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Games Workshop Newsletter - 18.02.2012

So Games Workshop have released the inevitable 'Battleforce' for Necrons.

It costs £65 and for that you get 20 Necron Warriors, 5 Immortals/Deathmarks, 5 Canoptek Scarab Swarms and a Ghost/Doomsday Ark.

It's difficult to calculate value for money when the unit sizes differ from the boxes but as 12 Necron Warriors cost £20.50 that works out as £1.71 a Warrior.....

So on that basis you get £34.20 worth of Necron Warriors (which includes your 5 Scarabs as they're on the same sprue's), £20.50 worth of Immortals/Deathmarks and a £31.00 Ghost/Doomsday Ark. That means that your getting £85.70 worth of stuff which is saving you a grand total of £20.70. Of course this is only a bargain if you were actually planning on including all these units in your army anyway...

I'll now hand you back to Games Workshop where they'll make it sound like they're doing you a favour by selling you stuff ;-)

Games Workshop
 The Games Workshop Newsletter18.02.2012
In this issue: Awaken your inner machine...
Necron Battleforce available to Advance Order!
After more than 60 million years, an ancient race of machines has awoken from their slumber. The Necrons are immortal, soulless warriors; their metal bodies make them virtually invincible as they advance upon their foes with a terrifying inevitability.

The new Necron Battleforce contains the core of an army of these alien androids and is perfect for starting a new army or adding to an existing collection. Inside the box are 20 Necron Warriors, 5 Necron Immortals (which can also be assembled as 5 Deathmarks), as well as a Ghost Ark to transport a unit into battle. The Ghost Ark can also be assembled as a Doomsday Ark instead, which makes for a potent Heavy Support choice. The box also comes with 5 bases of Canoptek Scarabs.

Head over to to advance order the Necron Battleforce today. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions for expanding your army of ancient machines.
Catacomb Command BargeCatacomb Command Barge
The Command Barge is a personal transport for your Necron Overlord, the ideal way to get him into battle quickly so he can decapitate foes with his warscythe. Alternatively, you could use the kit to build an Annihilation Barge and use your Necron Overlord on foot. Either way, when your Overlord heads into battle, he will do so with the surety of victory - he has calculated every possible outcome and formulated strategies to ensure that everything goes to plan. If only he could predict your dice rolls...
Triarch PraetoriansTriarch Praetorians
Triarch Praetorians hold a great responsibility - to ensure that the Necron dynasties never fall. When the Necron race turned to hibernation after the War in Heaven, the Triarch Praetorians chose to remain awake. These versatile units are geared up for both mêlée and ranged combat. They rarely join a battle immediately, preferring to hover above the fray on gravity displacement packs before launching themselves right into the heart of your enemy's army. You can also use this kit to build a unit of Lychguard, which are close combat heavies and excel as bodyguards for your Overlord.
Necron MonolithNecron Monolith
Nothing is so emblematic of Necron implacability than the Monolith. Like all Necron constructs, this vehicle is composed of living metal that ripples and flows to repair damage in the blink of an eye. Armed with a particle whip, the Monolith can turn enemy tanks into smouldering wrecks in a split second, or reduce infantrymen into vapour. Its gauss flux arcs are a defence system that can pre-empt even the random movements of panicked foes. Yet the most terrifying of all the Monolith's weapon systems is the dreaded eternity gate... It is for good reason that the Monolith has long been feared on the battlefield.
Glue and PaintsGlue and Paints
There's nothing worse than clipping all your miniatures from their sprues only to realise you don't have enough glue to assemble them, so don't forget to top up on the essentials such as glue, a can of Chaos Black Spray, or something to spruce up the bases. If you're looking for a little painting inspiration, don't forget to check out February's White Dwarf, which shows you how to paint an army of Necrons.
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  1. I am not as experienced in the art of newsletters as perhaps I should be but shouldn't a newsletters contain more news and less advertisements for shit that most subscribers of said newsletters are probably already aware of? Say hints at future releases. It's not like there's a surfeit of non-GW fans subscribed to the GW newsletter. As much as I would like my girlfriend to subscribe she's strangely resistant. It's a free condensed white dwarf! And just as useful.

    1. White Dwarf is effectively a giant advert these days which is why I don't subscribe to it any-more.....


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