Tuesday, 13 September 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.37

My usual iHoP article can be found here.

Tuesday Eye-Candy will be bought to today you by Kelly Hu who I have seen playing a Policewoman/FBI Agent/Secret Agent in virtually every cop show on Television at some point. It almost seems unfair to any other Oriental looking actresses out there as they're not getting any work till Mrs Hu retires, lol.

However, you'll all be more likely to remember her as Lady Deathstrike from the 2nd X-Men movie or as the Sorceress from The Scorpion King.

As Lady Deathstrike or Deathstryke depending on how picky your being,

As the Sorceress from The Scorpion King,

from the Computer game Red Alert 3,

and finally a few as herself which are big enough to use as desktop wallpapers should you feel inclined,

See you next Tuesday.

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