Tuesday, 21 June 2011

House of Paincakes Article No. 26

It's that time of the week again.

My house of Paincakes article can be found here. This week attempting to find the line between 'Competitive' and 'WAAC' gamers.

As for the usual Tuesday Eye-Candy...

Television and Movies like to remake things that were previous successes so they don't have to task their brains thinking up something original. Though on many other blogs this would turn into a comparative article comparing the original film with the remake here on 'Tuesday Eye-Candy' were going to compare the original girl with her recent replacement and I'll leave you lot to decide whether progress is a good thing or not.....I may still chip in with my opinion though...

Star Trek.
Original Uhura vs. new Uhura...

Well even with 'Original' Uhura wearing the outfit from the 'Mirror Mirror' episode I still think the new version wins by a fair margin.

The Addams Family.
Original Morticia vs. new Morticia...

Well in this case I think the original would get my vote....

The Dukes of Hazard.
Original Daisy Dukes vs. new Daisy Dukes.

The original had a very strong effect on me as a young man whereas I'm pretty indifferent to Jessica Simpson. I'll leave you lot to debate this one.

A three way battle this time...
There's been a few of these with the latest version being the most woodenly acted piece of crap I've ever watched and at the same time manages to contain some of the worst choreographed fight scenes it's ever been my misfortune to sit through....on the other hand Maggie Q is quite hot if your into skinny chicks.....

I have no real opinion either way though I'd avoid voting for Maqqie Q on the basis that she's the least convincing assassin in the history of television, lol.

If any of  you have any of your own suggestions of then feel free to comment.


  1. be careful when you say its up to us to debate on the issue...

  2. its all about original morticia, the remakes of Adama family were a travisty!

  3. I'm waiting for somebody to attempt to defend the Maggie Q version of Nikita.....

  4. Peta Wilson was the only Actress to breathe life into the Character of Nikita. Even the first Nikita wasn't as good as Peta Wilson and like you say Maggie Q's version of Nikita was a joke. I watched a small clip of Maggie Q and Sean (who played Michael) I almost threw up.

  5. Maybe Peta Wilson's fight scenes could have been better, but that wasn't her fault. When you don't have the Studio (Warner Brothers) behind you 100 percent you tend to have problems. Especially when Warner Brothers was trying to get us to hate her as Nikita so they could do the remake with Maggie Q. Yes Fans... Warner Brothers Never supported Peta's Version 100 percent and the only person who did support La Femme Nikita 100 percent was fired from his job at USA Network.


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