Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Unboxing Malifaux - M2E Essence of Power

They say that power corrupts...but as Malifaux is already corrupt I guess the effect is somewhat amplified...

'Small Box' Cover.

The Essence of Power box contains enough parts for one miniature...namely the Essence of Power. It also contains a stat card for him though there are no upgrade cards.

Essence of Power - Sprue

Essence of Power - Stat Cards (M2E)
Front only I'm'll have to buy one or an Arsenal Deck if you want to see the back...

Here are the official assembly instructions should you have trouble locating them.

Essence of Power - Assembled
I attached the leg cover 'energy' part after the body was inserted into the indentation in the large sub assembly as it's a bitch to put together if you assemble that whole assembly first and then try to put the body section in afterwards. The energy emerging from the models eyes and mouth isn't as delicate as it first appears which was a relief. All in all it's far less difficult to assemble than it looks like it's going to be as the parts themselves are fairly substantial, lol.

I'm not sure if balancing the model on the energy coming from the eyes is intentional in the design or not but I can't see it balancing on a single foot for long without it falling over without doing so...

Here's a comparison picture including the original metal Essence of Power.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Woah! These are some crazy looking models! Look like they'd be a blast to paint.

    As always (though I don't always comment), I enjoy your Wednesday gallery and your continual unboxing articles!

  2. At least they are relatively the same height.

    I love what they're doing with these 2E sculpts, but they really need to think about how their models fit on and attach to bases.


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