Thursday, 26 August 2010

Imperial Guard Project - Starting Simple

So I'm doing yet another army using stuff I already had bought and never got around to using. In this case it's an Imperial Guard Infantry list that I've been toying with doing for a while. I bought all the models I thought I would need and then just never got around to assembling any of them...

Though I didn't quite get everything I needed and now I'm unfortunately (still) unemployed so spending a lot of extra money on the project just isn't feasible. So I've decided to use Psyker Battle Squads and couldn't think of a cheap way of doing them.

Then my friend Mike sent me this sketch he'd done of a rough idea he thought might work..

Edit - Flipped sketch so It's the right way up...sorry Mike.

So I thought a rough prototype might be in order.




The pictures aren't brilliant and the prototype took a grand total of 3 minutes to make but they should give you some idea of what I'm aiming for.

I'm going to start painting the Tyranid Project army sometime next week and I'll be assembling Guardsmen in-between.

There's only 150 models in it so it shouldn't take that long....should it?


  1. Interesting design I like it.
    Good to know your from brum as I am moving there just after the 20th, we should try and organize a game?

  2. I like the guard brain pans, nice stuff!!

  3. well you could have rotated the sketch i drew! lol

  4. @ Silar - Let me know when your settled in and we'll arrange to meet somewhere for a game.

    @ A.D. - Mikes idea. It worked out much better than I expected. A simple but effective look, imo.

    @ Mike - Picture displayed fine on my PC then turned sideways when I uploaded it too Blogger.

  5. i like it, what are you doing for the overseer?

    my thoughts for my own psyker battle squad will be a single chaos psyker from fw with the rest of the squad being servo skulls from the devy sprues.

    @silar- unfortunately there are only 6 GW stores in Birmingham but its okay Warhammer World is just over an hour on the train :p

  6. @ Mark - For the Overseer I'm thinking of using a Guardsmen who looks like he's using some kind of remote control system possibly using something like an auspex (or similar).


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