Saturday, 25 January 2014

Guest Article - Warmachine on a Budget : Cygnar

This is kind of a cheat of a guest article as your going to have to look at the guys own blog to see it, lol.

I'll let him introduce himself first...and then there will be a link. His blog is called Brick Faces' Talking Wall...for reasons that are unlikely to become apparent any time soon ;-)


Hello to all of you who have found this blog. I hope you make yourselves at home here and enjoy what you will be seeing over the coming months. My aim is to make a good positive atmosphere for hobbyists, with this in mind you will find tutorials on projects I have undertaken, unbiased reviews, news as it arrives on my desk and galleries of people's hobby projects.

Readers should feel free to comment on anything they find here, constructive criticism is always appreciated, and if there's something you would really like to see become an article please tell me, it may just happen. All I ask is you bear with me for now whilst things are added to this blog and I thank you for all for the patience. With the introduction complete I suppose I'd best get cracking on my first batch of articles.


The first of those articles that he mentions can be found here and is an interesting look at starting a new Warmachine faction without spending a fortune. The original outline of these articles were done when he was writing for another blog but have been expanded upon considerably for his own and are worth looking at even if you've read the original version

Go on's the link again if you've missed it

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