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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some more pretties from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures.....

Mae bron yng nghymru!
(It means 'Almost in Wales' ;) )
Don't worry, there won't be many of my 'highly' amusing welsh inserts after the move, you have to space out such hilarity or people get spoiled.
Yes we're almost there, this will likely be the last proper newsletter from Derbyshire. There will be a Happy Hallowen announcement but there are no new metal releases etc. planned for this side of the move. Which means I'm going to squeeze as much as I can into this so it'll tide you all over until we're at the other side! :)
Right, let's start with some new metal...

Alien, Modern Trooper Specialist.
Alien comes with the choice of a Barrett .50cal AMR or Armsel Striker Riot Control Shotgun (Street Sweeper). He also has the 'Alien' head with gasmask (MCU-2P style) and the 'Recon Plus' backpack (not yet available separately)..

Joker, Modern Trooper Heavy Weapons.
Joker is Alien's partner in crime (and Harlequin's husband). He comes with a choice of Recoilless Rifle (RPG) or Suppressed and Scoped P90. He also comes equipped with the MT standard backpack and the Joker head.
(Joker head is functionally identical to the Mongrel head with helmet, eye protectors and half mask but has an altered neck so that it sits leaning in the other direction, perfect for the bulky RPG).

Freak wth New M4A1
Freak is a close quarters operative armed with a choice of Remington 870 pump action shotgun or M4A1 assault rifle. He is also equipped with the engineer backpack and Freak head (cap & headset combo w facial hair).
Kev decided to fix the original M4A1 which had been anoying him for a while, he had accidentaly sculpted the sights on top of the existing carrying handle. All Freak minis from now on willl come with the new M4A1 as he has been remoulded.
(If by any chance you really like the old M4A1 then let us know as we ll have spares we can swap out)
Now onto some Resin Masters, starting with something a lil bit special...

Resin Master - Justice Sedante, Galactic Hunter
The far-flung future is not a place safe from nightmares. Creatures from other dimensions, distant hell-worlds and those who seek to worship or use them for their own evil ends all need to be stopped.Justice Sedante is one of those who does the stopping.
A member of a shadowy organisation, drawing a line back to an ancient Earth fellowship, that answers to no planet or governing body, she hunts down such threats and metes out her own particular brand of, well, justice. Armed here with a chainsword and laser pistol (and who knows what else in the folds and pouches of her outfit).

Resin Master - Amalthea, Hedgewitch
Amalthea is the most common, but not only, name of this travelling Hedgewitch. Known throughout the lowlands amongst low-level magic users and healers for her knowledge of both arts. Almost never seen without her great staff and seen here in regular travelling clothes.

Resin Master - Zuun Ákos, Barbarian Champion
A younger Ákos, before the incident that led to his being outcast from the Horde. Sporting the traditonal Mohawk of his clan and Skull Belt indicative of his position as Zuun, he charges fearlessly into battle.

Resin - Ákos, the Scorned
With the release of Zuun Ákos above, we have decided to lower the price of the resin-only 'Scorned' variant to celebrate.
It's a permanent reduction and it also gave use a nice excuse to show off this particularly nicely painted one by Malebolgia :)

Resin Master - Zetta
While Zetta is indeed Kahtun of the Silver Horde she isn't always found on the battlefield, leading her people. Her role regularly involves travel and, as such, she dresses accordingly.
Found here in her more modest travelling clothes and carrying a more suitable weapon for an urban environment than her usual 2 handed maul.
Also still available in her resin-only 'Barbaric' variant.

Resin Master - Captain Nee Sun of the 58th
Captain Mila Nee Sun of the 58th is one of the few non-Terrans in the squad. Born in a human-colonised outlying world she joined the Galactic Navy following a Druuschan attack on her planet.
Rising quickly through the ranks she has become something of a poster girl for non-Terran recruitment. Sporting a half-shaved head and seen here in the standard 'Lobo' class powered armour and carrying a KW10DU/F  'Shard' Assault Rifle.
Talking of the 58th...

The 'Five Eight', Deep Space Exploration
The Five Eight are part of the deep space exploration arm of the Galactic Navy, led by Lt. Col Morrison. They all come outfitted in the standard issue 'Lobo class' powered armour and helmet. They are all also armed with the standard issue KW10DU/F  'Shard' Assault Rifle, capable of firing both 10mm depleted uranium and flechette sabot rounds.
Already released but lacking proper metal photos until now. We always like to show you what you are actually buying :)
(Painted versions by Dwartist)

Laurie, Female Survivor w Bow
Laurie is a female zombocalypse survivor, a recent addition to the group that includes Clint and Beth. Armed with a composite bow and dressed a little more practically than some of our other female survivors (Looking at you Jade!) :)
Also already released but lacking metal photos.

New Zombie Mobs!
Another 2 Zombie Mobs added to the Horde!
Top row is Zombie Mob 9 and bottom row is Zombie Mob 10.

Charity Event - Sponsored Head Shave
On the 24th October Sal is having her head shaved to help raise money to restore Storm's eyesight.
You can find all the details HERE on FB or you can just go direct to the giving part HERE on youcaring. Feel free to just give a pound if you like, pretend you threw it in a cup on the way to work ;) If everyone who reads this newsletter gave a pound it'd be funded instantly :)
There's also the first of a couple of charity auctions up and running...

Charity Auction - Resin Boudi & Signed Art Card
Friends of Hasslefree, Diceni a great little wargaming show in Norfolk, are auctioning off a resin Boudi along with a 'very' limited art card signed by world Famous artist Matt Dixon.
Our own limited cards were significantly smaller and sold out within a day so this is an excellent second chance for those of you who missed out or who just want a much more impressive signed piece of artwork :)

Sculpting Contest, Missing Entrants
If you're a part of the sculpting contest and have 'not' contacted Jenn yet then please head over to the Forum of Doom for all of the details. We need your details before we can send you anything.
For those of you who are not part of the contest but like the look of any of the above, we will be adding, at least, some to the store following the move :)

And Finally...
Ok, I think that's it. We'll keep you informed of the move and what effects that will have on postage etc on our FB page (and we'll include the details in our Halloween announcement).
I'm gonna give another random plug to Kev's artists page as he will continue to update that with greens and questions etc., 'that' is your best hope of getting your feedback incorporated to the final sculpt. Once it makes it to the main HF page it's usually finished :)
Tan y tro nesaf,

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