Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Raging Heroes - New Releases

New Void Elves releases from Raging Heroes...

NEW Release: 

Command, Troops, and SAVE with Packs...

Get ready to take your army to the next level with the 10 lethally gorgeousHunters. Get the Command Group (use as 5 Troopers or use accessories to make 1 Champion and 2 Heavy Weapons Specialists) and the Troops box. Or treat yourself to our super popular Void Raiders and Huntmaster packs.
Let the Hunt begin now!
The Void Raiders and Huntmaster packs containing additional Elves troops and Heroines are great money saver and they look so amazing.  Don't miss them!
SAVE with Hunter PACKS !
Inspiration from your table: The Hunters
It's always the best part for us: seeing our miniatures coming to life on your table! Following text and photos from the lovely people at Mini Swelter Blog:

"My initial use of these will be as Dark Eldar Trueborns in Ynnari service.  As as such I wanted to go with a deathly bone color of armor and to have the flowing bits resemble grave shrouds using cool colors like teal and blue-green.  This makes the unit a lot more colorful and interesting to look at on the tabletop. "

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