Thursday, 8 November 2018

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

The latest Warhammer Community news from Games Workshop...
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40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Warhammer Community
Blackstone Fortress
Learn to Play Today
 Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress pits you, and up to four of your friends, against an ever-shifting citadel of horrors in a thrilling cooperative adventure – and it’s hitting shelves very, very soon. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your copy, so, to help you hit the ground running, we’ve made a website just for you. Learn more about the game, check out the models and learn to play with our in-depth playthrough, featuring Peachy, Duncan and star guest Becca Scott:  
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Blackstone Fortress
Inside Blackstone Fortress
Hungry to discover the secrets of this year's hottest boxed game? We've got LOADS of previews to get your teeth into! Learn more about the lore, peek inside the box and more on the Warhammer Community site: 
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Blood and Glory
Miss the big news? 
Stay ahead of the curve and check out all the awesome models, games and more revealed at Blood & Glory: 
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A Smorgasbord of Rules
Learn how to run your Necromunda campaigns with the latest Arbitrator's Handbook: 
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A Tale of Four Wordlords
A Tale of Four Wordlords
 We've challenged four of Warhammer's most famous loremasters to build and paint Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies – follow along with their progress in a new series: 
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Organised Play
Win all this stuff! 
 This month, a load of exclusive Warhammer Underworlds loot is arriving in a store near you – if you've got the skills to win it! Learn more and try this proven Grand Clash winner to give yourself a head start:  
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Black Library Weekender
News from the Black Library Weekender
From the first look at the Siege of Terra to some star voices coming to an audio drama near you – get all the latest reveals from Black Library:
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Space Marine Heroes
In Stores Next Weekend
Space Marine Heroes is landing in stores near you soon! Find out how to collect them all:
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Endless Spells
A Guide to Endless Spells 
Don't know your Purple Suns from your Balefire Tauruses? Don't worry! We've got expert wargamer Dan to provide his complete guide to endless spells: 
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Hobby Article
Seyni N'Diaye's Carcharodons
Do yourself a favour and take a look at this stunning army from the community – packed with conversions, incredible painting and ambitious choices: 
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 Available Online
Blackstone Fortress
The Codex You've Been Waiting For
Orks have never been better. With new vehicles, Clan Kulturs, powerful Stratagems and more, now's the time to start that Orks army you always wanted: 
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Rumour Engine
The Rumour Engine
 Here's a sneak peak of an upcoming release, with a twist – you'll have to try and guess just what it is:  
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Vhane GloriousTSOALR
Hammerhal HeraldRegimental Standard
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