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Deathwatch - Forge Master Mortis : Mission Reports

This Saturday was our 2nd session with a new GM. Him and our previous GM have decided to change roles for the end of our current campaign with Adam now joining the team as a Librarian biased towards more mind control abilities with Tom effectively using his old characters as NPC's and taking over the GM duties.

Tom prefers more involved political campaigns and takes a more 'rule of cool' approach to whether some things possible rather than a 'rule A, on page B, says C's impossible.....' sort of outlook. As we're effectively going to wrap up Deathwatch at the end of this year or early next before having a try at Dark Heresy (or maybe Black Crusade) we've been given more of a free reign.

Rather than have a specific mission that's the most important, we've been given an overview of the whole sector and the option to solve the problems in any order we see fit with the basic premise being that some things are going to get a whole lot trickier to solve if we leave them too long.

Basically we had the following issues revealed to us with us debating/roleplaying as a team which one we thought was most important.

1) The current 'ruler' of the sector had been mysteriously assassinated which was having a knock -on effect of disrupting the stability of the area and by extension effecting how organised the area was. When your dealing with a Hive Fleet splinter, the stirrings of a Black Crusade and an Ork invasion amongst other things the last thing you need is a lack of leadership, lol.

2) A giant 'Rok' (of the filled with Orks variety) heading in the approximate direction of our watch fortress.

3) A planet that had transmitted a half garbled message about Daemons and Warp Rifts before been cut-off mid statement.

4) A report that the Novamarines had left something vital on the planet of Pilgrims Loss (we went there on a previous mission to deal with a shit-load of Tyranids which we killed a large quantity of with a virus bomb created using captured genetic information that we'd retrieved). Apparently were a lot closer to the planet than the Novamarines are.....

5) And finally, an ancient Forge World facility that had been found buried underneath a Hive World (?) that requires investigation.

As there were only two of us available for the first session we picked the political mission as we figured that a Librarian who could both read and control minds, a walking data processor and a stealthy, sniping Kill Marine (Toms original character who he'd be running as an NPC) would be the ideal combination for dealing with the problem.....and deal with it we did......

Forge Master Mortis - Personal Log -123e5fgdr7rge64rf6

We have restored order to the sector capital by purging the planet of the Death Cult that was responsible for the recent assassination as well as the more insidious crime of attempting to infiltrate all the major families on the planet in order to spread it's net of corruption far and wide. Through thorough investigation of all the heads of each of the major factions we have successfully eliminated those that had succumbed to the corruption while enabling those that were free of taint to elect a new Imperial Governor using their somewhat unusual election method. Whereas this system of allowing the people to vote on their leader seemed somewhat inefficient it seems to have generated an overall feeling of stability so we have left it to take it's natural course. Due to the greatly depleted pool of candidates one of the more minor families is now in control though they seem more than prepared for the responsibility.

Encoded section - Alpha 1A level - g46g67gw4fdw66

Another issue has come to light.....the most senior Magos of the Forge World supplying equipment to most of the local systems and who is incidentally the brother of the head of the family that came in second has been dealing with a member of the Ultramarines who has apparently been liaising with them about improvements to some of their manufacturing processes. My suspicions were aroused by this apparent disregard for standard protocols that were highly unusual for any Imperial servant let alone one of the Ultramarines. On further investigation by our new Librarian via surreptitious scans of the Marines aura we discovered that he was in fact lying about his origins. Rather than confront him immediately and risk adding a further problem to our growing list of  potential enemies we persuaded him to join us in the purging of the Death cult, the plan being that while we were separated from prying eyes of the ruling families we could have interrogated this imposter for information on his purpose.....unfortunately he teleported away before we could extract the required information. It is my belief that this imposter was most likely a member of the Alpha Marines Legion as this method of disruption and infiltration has apparently been used by them on multiple occasions. Though pure conjecture on my part I believe it likely that this individual was going to attempt to use the Magos's extensive manufactorum facilities to produce technology for his own legion utilising these suggested improvements. Whether we allow this situation to continue is a matter for the Chapter Master and his inner circle to ponder.

I have entered into a dialogue with the Magos and have managed to obtain detailed schematics of these new adaptations which I have encoded in this message. I have also managed to procure a prototype energy weapon utilising these improvements as a personal gift from the family. I believe this individual could be a great ally to the Night Reapers chapter in this sector should we require to expand our influence in this area. He seems quite willing to share information with those that he deems worthy and has also provided me with some efficient bionic components that I will be integrating at an appropriate time.

The weapon in question is a highly miniaturised weapon that appears to output energy in the same range as that of a Conversion Beamer but with a much greater level of penetration. I have fully integrated the weapon into my own sub-systems for testing purposes. Secondly due to the in mission loss of our transport we were provided with an alternate transport for our return which was guarded by a Praetorian class servitor of unusual design. I am yet to fully unravel it's secrets but will endeavour to relay this technical data at a later time. Thirdly each member of the team has been gifted with an energy field generator of unknown design. Though weaker than even that generated by a Combat Shield it does have the advantage of protecting the whole body.

We are currently equipping for a mission to eliminate an Ork Rok previously heading in the direction of this Watch Fortress which now appears to be a more immediate threat to a Shrine World near it's course. Though we have already fired several weapons of  planet killing capabilities at this threat it has been decided that a Kill Team should be close enough to act should these precautions fail.....

So I've got a Conversion Beamer, a Battle Servitor (which doesn't last long I'm afraid)...

...and an energy field with a rating of 10 but no overload. The Battle Servitor has really only been allowed as our Deathwatch Devastator has been unavailable for the last couple of sessions and we really needed the extra fire-power. It didn't survive it's first main mission but at least it killed some stuff first. The Conversion Beamer and Energy Field are role-playing rewards which is in my opinion a nice way of providing your players with interesting war-gear. Our new GM is also quite fond of adding little problems with things you get therefore I am having to avoid explaining to the rest of my Kill-Team the exact origins of this new weapon of mine. Fortunately at the moment they believe it to be a part of my Servo harness but I may have to do something about that should they enquire too deeply...

I'll try to write up this Saturdays mission later today, before getting stuck into the rapidly expanding pile of unanswered e-mail requests for army help I've been receiving but completely failing to answer...sorry, lol.

Thoughts and Comments are as usual most welcome.

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