Tuesday, 23 August 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.35

Article can be found here.

It's a sarcastic, profanity filled and somewhat ironic guide to gaining internet fame by basically being a complete cock. Any similarity to actual blogs is purely coincidental.....

Due to the wonders of blogger I can schedule this Tuesday Eye-Candy that I'm writing on a Wednesday to have retrospectively appeared on the aforementioned Tuesday and hopefully nobody will notice that it actually appeared a day late.....

This Tuesdays (shhh it's Tuesday okay ;-) ) article has been bought to you by Rose McGowan,

As Paige Matthews in Charmed,

In Grindhouse,

As 'Boots' McCoy from a deleted scene in Machete,

As Marique in Conan the Barbarian,

and a few mock-ups for the film Red Sonja which is now unlikely to get made considering that Conan has apparently bombed so badly at the box office,

And finally a few pictures of her as herself,

See you next Tuesday ;-)


  1. Darn, Red Sonja would have been a cool film...

  2. @ Lyracian - Quite probably, but Hollywood doesn't take risks and what with the poor showing of Conan at the Box office I can't see it ever getting made :-(


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