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As it seems to work with other features I've decided to create a tab specifically for the links to the various RPG related campaign articles I (and others) have written about our adventures and the preparation that is sometimes required. The most recent are at the top...

First some background...feel free to skip to the actual content if you've no interest in why I like RPG's
My Introduction to Role-playing

Infiltrate L.A.
Vampire the Masquerade V5
Character Profile Page
Faction Profile - Aegis Acquisitions
Chronicle One - 'Infiltrate LA' 
Welcome to L.A. - Introductory Session
Story One - 'Three Murders' - Part OneTwo, ThreeFour and Five
Interlude Session - One
Story Two - 'The Pasadena Problem' - Part OneTwoThree, and Four
Solo Session - 'The Neillson Library'
Story Two Continued- 'The Pasadena Problem' - Part FiveSixSeven and Eight
Story Three - 'Becoming Baron' - Part OneTwoThreeFour and Five
Solo Session - 'The Gather'
Story Three Continued - 'Becoming Baron' - Part SixSeven and Eight
Chronicle Two - 'Foothold LA' 
Solo Session - 'Hostile Takeover'
Story Four - 'Countdown' - Part OneTwo and Three
Story Five - 'The Missing Chantry' - Part OneTwoThreeFour and Five
Solo Session - 'The Anaheim Assassination'
Story Six - 'A Meeting of Barons' - Part OneTwo and Three
Story Seven - 'The Carmelita Situation' - Part OneTwo and Three
Story Eight - 'The Blount Sisters' - Part One and Two
Story Nine - 'Blood Money' - Part OneTwoThreeFourFive and Six
Story Ten - 'Anathema' - Part One and Two
Story Eleven - 'Predators and Prey' aka 'The Blount Sisters' - Part Three
Story Twelve - 'Aftermath' - Part One and Two

A Journey North
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Character Stats Page
Session One - A Journey North - 'A Job Offer'
Session Two - A Journey North - 'Waterdeep' (Part One)
Session Two - A Journey North - 'Waterdeep' (Part Two)
Session Three - A Journey North - The Tower
Coming Soon...
Session Four

Curse of Strahd
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Part One - Curse of Strahd - Introduction Session
Part Two - Curse of Strahd - 'Death House'
Part Three - Curse of Strahd - 'The Village of Barovia'
Part Four - Curse of Strahd - 'Old Bonegrinder'
Part Five - Curse of Strahd - 'Vallaki'
Part Six - Curse of Strahd - 'Wereravens'
Part Seven - Curse of Strahd - 'The Festival'
Part Eight - Curse of Strahd - 'The Ruins of Berez'
Coming Soon...
Part Nine- 'The Village of Krezk'

Fantasy Flight Roleplay System
Introducing: Kill-Team Theta
Kill-Team Theta - Intro Mission - The Vigilant
Kill-Team Theta - Mission Two - A Trail of Breadcrumbs
Kill-Team Theta - Mission Three - An Uninvited Guest
Kill-Team Theta - Mission Four - Unforeseen Complications
Kill-Team Theta - Mission Five - Tactical Withdrawal
Kill Team Theta - Mission Six - A Surgical Strike
Kill Team Theta - Mission Seven - Flamewing
Campaign prematurely ended due to closing of venue and GM issues...

The Heroes of Oakvale
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
The Heroes of Oakvale (Part One) - 'The Message'
The Heroes of Oakvale (Part Two) - 'The Rescue'
The Heroes of Oakvale (Part Three) - 'Cellioed'
The Heroes of Oakvale (Part Four) - 'Death and Taxes'
This campaign is officially dead...tis a shame as it had potential...

Brotherhood of the Rail
Iron Kingdoms Roleplay
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session One - 'Strangers on a Train'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Two - 'A Few Days Off...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Three - 'A Less Than Official Side-Job'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Four - 'An Inconvenient Delay'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Five - 'Another Missing Person'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Six - 'The One That Got Away...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Seven - 'A Trip Down River...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Eight - 'A Strange Choice for Diplomacy...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Nine - 'Foothold...' (Part One)
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Nine - 'Foothold...' (Part Two)
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Ten - 'Traitors...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Eleven - 'A Stroll in the Hills..' (Part One)
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Eleven - 'A Stroll in the Hills..' (Part Two)
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Twelve - 'A Very Important Passenger...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Thirteen - 'Llael'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Fourteen - 'A Distinct Lack of Trust'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Fifteen - 'One Last Chance...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Sixteen (Part One) - 'Hunters...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Sixteen (Part Two) - '...Hunted'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Seventeen - 'Searforge'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Eighteen - 'Blighted'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Interlude (Part One)
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Nineteen - 'New Recruits'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Twenty - 'A Sailing Trip...'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Twenty One (Part One) - 'Five Fingers'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Twenty One (Part Two) - 'Five Fingers'
Iron Kingdoms Campaign - Session Twenty Two - 'Divide and Conquer'
We saved the world...it seemed like as a good time to finish as any...

Through the Breach

Through the Breach - The 'Miner Problem' Job
This campaign stalled due to issues with availability of players...hopefully we'll start up again at some point when their personal circumstances change though it'll more than likely be with a completely new campaign...

Dark Heresy
Our Dark Heresy campaign actually had it's own blog that can be found here.

Our GM started a blog for this campaign...no idea where it is now. Luckily I did cover some of those adventures as we went along...

There's also significant material on the mechanical aspects in the 'Introduction to...' part of the blog which can be found here.


  1. I don't know if you need players for through the breach but I have been looking to play it, if you need one please let me know via email at packer112002@yahoo.com

  2. I am quite late to the party and new to your site however I very much enjoyed your Iron Kingdoms campaign and will check out the rest.

  3. what happened to the rest of Curse of Strahd? Are you going to finish it?

    1. Yeah. I still have all my notes but I got caught up in the vampire campaign as that one I'm GMing. I'll get around to it at some point.


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