter Sets
Malifaux Version 2 (M2E)
Kirai's 'Vengeful Spirits' Starter Box

Starter Sets
Malifaux Version 2 (M2E)
Shenlong's 'Temple of the Dawn' Starter Set (Ver 3.0)
Malifaux Version 1.5


These aren't part of a particular faction so are listed separately.

Effigies (Arcane, Brutal, Carrion, Hodgepodge and Mysterious)

Do to availability, financial limitations and other issues the above list isn't quite complete. Here's a list of what metal and early models are currently missing. The newer plastic versions of the below are probably dome though...
All of them...sorry they're expensive and I rarely use them in game...
Executioner, Executioner - Alternate, Exorcist, Mechanical Attendant, Peacekeeper, Pale Rider, Warden.
Most of these I'm afraid as I collected these before I started doing unboxing features.
Alps, Black Blood Shaman, Daydreams, Doppelganger, Gupps, Hooded Rider, Iggy, Insidious Madness, Primordial Magic, Spawn Mother, Tuco.
Desperate Mercenary - Male, Hamelin, Hans, Malifaux Child, Misaki, Student of Conflict, Sue, Ten Thunders Brother
Crooked Men, Lost Love, Mindless Zombies and Necropunks will appear soon the rest were unfortunately purchased before I started doing these features so are unlikely to appear.


  1. Are you going to do more Ten Thunders unboxings?

    1. As soon as anything new comes out i'll unbox it. A lot of the Ten Thunders crews are dual faction so are in other sections so Mei Feng is in Arcanists, etc.


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