Tuesday, 27 September 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.38ish

My usual Tuesday iHoP article can be found here. This week on the delicate subject of why Power-gamers are fucking ace.

While surfing the internet looking for inspiration for this Tuesday Eye-Candy I found a survey on the sexiest comic book characters of all time (as voted for by a bunch of nerd perverts like me and you*). Fortunately for the purposes of this segment many of  these characters had been played on film by real women and those that hadn't were cosplay favourites at the very least, lol.

* If your NOT a nerd who has fantasies about comic book characters then that last bit was obviously an ironic joke.....

Starting at the top.....

No.1 - Catwoman.
Lets be honest, there was no way that we'd get a slutty Catwoman costume for Anne Hathaway in the new Batman franchise as it would go against the whole style that they've been going for. At least it's tight I suppose ;-)

No.2 - Poison Ivy.
I liked the Uma Thurman costume about as much as I like the Anne Hathaway one so I found a picture I liked better instead.

No.3 - Wonder Woman.
The 'reboot' of the Wonder Woman series has apparently failed at the first hurdle. Though there are vague rumours of a movie featuring Christina Hendricks in the works...

No.4 - Rogue.
I'm not sure whether I actually find Anna Paquin attractive or not...

No.5 - Storm.
I've always thought that Halle Berry's body is far superior to her face which is a shame as the bit I liked most was covered up completely in the X-Men film.

No.6 - Jean Grey.
I suppose your spoilt the choice in the comic book world if you like Jean Grey as she's been herself, Phoenix, Madelyne Pryor and a Jean bomb*

* Tell me what comic issue that last reference is from and I'll be very impressed ;-)

No.7 - Power Girl.
Yet to make a film appearance (to my knowledge at least) but makes quite regular appearances in the world of cosplay (so many in fact that I was spoiled for choice).

No.8 - Emma Frost.
Oh, Yes....

No.9 - Supergirl.
I've chose to completely ignore the fact that somebody actually played Supergirl in a film and use this much better picture instead.

No.10 - Black Canary.
Never heard of her. Fortunately this cosplay girl had.

There's something quite satisfyingly definitive about a top 10. I mean if it was a top 9 or a top 11 then no-one would take it seriously...


  1. Check out Blinky Productions. They have a couple of fun Power Girl movies.


  2. I do actually read all your articles. Most of them I find to be Bollocks, but this one was good fun :o)

    Also Uncanny X-men 245; aboard the invader flagship.

  3. @ Lyracian - Thanks.....I think.....

  4. No Kitty Pryde?
    (Latter day, obviously...)
    Felicia Hardy, also...or MJ...I has a confuse.

  5. @ TKE - In the (still ongoing I believe) poll that I used for this Kitty Pride was 28th, Mary Jane was 23rd and Felicia Hardy was actually 11th but is now 10th making this article already out of date, lol.

  6. Heh. Carol Danvers? :p

    Pepper Potts??!

    ...sigh, I'm not looking cool today, am I?


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