Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chaos Daemons Vs. Imperial Guard @ 1750

After an unfortunate game Vs. my Space Wolves list that involved the destruction of over half of Dave's army in my first shooting phase we decided to try his same list out Vs. my Daemons.

My list is the 1750 version of my Daemon list that's somewhere on the blog if you search for it.

Dave's list is (as far as i can remember)

Company Command Squad c/w Lascannon
5 Ratlings
Platoon command
5 Infantry Squads (3 with Autocannon teams and 2 Missle Launchers)
Veterans with 2 Meltaguns
Valkyrie c/w Missle Pods and Heavy Bolters (The Vets went in this)
Vendetta x2 (Squadroned)
Banewolf and Hellhound (Squadroned)
Hydra x2 (Squadroned)
Leman Russ Demolisher c/w Lascannon and Heavy Bolters x2

Spearhead Deployment, 3 Objectives
Dave got first choice for placing of objectives and also went first.

Dave's Turn 1
His vehicles all move to better positions as I'm not there yet for him to shoot at yet.
My Turn 1
I get my preferred half which was...
Herald, Fiends x2, Hounds x1, Plaguebearers x1, Daemon Prince x2
1 Unit of Fiends scatters quite far and I mishap with a Daemon Prince (which will be abbreviated to DP from now on as to be honest they sucked so bad this game they don't actually deserve a name). I get 'misplaced' as the mishap table result and Dave places him in the trees in the bottom right of the first picture below. I spread out as best as possible with my 'Run' moves.

Dave's turn 2
Vehicles are all moved far enough so I need 6's to hit with the exception of the squadroned Vendettas who only move 6". 1 Unit of Fiends dies to mass weapons fire, 1 unit of Hounds is reduced to 5 and pretty much everything else of mine takes some wounds.
My Turn 2
I get 1 DP and a unit of Plaguebearers from reserve both of which mishap and end up joining the first DP in the woods (which incidently manage to kill 2 Plaguebearers with 2 rolls of 1's). The Plaguebearers slowly edge towards 1 of the objectives (Top right of the below picture). The DP starts the slow foot slog from the corner and the Daemon Prince that actually landed where I wanted moves to within assault range of some Guardsmen. I charge the Squadron of Vendetta's figuring that hitting them on 4's is the best chance to kill them I'm likely to get. Herald, DP and Hounds charge the nearest units to them respectively. Herald fluffs her attacks and then dies, Fiends destroy both Vendettas but lose one guy to the explosion, Daemon Prince kills 2 Guardsman but they pass their leadership test.

Dave's turn 3
The Hellhound/Banewolf squadron moves towards the Fiends that had destroyed the Vendettas. He proceeds to shoot them and most of the rest of my army to death. The DP fails to kill a single guardsmen and I'm beginning to get the 'It's going to be one of those games' feeling.

My Turn 3
I get 1 unit of Plaguebearers from reserve which confirms the 'one of those games' feeling that had been creeping up on me. The DP fails to kill the guardsmen........again, the first misplaced DP finally reaches the action and needing 6's to hit the Hellhound/Banewolf squadron (from now on renamed as 'The Flamy squad of Doom' ) promptly misses with all 5 attacks :-(

Dave's Turn 4
The DP that failed to scratch the 'Flamey Squadron of Dooms' armour, promptly gets shot to death as does the 1 unit of Plaguebearers that I got last turn. The Daemon Prince of Failure finally manages to kill the squad of Guardsmen after 4 rounds of combat and the unit of Plaguebearers in the bottom left of the below picture manage to kill a unit of Guardsmen so I finally have a fucking objective (well for a bit anyway).
My Turn 4
The rest of my army finally remembers that It's meant to be somewhere killing shit and turns up.

I actually get some decent run rolls so manage to spread out a little. The 2nd DP of failure follows the example of the other 1 and fails to harm the 'Flamey squad of Doom' which now gets renamed again to the 'Seemingly Fucking Invulnerable Flamey Squad of Doom'. Though the DP that took 4 turns to kill 10 Guardsmen finally gets the hang of it and kills some more but is now down to a single wound.

Dave's turn 5.
1 squad of Hounds and most of the Fiends die to mass gunfire due to a combination of extremely unlikely to hit rolls followed by my complete inability to make cover or invulnerable saves.

My Turn 5
For the 3rd time a DP misses all 5 Attacks Vs. the 'Seemingly Fucking Invulnerable Flamy Squad of Doom', The remaining Hounds manage to generate 22 Wounds on 10 veterans killing them all (Ironically this is one of those times that I could have done with them safely locked in combat), The remaining Fiend and 1 of the DP's dies in combat.

Dave's Turn 6
Dave kills what's left of my stuff including 5 Plaguebearers in cover which manage to fail 3 of 4 cover saves followed by 4 cover and Feel no Pain saves.

Normally Battle reports are followed by a brief summary of what I could have done differently. In this case my alternative strategy would involve not using my Daemons till their Codex is redone without all the built in weaknesses that Gav and Alessio thought they needed :-(

Back to Marines for a bit methinks..................

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