Tuesday, 11 October 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.39ish

Article can be found here. Not many comments at the moment but that's probably because I didn't use the word 'Fuck' as often as I normally do, lol.

I'm beginning to run out of ideas for Tuesday Eye-Candy and was going to abandon the feature completely due to the lack of inspiration. However Inspiration did indeed come....While flicking through various TV channels I noticed that all female cops or FBI, NCIS, CIA, etc. agents in TV series seem to be incredibly hot babes for no apparently discernible plot related reason. Though I'm not complaining about it particularly it does seem a bit unlikely that this many sex goddesses would chooses a career in law enforcement.....

Lets start with NCIS and it's 'spin-off' NCIS:LA for this week shall we?

Sasha Alexander,

Cote de Pablo,

Daniela Ruah,

They even had a hot boss at one point in the form of Lauren Holly,

Even the forensics goth chick is strangely attractive,

That's enough for this week.....enjoy ;-)


  1. All 40k posts should feature 'hot chick pics.'
    Sure beats lookin' at Space Marines...

  2. @ SinSynn - If only Space Marines were Hot Chicks then everybody would be happy ;-)

  3. Abby is the number one reason my brother watches the show. 'Strangely' is not the word I would think to put in front of 'attractive' for her...

  4. @ Artemi - Maybe I should have used the word 'interestingly' instead, lol.

  5. "Even the forensics goth chick is strangely attractive..."

    Whaddaya mean 'even'? I'd hit that.

  6. What a surprise.....all the geeks like the weird goth chick with the tattoos....Your perpetuating the stereotype guys, lol.

    Anyway, I never said that I wouldn't fuck her. Just that she wouldn't be in the number one slot*

    *Cue childish joke about 'slots'.....

  7. Really I think her character is extremely obnoxious and she's not all that pretty...

    My first inclination is indeed to 'hit that', but not in the same way as others.. this involves the back of my hand.. =p


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