Monday, 20 October 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some moving information and a bit of Halloween news from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures...

Merry Samhain and Hapus Calan Gaeaf Everyone!
Right, for a change you'll have to pay a bit of attention to my wibbling this week as it's important stuff :)
We're in the process of a move and so for a couple of weeks things will be in a state of upheaval.
As the move will carry over Halloween we've come up with a themed way of making it a little more tolerable for you all...
Right, listen up!  Tomorrow (Monday 20th October) is the start of the upheaval and as such is the last day mail is guaranteed to go out 'on that day' (assuming it is order before end of our working day GMT).
For the rest of the move we will only be sending mail twice weekly when we drive back to the office from Wales for the next load.
This means if you need anything urgently, 'now' is the time to order it to make sure it goes out before we start driving.

We should be back to normal first week of November sometime (depending on installations etc)

On the positive side though..
.. or Treat!
From now until we are settled (we'll let everyone know with another announcement newsletter) 'all' orders will include special Halloween Candy! :) Also...
Anyone spending over £50 will get one of our Halloween 2014 Goody Bags!*

*Contents may vary, may contains nuts, may contain one of my eyelashes, no zombies were harmed during the making of this goodie bag, something else actually funny,
And Finally...
That's it, pretty short and sweet this time around.
Email will be manned as normal, the website will stay open as normal etc. It's just mail regularity that's affected during the move.
We'll also keep updating the FB page with new minis and Kev will continue to update with what miniature awesomeness he's turned a blob of plumbers putty into this time on his own page.
'til next time,

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