Tuesday, 7 May 2013

House of Paincakes - New Article (4)

This weeks House of Paincakes article is Part 1 of a post on the Masters of the Guild Faction and can be found here.

As I used 'Horror' as the Eye-Candy theme for last weeks article I suppose I should do something appropriate to the Guild Faction of Malifaux for this one...as one of the original three Masters (or Mistresses to be exact) is a cowgirl I suppose that's as good an excuse as any to show a load of girls in cowboy hats...and not much else...

As usual I expect to get the blame should this post offend your significant other...

"But darling..I was looking for an informative hobby article and instead found this filth...I was so shocked, I've been too stunned to close the page..."

Or something like that, lol. Next week will have to be something a bit more Gothic I think. Or perhaps I'll go back to selecting a lady with some nerdy significance and just focus on that one persons 'body' of work at a time...

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