Thursday, 10 October 2013

Unboxing Malifaux - Miss Step, Steamborg Executioner

Every year Wyrd Miniatures have a limited edition model that's given free with any order over $100 at Gen Con or alternatively when you make a purchase via their website store over the same period.

They're always called 'Miss' something. We've had a Miss Pack, Miss Demeanour, Miss Terious and now a Miss Step.....

She's a female version of Howard Langston whom is the M2E version of the Steamborg Executioner. The card quite clearly states that she counts as Howard Langston in every way so you can't use her as a sneaky way of getting a second Steamborg...not that honest upstanding people like my readers would even consider such a thing...obviously...

The box comes with a single sprue and a stat card.

Miss Step - The Sprue
Here's pictures of both sides of the sprue.

Miss Step - Stat Card

Miss Step - Assembled
The only assembly issues with this model are the tiny cables under the arms and the cable piece that's attached to the front of her head. A pair of tweezers would be helpful though to be fair I managed fine without them myself.

...and come close-ups...

Comparison Pictures
Here are some comparison pictures of the various versions of Howard Langston.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Any chance for a comparison with Howard Langston side by side?

    1. I'll sort one might not be today though.

  2. Did you every get that side by side shot done?

    1. Completely forgot..sorry...

      I'll add one to this article tomorrow night when I get back from work...

    2. When I said 'tomorrow' I obviously meant to say 'about a month later...' They're there now though ;-)

  3. Good timing! I just now sat down to assemble my Miss Step!

    1. Excellent. I've been updating some of the older features but I am unfortunately in most cases limited by whatever pictures I took at the time. This one had some fairly detailed pictures in it so should still be useful to you.


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