Tuesday, 3 May 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.20

The link to my Tuesday House of Paincakes article can be found here.

This time on the subject of 'How important is your army list?'

And as I don't want to break a popular tradition, the usual Tuesday Eye-Candy. As I veered from the area of geekiness last week I thought I'd swerve back towards it this week with the ultimate question.....

Who was the best Lara Croft?

Starting at the beginning,

Nathalie Cook (1996-1997)

Rhona Mitra (1997-1998)

Vanessa Demouy (Briefly in 1998)

Nell McAndrew (1998-1999)

Lara Weller (1999-2000)

Lucy Clarkson (2000-2002)

Jill De Jong (2002-2004)

Karima Adebibe (2006-2008)

Alison Carroll (2008-Present)

Apparently the role was also taken by somebody called Ellen Roche who to be honest I'd never even heard of,

And who could forget the movie version played by Angelina Jolie,

My vote would probably go for Rhona Mitra, Karima Adebibe or Alison Carroll...

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