Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mantic Open Day

Mantic Games had an open day today in Nottingham. This was split between a slightly creepy abandoned medical centre (which is apparently going to be their new HQ at some point in the near future) and their current headquarters.

The 'Hospital' hosted the tournaments (Dreadball and Kings of War), demo's of some of Mantics game systems as well as hosting demo's from the guys behind Dropzone Commander and the Judge Dredd game. Their headquarters meanwhile hosted the seminars in addition to having some cabinets filled with some fun new stuff that very few people have seen yet. 

I'll leave the sneak pics till the end...that way you might look at the rest of this article as well, lol.

Demo's under-way...
Judge Dredd, Dropzone Commander, Kings of War, Loka and Warpath.

I had a couple of demo's myself in fact...
Dropzone Commander...

New terrain sets.
You got a free model if you bought a starter set at the show...I was too poor to do so unfortunately...
...and the Judge Dredd game...

There were also some nice things in the cabinets...
Ogre Warlock and Zombie Troll Shaman...and some bits just behind them if you look closely...

Mars Attacks...

...and some other things of of these photos (Abyssal Molochs) is courtesy of a gentleman  from the 'Mantic Madness' Facebook group as their one was clearer than mine.

A few other people with us were also taking pictures so if they've snapped anything of note then I'll post them as they appear.

I'd also like to thank Mantic Games for hosting the event and Titan Games for arranging the minibus.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Nice work! My pictures turned out blurry!

    1. So did a few of mine.

      I tend to just take loads and then harass any-one I know at the same event for their photos to fill in any gaps, lol.


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