Tuesday, 22 March 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.15

Article can be found here.

3rd and Final instalment in the 'Vampire Eye-Candy' series.....Some group shots,

And for the one person who tried to convince me via E-mail that Twilight counts as a vampire movie here's a picture just for them,

Something different next week I think.....


  1. Twilight is a blight on everything that is good and right (read: evil and awesome) about vampires. Don't forget that the emo vampire dude is a stalker who sneaks into her bedroom and watches her sleep at night. That's creepy, but the REALLY messed up part is that she thinks it's romantic. Twilight: teaching kids that stalking is cool and will make chicks dig you. Way to go.

    All the other pics get my stamp of approval.

    Also, my second creepily appropriate captcha of the day: "feedies"

  2. Please... no twilight... the horror... the horror

  3. @ MoD - The first thing that will be made illegal when I eventually take over the world will be anything to do with twilight. The 2nd will probably be Caravans.....


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