Tuesday, 10 May 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.21

House of Paincakes article can be found here.

This Tuesdays 'Eye Candy' will be bought to you by Grace Park,

As 'Boomer' in Battlestar Galactica,

As 'Kono' in Hawaii 5.0,

She's also appeared in The Outer Limits, Dark Angel, Stargate, Jake 2.0, Andromeda and Human Target so apparently being an attractive Korean girl who's into modelling and extreme sports is a good way to get work...who knew?

As some people under the age of 18 visit my blog and in an effort to keep these articles on the amusing side rather than the pornographic I've completely omitted some of her magazine work. However a search on Grace Park + Maxim throws up some interesting results should you be emotionally mature enough to appreciate them ;-)

For those who only check my blog once a week, see you next Tuesday.....

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