Saturday, 28 August 2010

Imperial Guard Project - Part 1 - Weapon Teams.

I'm going to need more bloody sand!!!

Who's bright idea was it to do an infantry Imperial Guard army anyway...


  1. Everyone is pointing, like they are firing lasers from their fingertips or something.

    Once these are primed you should stick some foliage around them, like aguarium plants or moss.

  2. @ Chumbalaya - I hope it's enough Dakka, lol.
    I'll add another 2 Heavy Weapon Teams when I up the army to 2000 points I think.

    @ Chaosgerbil - I genuinely hadn't noticed they were all pointing. I'll repose a couple in each team.
    Good idea about the foliage I'll give it a go. There aren't enough sandbags on the sprues to adequately fill the 60mm bases imo.

  3. Sweet, this is probably the first time that constructive criticism has actually worked!

    I went crazy on my traitor weapon teams trying to give them scenic bases and customization... but it is not for the faint of heart nor the pressed for time. I also magnetized my spotters to use instead of wound counters, which took way too long and was barely worth it!

    I'll put pics of my teams up someday...

  4. @ Chaosgerbil - I assembled them all individually and completely failed to take into account that they would be deployed in groups and therefore only needed one 'pointing' guy.


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