Friday, 31 January 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - It's All Kicking Off

Looks like the January sale is extending into February slightly...

It's All Kicking Off!

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It’s been an incredible week – an insane amount of stuff is happening at the moment.

So let’s get started! is now live!

Launching with 5 digital DreadBall offerings, including the mighty DreadBall Compendium, Manticdigital.comis a powerful new resource offering our rulebooks in a superior new digital format available across iOS, Android and e-reader platforms like Kindle.
Each page has been beautifully redesigned for use on your device of choice.

There is a limitless list of features, and you can find out more here - visit to get your copy!

The end is coming!

It’s the end of January – and the end of the January Sale!

You’ve got until the end of the weekend to make use of our special treats and, for one weekend only, we’ve got some excellent new additions to set you up for a year of Kings of War or Warpath including:

Limited stock of Trolls and Mummies!
Last chance to get the Crazy Box!
Brand new bundles of Dungeon and Starship tiles!
- Buy Shurro and get Turanga Free!

Perhaps most excitingly of all if our Warpath special: purchase any One-Player Set or Army Set, and get two plastic units totally free. Check out the product page for details.

There’s also some ridiculous deals on the troopers – if you’re looking at getting some new guards men, grab yourself the Corporation Rangers we’ve got on offer!

Remember, the Sale ends midnight 2nd February -don't miss out!
Grab them before they're gone!!
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Our DreadBall Kick-off special ends today!

Until the 31st January, you will get a free copy of Kick-off Extra Time with every copy of DreadBall Kick-off placed, expanding the set with Cards, RefBot and a digital rulebook!

Don't miss it.
Vapnartak is this weekend!!
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Our first show of the year is on the2nd February and we’re running:

Clash of Kings Regional - OurKings of War tournament series is back for 2014!

DreadBall Superleague – Hex Medal winners get in free! TheSuperleague is for gamers who like a bit of challenge  - finish the day at the top of the table and win yourself a prize!

Players also get access to an exclusive 3 for 2 deal on all DreadBall and Kings of War sets we have with us - book your tickets on the Mantic Website now!
Ronnie on the Radio!
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A brand new interview with Ronnie Renton has gone live!

Check out Mantic Radio Podcast Episode 10 here!
Dave's Hobby Tips is live!
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The Mantic Hobby Maestro takes a look at dealing with mould lines.

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