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Scale 75 - November Newsletter

Scale 75's November releases...
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Scale75 News OCT 2018


Fluorescent acrylic paints
Valid for brush and airbrush - Matt finish - 17ml


SSE-052 FX FLUOR Experience

Eight colors to create different fluorescent effects

Ocho colores para crear diferentes efectos fluorescentes
  • Content / Contenido:
  • SFX00 Brilli White
  • SFX01 Neon orange
  • SFX02 Acid pink
  • SFX03 Spychedelic purple
  • SFX04 Electric blue
  • SFX05 Techno green
  • SFX06 Speed yellow
  • SFX07 Red ecstasy
  • Step by step guide
EUR 22,32*
*Price VAT not included

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75mm resin figure. Battle of the Berezina, 1812

SNW-004 Battle of Berezina, 1812

This figure depicts a French infantryman retreating from Russia where they had to fight against the Russian army and the harsh weather conditions. You can almost feel the exhaustion and the cold of this poor soldier. The figure is in 75mm and produced in high quality resin.

La figura representa a un soldado de infantería francesa en la retirada de Rusia donde tuvieron que luchar contra el ejército ruso y las condiciones climatológicas adversas. Se puede incluso sentir el cansancio y el frío de este pobre soldado. La figura es en 75mm y producida en resina de alta calidad.
EUR 41,32*
*Price VAT not included

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1/35 scale

1:35 scale resin figure. US Private, Warfront series

SW35-032 US Private

American soldier in "early" uniform used by the army from North Africa to North-Western Europe. (1942-44)

Soldado americano con uniforme “early” usado por el ejército desde el norte de África hasta el noroeste de Europa. (1942-44)
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included

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US Infantrymen

1/48 & 1/72 scales

1:48 Soviet troops. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included
1:72 Soviet troops. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 7,44*
*Price VAT not included

SW48-009 & SW72-009 US Infantrymen

The pair of figures can be placed in the summer months of any theater of European and North African operations, highlighting the dynamism of both ideal for use in vignettes or dioramas.

La pareja de figuras se puede situar en los meses de verano de cualquier teatro de operaciones europeo y norte africano, destacando el dinamismo de ambas ideal para su uso en viñetas o dioramas.

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1/35 scale

M1A2 Abrams Operation Iraqi Freedom. 1:35 scale. Plastic model kit. Tamiya
EUR 39,66*
*Price VAT not included

1/35 scale

M3 Lee. 1:35 scale. Plastic model kit. Takom
EUR 37,19*
*Price VAT not included

1/48 scale

M1A2 Abrams. 1:48 scale. Plastic model kit. Tamiya
EUR 23,14*
*Price VAT not included

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