Tuesday, 9 August 2011

House of Paincakes Article No. 33

Another Tuesday blog article. lets see if this one can beat the number of comments gained last week (It was one if I remember correctly, lol).

Article can be found here.

As there a have been some publicity shots released of the new Catwoman from the up and coming new Batman movie I thought I'd look at a few others who have worn the costume over the years.

I thought I'd go in reverse order for no immediately obvious reason.....

Julie Newmar.

She was also played by Eartha Kitt at some points during the show but I'm not going to bother with any pictures of her as she was fucking ugly.

Michelle Pfeiffer.

Halle Berry.

And now Anne Hathaway.

But for me she'll always look like this,

Or this,

But mostly this ;-)



  1. now i like Anne Hathaway, but seriously, she cant be Catwoman without ears of any kind!

  2. heheh I've talked with Yvon Craig...she and newmar would ahve been the ultiamte sandwich

  3. You forgot Lee Meriwether and Kitt

  4. @ Da Warboss - Eartha Kitt was a deliberate omission as I think she's fugly. I had forgotten about Lee Meriwether though.....


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