Monday, 11 November 2013

M2E Rasputina Painting Guide - Part 1 - The Icy Bits

I had several requests about the colours and techniques used on my better halves Rasputina crew so I got her to list them for me in some kind of logical order.

1) First they were base coated black and then given a lighter base coat of white which left some of the black showing through in the deeper recesses. Both of these coats were done using Army Painter spray paint though she also uses Games Workshop ones...just not in this case...

2) Then the model was painted all over with a wash made from Army Painters 'Deep Blue' followed by a mix of Blue and Green wash (actual washes this time..she uses the Vallejo ones) or if you don't have actual washes a very watered down Hawk Turquoise will apparently do (It's an old Games Workshop paint but there's probably a modern equivalent).

3) Lightly dry-brush again with 'Deep Blue' and highlight with 'Ice Blue' (again it's an old GW one but there's bound to be equivalents) on the raised areas and use the same colour as a dry-brush on the larger areas to soften the colour a bit.

4) Highlight on top of that with white. You will then need to paint vertical wobbly lines as can be seen on the Ice Golem...a good example is circled on the below picture...

5) To add additional depth dry-brush the middle parts with the same 'Hawk Turquoise' mentioned earlier (or whichever equivalent you've discovered). Again the rock on the Ice Golems arm is a good example. Make sure this is only put where it's been done on the pictures rather than all over as this will remove the effect of depth rather than enhancing it.

6) You should now have a wonderful ice-like effect...hopefully...

At some point there will be a 'Part 2' to this article covering the none icy soon as I can get my other half to write it all down for me that is...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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