Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weekly House of Paincakes Article (7)

This weeks House of Paincakes article is on the subject of Malifaux's Gremlin population and can be found here.

Gremlins are somewhat strange so I thought that the accompanying 'Eye-Candy' should move towards the bizarre as well. So here's some 'Batman' cosplay with a bit of gender reversal...

Batman and Robin...

A pair of Jokers...

Bane, The Riddler and Two-face....

Those were all I could find with my half-arsed five minute web search. For those of you who only come to my blog once a week...see you in seven days time ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...they can even be on the article if you like...


  1. Can't stop staring at the 'R.'

    1. Judging from the post 'hits' it's a surprisingly popular set of images considering it was thrown together in five minutes to fulfil my 'eye-candy' obligations this week, lol.


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