Friday, 10 October 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - An Ancient Scourge...

For Zombie fans...or Deadzone fans without any friends who play Deadzone, lol.

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An Ancient Scourge Rises...

Nexus Psi has been overrun by the Plague, and it’s everyone for themselves as the living dead wander the streets! Every faction must react to this new threat, fighting to free themselves before they are overrun…
Deadzone: Contagion includes everything you see here.

Deadzone: Contagion is a new supplement for the game. War in urban battlezones just got a lot tougher...

Survive the hordes!
Contagion introduces two new game modes:

Uninvited Guests lets you add zombies to your two-player game as a third, neutral faction.

Sole Survivor pits you in a solo mini-campaign of four scenarios, against a horde of A.I. controlled Plague Zombies!

This gives you even more ways to play the skirmish game of the far future, whether you're adding a new dimension to your two-player games, or wanting to spend an evening beating back waves of Plague Zombies!

Solo Play Rules!
The new expansion includes rule for playing Deadzone by yourself! This is particularly useful for developing your tactics, testing new combinations or simply when you want to play and can’t find an opponent.

You will use the A.I. cards included in the set to control the opponent in “their” turn.

And more…
There are also rules and background for six new Mercenaries (check back next week!), and the Black Ops special mission that makes use of the existing mercenaries, including the Mantic Points figures.
You can also get the Plague Zombies in the Plague Zombie Mega Army Deal for a limited time only. 75 figures for £49.99/69.99, only available until 31st October - don’t miss it!

Contagion Protocol

Deadzone: Contagion is now available to pre-order from all good hobby stores and our website. It will retail for just £29.99/$49.99 and includes 30 hard plastic Plague Zombies, an A.I. deck, Ruined Battlezones scenery and the Contagion Rulebook. It will begin shipping in October.

Not got Deadzone yet? We’ve put together the Deadzone: All-Access edition - a simple one-click package to get a copy of the game, Deadzone: Contagion, Deadzone: Incursion supplement and the Deadzone: Nexus Psi campaign book – all the rules you need to play, loads of great scenery and two fantastic starter factions PLUS the phenomenal new hard plastic Plague Zombies. Pre-order yours here!!

We’ll be back with a closer look at Deadzone: Contagion on the blog next week.

Contagion takes over the Open Day

As well as teaching people how to play Deadzone, our focus for the sci-fi skirmish game at the Open Day will be our Escape! participation game. Take on the role of a survivor and try and out-run the Plague Zombie horde.

Can you get to the spaceport before the mass of living dead feast on your braiiinnnnnn?? There’s only one way to find out – get your Open Day Ticket here!

Tickets for the November 29th Open Day are now available. As well as Deadzone we will have the first games of DreadBall Xtreme, Mars Attacks learn to play events and the DreadHeads tournament, plus lots more. Get your tickets here.

Deadzone: Infestation is coming...

Stand by for orders, soldier.

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