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Vampire the Masquerade V5 - Solo Session - The Gather

I'm currently running a Vampire the Masquerade chronicle using the 5th Edition rule-set for a small group of fellow role-players. These are the chronicles of their adventures.
Our campaign is set in Los Angeles and features a small group of Camarilla agents sent into the 'Free States' to search for ways to once again bring the Ivory Tower to dominance under the pretence of being disillusioned neonates looking for the freedom of the Anarch way of life. Having made a few allies unsuspecting of their greater goal they have decided that in order to gain influence they need to acquire a barony of their own.
The now obligatory warning bit - Unlike my other RPG write-ups this one will contain swearing, sexual references and other references that might offend. If you can't tell the difference between real peoples opinions and grown-ups role-playing predators who crave blood then this probably won't be for you. I've also used actual photographs to represent some characters which I'll give acknowledgements to at the end if I've any idea who they are.
The introduction to this campaign, the first story and all the other parts can be found at the following links and are in chronological order...
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The Storyteller
Garreth as Everyone else...
The PC
Phil as Hope Romero - Autarkis Gangrel
The player characters stats and backgrounds can be found HERE should any-one be interested.
As I have written out introductions and dialogue for certain NPC's and some location descriptions I'll post these more or less as I wrote them so they'll be in a 'reading to the group' style and they'll also be in blue. If I think something needs a bit of out of character explanation then those will get a storytellers note that will helpfully be in red...

Gangrel - Independent Clan
With the recent Sabbat incursion into Los Angeles by a small team of four kindred, the Gangrel who were their initial targets have called a 'Thing'. A Thing, also known as a Gather, are special meetings unique to clan Gangrel to get up to date on the internal workings of the clan as well as earn a hierarchy spot inside the clan but sometimes to inform others of even greater threats.

Once begun, these gathers usually involve the rites demonstrating status to decide on leadership for the meeting. The rites can take days to accomplish, and must be redone for every Gather, as no two will have the same Gangrel meeting under the same circumstances. Once the hierarchy for the Gather is established, the business at hand can be dealt with. However, a Thing rarely lasts more than a few days or at most week.

As a member of Clan Gangrel Hope has received her own invitation to the event courtesy of Marius 'The Fixer' Walker.

The Gather - Day One
Scene One - The Clan Gathers
The Gangrel pack controlling the Wilds have temporarily opened their borders to the Gangrel of Los Angeles and some surrounding areas in order to discuss a recent incursion by the Sabbat revealed by the coterie of Michael Tomassio and the fact that they appeared to be mapping the havens of kindred residence as well as meeting locations. As it is mainly the Ferals who live in the outskirts of the territories it is they who need to be on the alert for such incursions.
The location for the gather is a vast underground cave complex beneath the Wilds that is surprisingly empty and most suspect that it is one of the lairs of Nicodemus that has been vacated of 'occupants' before your arrival. A couple of portable generators have been set up and one is powering up several lights recently added to the complex presumably to aid any not gifted with supernatural senses while a second is powering several large refrigeration units that one of the gangrel you pass on the way in describes as 'the buffet'. Some of those there have various creatures with them which are mostly the usual dogs, wolves and hunting birds.

Some thirty-five to forty Gangrel have attended but you imagine as many have come out of curiosity about this rare meeting as are concerned about Sabbat intrusions. There have already been some minor scuffles as old enemies settle unimportant disputes and differences with neighbours from bordering baronies that had been left to fester for some time. Marius had already briefed you on some of the significant individuals who would be there.

Even in the presence of his own clan Nicodemus has covered much of his bulk in a large cloak but even hunched over as he is he's still some seven and a half feet tall and half a dozen faintly red glowing eyes can be seen within one side of the hood. One of the younger licks strays to close and a long arm with strange spiky hairs along the back emerges from the cloak, picks him up by the throat before almost dismissively tossing him thirty feet across the cavern into the wall. After that only Marius and Nicodemus's own pack approach to speak to him as apparently he deigns to speak with no others.
Lola, Samael and Lezabel - Gangrel of the Wilds Pack

All of the other members of the Wilds Pack are there as you'd expect this being their domain as well as the Goodwins who were rescued from their own basement by the coterie, a couple you are told are Walter and Millie Gaspars who are 'farmers' in the kindred sense of the word like the Goodwins and a powerfully built black man who seems to command some respect from the youngsters who you imagine must be 'Skelter' who is Nines Rodriguez's right hand and primary enforcer. There are also a few small groups from surrounding areas that seem happy to simply observe presumably invited as their territories border Los Angeles.
Marius points out a group milling around together in one corner. "The weaselly looking fucker in the middle is 'Baker' one of Garcia's up and comers, he'll probably pick on some-one he thinks will up his reputation but I doubt he's stupid enough to pick a 'name' so I'd be careful as it might be you. Especially as you were at the event we're primarily here to discuss and will have to speak at some point, if he interrupts feel free to fuck him up but don't kill him unless he won't stay down. Of course the reverse applies too. The other kindred think we're incapable of restraint, but if we were these things wouldn't work" "The rest might step-up if he wins, not if he loses though as he's already established as their 'top dog' if you excuse the expression" "After that challenge some-one if you wish, even if you might lose a good showing against a superior opponent can also gain you a reputation. Of course if they beat the shit out of you without breaking a sweat then that's a different matter"

Scene Two - The First Challenge
Bryce Goodwin - Gangrel
Baron of Simi Valley
Hope decided to check in with the Goodwins as she hadn't had a chance to speak to them since the events at their farmhouse where her and the rest of the coterie had rescued them from their captors. Bryce and his wife seemed to have recovered from their ordeal and introduced Hope to the Gaspars whose own ghouled retainers had been assisting them to maintain their farm as their own help had been brutally slaughtered by the Sabbat.

When speaking of the dead family Bryce showed genuine emotion and she could see that he felt their loss dearly which Hope found reassuring somehow as a sign that it was possible for their kind to still keep a grip on their own humanity. Bryce asked her if she was also to speak on the subject and she confirmed that she was. He also confessed that having to admit he'd been caught so easily was a difficult thing to admit in front of his peers but was reassured by Hope who told him "It was no fault of theirs as they were outnumbered and ambushed". However before she could talk further she was disturbed by one of the other attendees who was running his mouth off.

Marius turns out to be correct about the challenge though 'Baker' doesn't even wait till you're called to tell your tale, speaking to one of his comrades loud enough for all to hear "If this is one of the kindred who fought the Sabbat then they can't have been much of a threat..." His circle of allies laughs a little too loudly and many others turn to see your reaction.

'Baker' - Gangrel
El Hermandad
Hope gave the weaselly looking gobshite a dismissive glance before turning back to the Goodwins. "It's fortunate it was us who found you as I wouldn't rate this ones chances..." she gestured in the direction of Baker as she said it and then stepped towards him. Several of his own group formed in a rough semi-circle behind him as several other nearby observers completed the circle behind her. She popped each of her claws in turn, then cracked her knuckles beckoning him on but made no move herself as she stared him down. Perhaps goaded by her stare or mistakenly believing she was afraid to fight him he moved forward and took a swing which she batted aside casually before slicing deeply into his attacking arm with the other.

Taken aback by the ease with which she had countered his attack, he unleashed his own claws with little effect as she tore deeply into his chest and stomach as her own relentless onslaught caused him to stagger back, stumble and hit the ground hard. Several of his wounds began to close as he healed the damage with his own vitae and he got back to his feet with considerable less confidence than he'd shown earlier. As she licked his blood from her claws she turned to the watching crowd "I wonder what will effect his street cred more, bowing out or getting knocked down again?". Looking down at his own wounds and his opponents lack thereof he turned and walked away. With the victor decided the gathered crowd wandered off to observe the other contests going on as if nothing had happened.

Scene Three - Helter Skelter
Skelter - Gangrel
Nines Crew
Skelter brushed passed Samael as he was about to be challenged and the Wilds Pack member spoke to his back as he walked away "Where the fuck you going?". Skelter who had already defeated three challengers gestured to the large fridges, pulled out a large bag of blood and drained it completely before returning to the notoriously violent pack member. Samael looked at the canvas bag that contained his extensive collection of close combat weapons as if about to select one before moving in a blur towards Nines right hand man as the equally fast Gangrel punched him in the face as he arrived, ducked a counter and took another head shot which missed as Samael punched him in the floating ribs cracking several.

Hope watched the fight along with several interested parties as the two equally matched men fought with very different styles. Skelter fought with a precision that could only come from extensive martial arts training and from the techniques used she imagined he must have a military background of some kind. Sameal was far less technically proficient but seemed to have a slight edge in strength and speed which more than made up for the difference in training. It was also obvious from the way he fought that he was self taught but no less deadly for that.

There was a brief break in the action as both men stepped back to take stock of each other, wounds closing and bones resetting as they did before they attacked each other once more. The observing Hope began to believe the fight was edging towards Samael's favour but at the rate they were burning through vitae they'd both beat each other into torpor before that occurred.

Lezabel - Gangrel
The Wilds Pack
Evidently the fighters came to the same conclusion and as one stepped back and walked away in opposite directions making the battle a somewhat anti-climatic draw. Other than an informative lesson in their fighting styles Hope also concluded that Skelter had been playing with his earlier opponents so as to make them not look foolish as given what she'd seen he could have finished them much more quickly.

Somewhat surprisingly several contests are not ones of strength but of Oratory as old Gangrel tales of clan dignitaries, famous events and ancient legends of the clans founder are recited with various degrees of success and you have to admit that Lezabel of the Wilds pack has tremendous talent in that area as does Myranda though the wilds pack's apparent leader also dominates in several ritual combats as well. You begin to understand why she's in charge of her seeming elders with her mix of inspired leadership and brutally efficient fighting style. Marius was nearby listening to a young looking Gangrel girl relaying one of many versions of the story of how the the Justicar of Clan Gangrel, Xaviar had withdrawn the clan from the Camarilla. 

Once it was completed Marius walked away though Hope remained to listen to a kindred covered in tattoos of viking runes telling a tale of Brunhilde, also known as Brynhild, the leader of the Valkyries, a group of female Gangrel descended from the ancient Einherjar in service of The All-High, and whose duty was to enforce the will of the ancient methuselah.
As the story ended she returned to the main cavern just in time to see a challenger walk over to Marius who dismissively shattered his jaw and then stepped over him and carried on walking as if nothing had happened. Evidently he had none of Skelter's desire to allow weaker opponents to save face.

Scene Four - Lupus Vs. Canis
Two female Kindred named Orla and Carla who have travelled here from Huntington Beach are obviously discussing you as they keep looking in your direction. One tosses a coin and after revealing its result the larger of the two 'Orla' heads over to you. "Baker is weak and stupid, care to test yourself against some-one whose neither?"

Hope accepted the challenge as she was "Hoping Baker wasn't all that was on offer..." Orla shifted into the form of a large dog-like creature, something close to a Hyena but she couldn't identify the breed at all. Keen to show off her own abilities she took on her wolf form and the two Gangrel in animal form began to slowly circle one another. As the dog bounded forward the wolf sidestepped and took a chunk out of the dogs side with her teeth before leaping back to avoid the counter-attack. Orla shifted back to her humanoid form as the wound in her side began to mend itself and extended her own feral claws.

Deciding to stay in animal form, Hope pounced on Orla slashing and biting with claw and fangs though took several deep cuts in return, before backing away a moment to heal as her opponent took the opportunity to do the same. Several more attacks and counter attacks occurred and this time Hope was wounded in a manner almost mirroring her first attack on Orla though she still had the better of the exchange.

Sensing the battle edging in her favour she dropped her beast form and forced her wounds to bind together once more before smiling at her challenger and giving her a cheeky wink though internally she was fighting the urge to frenzy due to the amount of blood she'd expended during the combat. After another close fought exchange Orla raised her hands in submission and bowed out as her friend Carla bought over two bags of blood handing one to Hope and the other to Orla. It seemed that not every Gangrel was as bad a loser as Baker had been.

Scene Five - Arachnophobia
As the evening goes on the hierarchy seems to have been broadly decided with Marius defeat of any challenges being so casual as to leave little doubt about his status though it's no surprise to any present that the monstrous half-arachnid Nicodemus has no takers. Without any preamble Marius walks into the centre of the cavern and beckons to Nicodemus "I suppose we should get this over with..."

Nicodemus - Gangrel Elder
Wilds Pack
What unfolds from the cloak is one of the most hideous creatures you've ever seen. Some eight and a half feet tall standing upright, covered with an external exoskeleton like layers of armour, which has strange spiky hairs like a tarantulas over much of the surface. 

Six long thin arms like extra legs extend from his back each ending in a dagger like spike and his own arms are long and tipped with claws dripping with a green ichor. The right side of his face is a mass of arachnid eyes while the left contains a single entirely human looking one which is somehow more disturbing. The mouth is more or less that of a spiders and you can't imagine anything on which he feeds surviving long especially as these are also dripping with the same foul substance as his claws.

Marius moves with a speed that is difficult to follow and weaves between surprisingly precise attacks from multiple clawed limbs before darting in with thunderous blows from fists which seem to have little effect on the armoured carapace. Nicodemus's few impacts are extremely powerful but also seem ineffective as each Gangrel's raw power competes with the others supernatural levels of resistance. 

As the fight wages on Marius extends his fingers into foot long razor sharp claws of some black bone like substance and begins to carve deep grooves into the exoskeleton faster than Nicodemus can heal as he retaliates by launching a mass of the spiked hairs in a cloud far too dense to dodge which catches several bystanders who immediately drop to the ground, foul poison dripping from the wounds as their own packs rush to their aid.

Hope was suddenly glad she'd picked a space from which to view the epic combat that was on the opposite side of the cavern from where the deadly cloud had ended it's flight.

Storytellers Note - I asked her player where they were standing at the fights beginning.

Both combatants take a step back and as Marius expels the projectiles from his body and black blood flows to seal the wounds as the poison seemingly has no effect on him whatsoever, Nicodemus's bony carapace begins to reform with a sickening cracking sound. Both fighters seem to be waiting for the other to move but it is the arachnid who moves first leaping across the gap like an obscene jumping spider as Marius rolls beneath slicing deeply into it's abdomen. 

As they both face each other once more Nicodemus inclines his head slightly in what seems to be a gesture of respect and makes a noise which it takes some time to identify as laughter before turning and skittering spider-like into a side cavern. Apparently it has decided to settle for second place in the hierarchy on this occasion. Just before the monstrous creature leaves the cavern you can't help but notice that his cloak is handed to him by the gangrel he'd previously hurled into a wall and this time he gets a nod of acknowledgement rather than shattered ribs.

Hector O' Neill - Gangrel
Steve Booth's 'Bro'
With the contests ended Marius and Nicodemus are declared leaders of the gather with Myranda just behind. Skelter, Lola, Samael and a Gangrel you'd never heard of before called Hector O'Neill who you're informed is one of Steve Booth's 'bro's' are broadly speaking just behind Myranda. You have carved yourself a position just behind these others with Lezabel of the Wilds Pack with the rest being free to fight it out amongst themselves tomorrow evening should they think it matters. Later Marius informs you that if Lezabel used her wolf pack in these contests she'd be closer in rank to Myranda as her grasp of pack tactics was the best he'd ever encountered.

With the night now drawing to an end and dawn approaching many of the Gangrel begin to seek shelter. Having never been to such an event before and never properly educated on the protocol by her own sire Hope wasn't sure what the sleeping arrangements were. Several of the assembled ferals transformed into mist and blended into the ground while others left the cavern network perhaps to find locations to spend the day known only to them. Several had found corners, alcoves, side passages or clear areas and curled up under blankets or into sleeping bags evidently trusting the mortal security provided outside by Marius and Skelter to keep watch during the day. Marius appeared at her side still wearing the punctured shirt that Nicodemus had filled with poisonous spikes. "Just pick a spot Hope, you'll come to no harm here." Reassured she found a quiet unoccupied corner and felt the weariness that signalled the coming of day...

The Gather - Day Two
Scene Six - Sabbat
Marius Walker - Autarkis Gangrel
Hope awakened in the cavern as many others were rising and helping themselves to blood bags from the fridges. The contents of 'the buffet' had been significantly reduced by the multiple violent challenges the previous day and Hope theorised that if the 'Thing' continued to a third day it would need stocking up.

It did however seem unlikely to last that long as there was seemingly only one major topic to discuss. Marius was standing talking to Lezabel who was explaining something to him in an animated fashion and he seemed to be politely paying attention, nodding periodically. After a few minutes she left to speak with Myranda as Marius moved to talk to a group of Gangrel she didn't know by name but who she had been informed had arrived here from San Diego.

A few at the bottom of the pecking order settle their places in the pack order before Marius calls the meeting to what passes for order amongst the ferals. "The Sabbat made a move on the city in 2004 and got the shit kicked out of them. Apparently they have short memories for kindred" This raises a few laughs and several howls. "Fortunately it looks like their first lot of scouts have been dealt with. Bryce who you all know and Hope here will give us a first hand account to cut through the bullshit you might have heard then we'll decide what to do about the bastards. Then we'll deal with any other matters afterwards"

The Sabbat
Bryce laid out the details of the ambush which had resulted in him being prisoner in his own basement, forced to watch the staking of his wife and their feeding of him with animal blood so as to utilise him as a source of vampiric Vitae for which they all apparently had the taste. He also told of the massacre of the ghouled family who took care of the farm as well as their six year old daughter. At this point he was interrupted by one of Bakers group who expressed his scorn at becoming attached to "some worthless kine...".

Bryce who had obviously cared for the mortals and objected to their being described as worthless leapt from the stage and brought the heckler crashing to the ground before smashing his head hard into the stony floor of the cavern with both hands. The sound of bone cracking would have no doubt indicated a fatality to a mortal and wasn't exactly a minor inconvenience to a kindred. The crumpled individual wisely stayed down as Bryce returned to the stage only scrambling to his feet once his attacker began to continue with his tale, this time he sensibly allowed the speaker to finish. Bryce finished with his opinion that the Sabbat had been merely advance scouts and that a larger invasion could easily be again on the cards. With this he stepped down and Marius indicated that Hope should take his place and begin.

Sabbat Gangrel
Received Final Death
Hope informed the gathered crowd that she and had been directed to investigate the farmhouse by the Toreador Michael Tomassio for whom she patrolled the borders of his territory along with three other kindred of his coterie. She made vague mention of the map as it had been mentioned to Marius but at the Toreadors request didn't speak of the suspected kindred havens that it had also contained in addition to kindred meeting places. She then explained that there had been bomb making diagrams and electronics salvaged to make timers and the like for those weapons they created and judging from what she had seen they would have been able to create an impressive number of IED's easily capable of harming or destroying a kindred. There was then a "How the fuck do you know?" from somewhere in the crowd. Hope responded that she had served in the Gulf War doing exactly the job of locating such devices so if any-one knew it was her. The directness and confidence of the answer seemed to satisfy any doubters and she continued.

She also stated that she agreed with Bryce's opinion that they may have been scouts as one of their number (a thin-blood) had attempted to play the role of victim but was discovered and destroyed before he could do any harm with an explosive device he had hidden somewhere in LA. The mention of thin bloods prompted several grunts and negative comments from the crowd as evidently they didn't have a great reputation with many present.

Gangrel - Animalism
Hope concluded that they all needed to be on their guard and were obviously stronger united than divided considering the potential harm that could have been caused if the plot hadn't been foiled at their hands.

After some questions and a few arguments it's eventually decided that regardless of their gang allegiances that the gangrel present will keep each other informed of any suspect movements in their domains so their barons and baronies can unite against any large-scale Sabbat incursion. As Marius has the best network of the Gangrel there and also is considered neutral it's decided that he'll have his own agents act as liaison's between the disparate groups and pass around any information that might be pertinent regardless of personal allegiances. For the notoriously disorganised Gangrel Clan this is a significant move.

Hope noticed that the Wilds pack had begun to spread out amongst the crowd including the hulking form of Nicodemus which probably meant one of them was about to take a turn. She was of course quite correct.

Scene Seven - Thin-Bloods
Myranda - Gangrel
The Wilds Pack - Leader
Myranda is given leave to speak and once in control of the 'stage' raises the subject of thin-bloods poaching in the territories of others which is in her opinion becoming less a minor irritation and more a complete disregard for others domains. She points out that she generously gave them not one but two warnings before 'dealing with the issue' and informing their leader Jenna of their intention to deal more proactively with the issue should it reoccur. She puts forward her point eloquently using all the skills she demonstrated when displaying the oral traditions of the clan on the first day of the gather. 

Many of the gangs present agree and several have had similar problems in their own domains. The blame is laid on so many of them being in so small a place namely the pier, having havens without attached feeding rights or living in the domains of others who forbid poaching and their inability to feed in Santa Monica itself due to the Baron Therese Voerman having any who did chased out or if caught killed or beaten into torpor by her coterie of recruited scourges. 

Despite this reasonable explanation the general consensus unsurprisingly is that the thin-bloods need to be taught their place and many representatives of their baronies state quite clearly that their barons will not tolerate poaching including the Long Beach Baron Steve Booth according to one of his enforcers Hector O'Neill. A few however seem less concerned as long as introductions are made and permission is asked though these are in the minority.

Marco 'Joey' Joseph - Gangrel
Louis Fortier's Scourge
A Marco 'Joey' Joseph who is seemingly a glorified hit-man for Louis Fortier is of the opinion that their relative lack of individual power means that in small numbers they're no issue and it's easier to give a small number some leeway than having to go through the effort of hunting down and killing them all. This pronouncement is greeted with several jeers from the more hard-line ferals there and Hope soon realised that a unified agreement on the matter is not going to happen and even if it did all their barons would have to agree and that seemed like an improbable scenario.

When there was an appropriate pause Hope spoke and as she had performed well in both the challenges and had shown a talent for oratory during her passionate retelling of the events with the Sabbat there were no objections to the interruption. She pointed out that while Michael was keeping order in Pasadena due to the lack of a baron that it was possible that some minor feeding rights may in the future be granted by him to Jenna's people which could go someway to alleviating the problem. 'Joey' expressed his agreement though Hope was careful to point out that she believed that it was a decision each barony needed to make for itself so as not to antagonise any of those hardliners present who might see it as her speaking on Michael's behalf.

It does seem however that more gangrel end the debate anti thin-blood than pro thin-blood. As the arguments begin to drown out any coherent debate Marius steps in and calls for silence. "We have a little time left and I'd rather not extend this gather to a third night if we can avoid it so is there any other business of importance?" Marius then fielded several other minor issues of borders between domains, disputed feeding grounds and the like giving each gangrel enough time to make their point but keeping them on track when a controversial point showed no sign of being agreed upon. Of the points discussed the only one Hope thought warranted mention to the coterie was that Hector who seemed to feel comfortable speaking on Steve Booth's behalf had gained the pledge of the Huntington Beach Gangrel to aid them against any incursion by David Geduld of Torrance.
David Geduld: Baron of Torrance, Steve Booth: Baron of Long Beach

With no further points raised many of the Gangrel had begun to leave while there was still sufficient time to reach their own havens with the San Diego group having gone much earlier. While she still had a chance Hope sought out Orla and Carla and exchanged what passed for pleasantries amongst Gangrel which basically amounted to complimenting each others ability to fight and expressing their desire to do so again. Nicodemus had emerged from the side passage where he had based himself and no other kindred had been foolish enough to enter and expressed his firm desire that it was now time for everyone to fuck off.

Marius indicated that Hope should help herself to some of the blood that was left before attracting the humanoid arachnid's attention and gesturing to the remaining equipment in the now almost vacant complex. Nicodemus nodded and then scuttled backwards into the shadows as the mortal guards entered and removed the recent additions from the lair.

As the last of it was taken outside Marius indicated to Hope that it was now time to leave also and headed to the fairly narrow entrance-way to the complex of caves. As her guide pulled a large stone disc from one side and slid it across the entrance she couldn't help but notice the cavern behind begin to flood with swarms of insects, some of which were of a size that could only indicate a long-term diet of kindred vitae.

To Be Continued in 'Becoming Baron' Part Six

In Conclusion
I like to do a round-up of how the session went in these features but if you couldn't give a shit what I think then feel free to skip this bit...

Solo sessions provide a number of challenges but this is the second one I've done during this campaign (well third if you count the two hours before a session I spent with Roach's Player Tom) I did a bit better this time, I think.

Originally the 'Gather' was just going to be something that happened in the background whose consequences would be gradually felt by the players. Then one of them had a Gangrel character and I could think of no thematic reason why they wouldn't be invited so I had to flesh the events out a bit and include the character Hope in them enough so it wasn't like me just reading the player a story. I've therefore complicated my own life by added another half a dozen plot threads...oh well...

I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Hope is Deborah Ann Woll, Skelter is Vin Diesel and Marius is Tony Curran, Steve Booth and Carna artwork is taken from the VtES trading card game. Everything else is from vampire related folders and searches and is as far as I know is all of the 'fair use' variety. If there's something that you feel should be attributed to some-one then feel free to let me know and I'll happily add an acknowledgement...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. I thought this was awesome, I was a little worried about the solo session but I thought a lot of very interesting plot points were woven in. Also, interesting to see that Marius is so strong and see the way the other members rank among their own.


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