Sunday, 10 November 2013

M2E for Beginners - Shooting Into Melee

Many of the Version 1.5 mechanics have changed slightly in Malifaux 2nd Edition which can cause some confusion when your used to the old version. Rather helpfully though, the M2E version is usually simpler.

For reference purposes the 1.5 tutorial can be found here should you be interested in the differences.

Inevitably in Malifaux your going to get into Melee range at some point and it's also likely that you'll have models available whose only expertise is shooting. At this point certain more ruthless players might decide that the chance of hitting their own model is worth the risk...I do it all the time...don't judge me...

An Example.
Several Outcasts from the Viktorias 'Hired Swords'have decided to go hunting for the considerable bounty on the head of Seamus, the Mad Hatter (A). With his usual disregard for any life but his own he's sent a Rotten Belle (B) to occupy them while he makes his escape. The Student of Conflict (C) and Taelor (D) are in combat with this minor inconvenience.

As you can see from the above picture the combat is a bit of a mess. Taelor (D) is engaged with the Rotten Belle (B) as is The Student of Conflict (C) though the Rotten Belle (B) is only engaged with the Student of Conflict (C).

Seamus (A) has decided to even things out by randomly shooting into the combat...

Firstly Seamus (A) picks a target which in this case is the Student of Conflict (C). It's worth noting that effects such as Terrifying and the like do not occur at this point he is merely picking an initial target and determining Range and LoS (Line of Sight) to it before we see which one he actually hits...

We now measure 2" from the initial target in order to ascertain who-else might get hit by the ranged attack. In this case the Rotten Belle (B) and Taelor (D) are also potential targets in addition to the initially targeted Student of Conflict (C).

Here's a top view so you can see who's in danger and who's safe...

We then need to flip a card for each potential target to see who gets hit by the ranged attack. So select a viable target and flip a card and then move onto the next viable target. In the unlikely event that the firer is also within the 2" target zone he (or she or it) doesn't flip a card for themselves. Whoever flips lowest is the model that gets hit...

A 5 is flipped for the Rotten Belle (B), another 5 for the Student of Conflict (C) and a 9 is flipped for Taelor (D). In the event of a draw the acting model gets to pick the target and rather unsurprisingly Seamus (A) selects the Student of Conflict (C). Any effects that effect a unit being targeted (such as Terrifying, Manipulative, etc) are now bought into play. 

Now the shooting attack is resolved as normal using the standard method which can be found here. 

A few notes...

1) The 2" distance is the important factor when deciding viable targets, not Melee range as with version 1.5. It is therefore possible for a model to be in Melee with the target and yet not be a viable target (if it had a 3" Melee range for example).
2) It is theoretically possible that the randomised target could be out of range or even out of LoS from the shooter but if the target is hit the attack still hits in these specific circumstances. 
3) If the randomised target is in cover then any bonuses for cover are resolved as normal.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Good tutorial. Very well detailed.

    1. Glad you liked it.

      I'll try to do a couple more this week though they might not get posted till the weekend.


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