Monday, 24 January 2011

Throne of Skulls - Best Painted

I took photo's of all the armies nominated for best painted this weekend. I'm not a particularly talented photographer but I did my best.

In no particular order.....

Chaos Space Marines.

'Custodes' Using Space Marine Codex.

 Chaos Space Marines.

'Death Guard' Chaos Space Marines.
Painted by my friend Sam who was the overall winner in the end. My pictures don't really do it the justice it deserves.

Even More Chaos Space Marines.

Blood Angels.
Including a ridiculously expensive Stormraven Conversion.


No disrespect to the owner of this army but I thought there were better painted armies than this one overlooked. It's still very nice in it's own way though I suppose.

Imperial Guard 'Flying Circus'.
I was more impressed with this army until I realised the 'Pin-Up' pictures on the sides were actually transfers than when I thought they were done freehand. Still nicely painted overall despite that minor gripe.

'White Scars' Space Marines.
Painted by another of my friends namely Adam. You'll see more pictures of this later in the week when I post pictures of the actual games.

There was an Ork army I missed out but unfortunately it wasn't in the cabinets when I was taking pictures and had been taken back out again when I returned later.

Comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Stunning entries. Far better than anything at the Caladonian Conflict, supose thats now the choice players have, either hard core gaming but suffer the hobby side or more relaxed events where the hobby is worth more. Its a shame both dont go together but as someone who enjoys both types from time to time then its all good for me.

  2. I'm impressed at the number of good-looking Chaos armies in there; whatever else we can say about the minions of the Dark Gods, they certainly are the hobbyist's choice these days. I like those Blood Angels, too; the Stormragen is fantastic and the running Dreadnought with the HIAWGE CLAWZ is a nice touch.

  3. Sams dread looks freaking awesome!!

    As for the white scars well i can see what tumnus tried :P

  4. @ Boomstick - The overall standard was pretty good. Chris's Space Wolves army deserved to be in the nominations though as it was very nicely done and was imho better than several of the other ones that got nominated.

    @ Von - Chaos certainly has the best conversion opportunities. It's a shame that it doesn't have much else going for it.

    @ A.D. - If Sam's army hadn't have won it would have been a travesty of justice. It's a pity my pictures don't show it in all it's oozing, Nurgly glory.


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